Find out how to take the morning after pill

Using the morning-after pill is easy. It can come in one or two tablets, depending on the manufacturer.

When the tablet is unique, just take it preferably with water. In the case of two tablets, read the package insert to be sure of the order in which they are to be taken, but in general you should take the first tablet as soon as possible and the second 12 hours later.

Read more: check out the leaflet for Levonorgestrel , the pill’s active ingredient.

How often is it possible to take the morning after pill?

Doctors recommend taking the pill at most  once  a year . It is considered an emergency contraceptive method and is only in those cases where it should be used.

Despite these indications, many women use it too often, some reaching three times  in the same month , suffering the various side effects of repetition.

Can I only take it the next day?

The morning after pill has a misleading name. It was not meant to be taken the next day, but as soon as possible after intercourse. The sooner you take it, the more effective it will be.

It can take effect up to five days after the relationship, but the chances will not be on your side in this case. Therefore, it is recommended to go after the morning-after pill right after your contraceptive method fails or you forget about it.