Neo Decapeptyl: what is the indication for the package leaflet? Does SUS provide?

Hormones are chemical substances produced by specific neurons and, mainly, by the endocrine system. They are very important for the full functioning of the human body.

However, there are serious illnesses that have hormonal interference. Therefore, in some cases medications are needed to regulate, increase or inhibit the functioning and release of some hormones.

This is the case of Neo Decapeptyl, a drug that has properties for hormonal regulation. Check out more information:


What is Neo Decapeptyl?

Neo Decapeptyl is one of the trade names of the medicine whose active ingredient is Triptorelin. This substance has the main function of inhibiting the release of gonadotropin (sex hormones).

Currently, this remedy is available, and approved by ANVISA (National Health Surveillance Agency), in an intramuscular injectable version.

Its use is for treating diseases ( cancer and endometriosis ) with hormonal interference. Also for cases in which hormone control is needed – such as precocious puberty and artificial reproduction. The following topic explains in full:

What is Neo Decapeptyl for?

According to the information in the package insert , the drug Neo Decapeptyl is indicated for the treatment of cancer in the prostate or uterus, precocious puberty, endometriosis and in cases of assisted reproduction.

However, these are specific cases. Let’s detail one by one:

Prostate cancer

Neo Decapeptyl can be recommended in cases of malignant neoplasia (cancer) of the hormone-dependent prostate in an advanced stage.

In these cases, the medicine is an alternative treatment for when orchiectomy (removal of the testicles) or the use of estrogens is not indicated, or when they are refused by the patient. Still, the package insert highlights that there is greater effectiveness in people who have not undergone previous hormonal treatment.

Cancer of the uterus

Neo Decapeptyl may also be indicated in cases of tumor in the uterus ( leiomyoma ). Generally, the intention is that the drug is a preoperative measure to reduce the size of the tumor, before the removal of the tumor or the complete removal of the uterus ( hysterectomy ).


The endometriosis is a condition where the tissue lining the uterus grows outside of it. It is considered a common pathology, since it is diagnosed in thousands of women annually. In addition, it can last for years or even for a lifetime.

Neo Decapeptyl is one of the drugs used for hormonal control and treatment of the disease. The package insert indicates use for a maximum of 6 months.

Assisted reproduction

Assisted reproduction ( in vitro ) brings together a set of techniques, performed by specialized professionals, with the aim of making possible the pregnancy of women who do not want, cannot or cannot get pregnant by natural means – regardless of the reason.

Considering that this is a very delicate procedure, care is needed.

For example, in some cases it may be necessary to use medications such as Neo Decapeptyl, as it helps with hormonal control.

In these cases, the medicine works by preventing the sudden increase in hormones, a situation that could cause the premature release of eggs, causing an early ovulation. Under these circumstances, the chance of pregnancy decreases.

Therefore, for the success of the procedure, the use of medication may be necessary.

Early puberty

Finally, the package insert also indicates the use in cases of precocious puberty (maturation of the body before the correct time) in girls up to 8 years old and boys up to 10 years old. The drug acts, according to its active substance, by inhibiting sex hormones and slows down the onset of puberty.

What is Triptorelin for?

The triptorelin , is a synthetic substance whose primary function is to inhibit the release of sex hormones. Its use is intended for assisted reproduction techniques, prostate cancer , leiomyoma (tumor in the uterus), precocious puberty and endometriosis.

This substance is the active ingredient of the drug Neo Decapeptyl. But it is also the main asset of two other drugs: Gonapeptyl Depot, which acts as a drug similar to Neo Decapeptyl, being indicated for the same cases. And also the Gonapeptyl Daily , which has its functionality focused only on cases of in vitro fertilization (assisted reproduction).

To know the contraindications of the substance, the ideal is to consult a doctor and read the package insert .

How to apply the Neo Decapeptyl injection?

Neo Decapeptyl is an injectable medicine, administered intramuscularly (application to the muscle). Its preparation and application must always be carried out by health professionals, duly trained.

As with other medications applied directly to the muscle, it is necessary to periodically change the injection site. It is also worth noting that the safety and efficacy of Neo Decapeptyl is only guaranteed when administered correctly and intramuscularly.

