Lynparza: what are the medicine’s indications? How much?

The cancer is a disease that affects thousands of people worldwide. It occurs when there is disorderly, abnormal or accelerated growth of cells in a tissue or region of the body.

There are several medications for the treatment of the disease, varying according to the type of cancer , stage of the disease and the patient’s particularities. Among them, there is Lynparza. Learn more about treatment:


What is Lynparza and what is it for?

Lynparza is one of the trade names of the medicine whose active ingredient is Olaparibe, an inhibitor of PARP (poly [adenosine diphosphate-ribose] polymerase).

This means that it can destroy cancer cells when both copies of the BRCA genes are deficient (mutated). The acronym BRCA indicates a gene susceptible to breast cancer .

The package insert indicates the drug as monotherapy (when only one drug is used at a time) for the maintenance treatment of patients with high-grade (2 or greater) recurrent serous ovarian carcinoma.

This includes fallopian tube or primary peritoneal, in patients who have responded to previous treatments using platinum-based chemotherapy, with a mutation in the BRCA gene .

It is worth mentioning that the indication “ serous ” is associated with the type of neoplasia (tumor). The most common type is of epithelial origin, so neoplasms are classified according to the cell type: serous, mucinous, endometrioid, etc.

In addition, the drug is also indicated for the treatment of breast cancer.

Medical follow-up is essential, since the package insert has some specifications for use (such as the example mentioned above, regarding the conditions of ovarian cancer).

This drug is currently available in two versions : capsules and tablets. It is important to know that although both have the same function, they cannot be used as an equivalent exchange. This is because they differ drastically in the dosage of their formula.

The tablet version is more recent, approved in October 2018. Its biggest advantage is that it allows the daily therapeutic dose to be administered in fewer units. The recommended total is 4 tablets per day, replacing the 16 capsules per day of Lynparza Capsules.

How old is Olaparibe?

Olaparibe is the active ingredient of the medicine Lynparza. It is an inhibitor of human poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP-1, PARP-2 and PARP-3) enzymes.

Studies of the drug show that it was effective in inhibiting the growth of selected tumor cells in vitro (outside the organism, in test tubes) and also in vivo tumor growth (in the living organism) .

These results refer to the administration of the drug as monotherapy and, also, when associated with chemotherapy.

In general, Olaparibe works by exploring the deficiencies of the pathways that repair DNA damage, with the aim of inhibiting cancer cells.

How does the package insert indicate use?

Lynparza is available in two versions: capsules and tablets. The package insert indicates that the medicine (in both formulas) should be administered orally and should not be broken, opened or chewed.

In addition, the capsule medicine has restrictions on the previous routine. It should be taken on an empty stomach or 1 hour after a meal. Still, there is also an indication that, after taking the medicine, it is necessary to avoid feeding for 2 hours.

What dosages are available?

The main difference between Lynparza in capsules and tablets is the dosage.

It is worth noting that in both formulas the drug is not recommended for pediatric use. That is, it should be used only for adult use. Information on patients over 75 years of age is also limited.

Therefore, it is important to be attentive and faithfully follow the instructions on the package insert and the responsible medical team. Check out:


The dose for adults, indicated by the package leaflet, is 400mg (8 capsules of 50mg) with administration twice a day. This is equivalent to 800mg daily (16 50mg capsules).

If you forget to take your medicine at any time, you should take your next dose in the normal way – do not double it to make up for it.

In some cases (for example, when adverse reactions are severe), dose adjustments may be necessary. Thus, doctors can advise to reduce 200mg twice a day (totaling 400mg daily of the drug). This should always be done with medical advice.


The medicine Lynparza in tablets is available in 100mg and 150mg. The package insert is recommended to administer 300mg (two 150mg tablets) twice a day. Totaling 600mg daily.

Therefore, 100mg tablets are available if dose reduction is necessary. This is due to adverse factors and should be done with medical advice. In this case, the package insert indicates decreasing from 300mg to 250mg with each dose, adding up to a total of 500mg daily.

In addition, as in the case of capsules, if one dose is missed, the next dose should be administered in the usual way – do not double.

Any change in the use of the medication must always be carried out in accordance with medical prescriptions.

For what conditions did Anvisa approve Lynparza?

Lynparza is a new drug and had its approval by Anvisa in 2017, for the formula in capsules . Then, in October 2018, he also obtained his approved registration for the medicine in tablets .

Both versions have been approved for the treatment of high-grade serous ovarian carcinoma (2 or greater), in recurrent patients who have responded to previous platinum-based treatments.

Still, the two formulas are indicated and approved for the treatment of breast cancer.

Finally, in February 2019, Anvisa approved an expansion of the use of the drug. It continued to be indicated for the same pathologies, but now enabling use for patients with mild or moderate liver failure (loss of liver function).

What are the side effects?

Like all medicines, Lynparza (capsules or pills) can have side effects. However, they are relative, since not all people present or can report even more than one.

The most common adverse reactions (occur in 10% or more of patients) of the two formulas are:

  • Nausea;
  • Vomiting;
  • Tiredness / weakness;
  • Heartburn / indigestion ( dyspepsia );
  • Loss of appetite;
  • Headache ;
  • Change in the taste of the food (dysgeusia);
  • Dizziness;
  • Diarrhea .

For some adverse effects, medications may be prescribed to alleviate them.

In addition, for Lynparza tablets , there are also very common reactions: cough , shortness of breath (dyspnoea) and pain in the stomach area below the rib (upper abdominal pain).

To know about unusual or rare reactions, the ideal is to consult the package leaflet or ask the doctor.

How much? Are you generic?

Lynparza does not have generics or similar. It is a reference medicine, from the Astrazeneca laboratory.

It is a high-cost drug, its price range * is:

  • Lynparza Capsules : the amount can vary from R $ 23,250 to almost R $ 33,000 per box;
  • Lynparza Comprimidos : the amount can vary from R $ 13,500 to R $ 18,000 per box.

* Prices consulted in January 2020. The price may change.

It is worth noting that the drug can only be purchased with a prescription and prior medical advice.

Does SUS provide Olaparibe?

No . The drug Lynparza (whose active ingredient is Olaparibe) is not included in the National List of Essential Medicines (RENAME) or for exceptional dispensation. Therefore, it is not provided by SUS.

However, people with medical guidance for the treatment with this substance, and without resources to pay for it, can resort to legal channels. The process will be evaluated and, if the applicant wins, he / she can receive the medication free of charge.

How to make a budget for Lynparza?

Even in cases where the drug is not supplied by the Federal Government, patients with medical reports can apply for a court order to try to receive the medicine funded by the Unified Health System (SUS) or Health Plan – if applicable.

For this, a process must be opened following the stipulated requests. Among them is the delivery of documents that include:

  • Medical report;
  • Exams;
  • Standard requirement;
  • Budget of 3 pharmacies .

To facilitate the procedure, it is possible to count on the assistance of high cost medication quotation advisory, which provides a personalized quote in an easy way.

When accessing the link , you only need to register, stating some personal data and the medication in question. At the end, just click on “request quotes” and wait for the return.

Serous ovarian carcinoma is considered a rare disease. However, breast cancer affects thousands of women every year. Therefore, medications such as Lynparza are of great importance, helping to treat women who suffer from these pathologies.

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