The remedy consists of 1 glass vial containing freeze-dried microgranules (small grains) and 1 glass vial with 2mL of water for injections.

Neo Decapeptyl dosage

Considering the different indications of the Neo Decapeptyl package insert, different dosages are also indicated for each of the cases. Check the recommendations, according to the usual dose:

  • Prostate cancer: a deep intramuscular injection every 28 days;
  • Early puberty: a deep intramuscular injection of at least 50 mcg / kg every 4 weeks;
  • Assisted reproduction techniques: administration of a single dose on the 2nd or 3rd day of the cycle (follicular phase) or 22nd day of the cycle (luteal phase);
  • Uterine leiomyoma: a deep intramuscular injection every 4 weeks;
  • Endometriosis: a deep intramuscular injection every 4 weeks (treatment must start within the first 5 days of the cycle).

The duration of treatments should always be in accordance with medical advice. Therefore, it should not be discontinued or extended without prescription.

Since the dose is always taken in the hospital environment, if you forget or miss the day of taking the medication, make another appointment as soon as possible. Because it is essential to maintain regularity in the treatment.

Side effects: what reactions can the drug cause?

Like all medicines, Neo Decapeptyl can have side effects due to its use. However, the effects are relative, it may be that none is manifested or that the patient has even more than one.

It is essential to carry out medical follow-up in either case, to monitor or even treat the effects.

Below, check the possible adverse reactions of the drug:

Very common

Very common side effects are those that manifest in more than 10% of patients using the drug:

  • Hypertension;
  • Heat waves;
  • Increased urea (blood test required for verification);
  • Pain in the bones;
  • Drop in hemoglobin (blood test required for verification);
  • Picture similar to the flu;
  • Small genital bleeding (in female patients).


Common effects affect a smaller percentage of patients, between 1% and 10% of cases:

  • Chest pain ;
  • Increased alkaline phosphatase (blood test is required to check liver function ), abnormal liver function;
  • Increased blood sugar;
  • Nausea , vomiting;
  • Abdominal pain;
  • Constipation (difficulty in evacuating);
  • Diarrhea ;
  • Indigestion , loss of appetite;
  • Bronchitis , cough ;
  • Lack of air;
  • Pharyngitis ;
  • Dizziness ;
  • Headache;
  • Insomnia , tiredness;
  • Pain at the medication application site;
  • Redness of the skin;
  • Pain when urinating, difficulty passing urine, urinary tract infection;
  • Joint pain;
  • Back pain ;
  • Pain in the limbs;
  • Cramps;
  • Atrophy (decrease in size) of the testicles;
  • Sexual impotence;
  • Breast enlargement and pain in men;
  • Reduced libido;
  • Anemia;
  • Conjunctivitis , eye pain;
  • Change in mood;
  • Enlarged tumor.

Does SUS provide Neo Decapeptyl?

No . The drug Neo Decapeptyl (whose active ingredient is Triptorelin) is not included in the National List of Essential Medicines (RENAME) of 2020 and is also not considered an exceptionally dispensable medicine.

Thus, currently the medicine is not provided by the Unified Health System (SUS).

Price: where to buy Neo Decapeptyl cheaper?

Neo Decapeptyl can only be purchased with a prescription, considering the particularities of its use. But to find out where to buy the cheapest medicine in your region, you can use the Consultation Remedies website .

When accessing the site, just search for the name of the drug and the options for locations and price comparison will appear.

In general, the price * of Neo Decapeptyl starts at R $ 369 and can reach up to almost R $ 4,000, a variation that occurs mainly due to milligrams (3.75mg, 11.25mg or 22.5mg).

* Prices consulted in January 2020. Prices may change.

How to make a budget for Neo Decapeptyl?

Even when a drug is not supplied by the Federal Government, patients with a medical report can make a judicial request to carry out the treatment paid for by the Unified Health System (SUS) or even by the Health Plan – if applicable.

In such cases, it is necessary to open a process according to previously stipulated requests. Among them is the presentation of documents such as:

  • Medical report;
  • Exams;
  • Standard requirement;
  • Budget of 3 pharmacies .

In order to facilitate the procedure, it is possible to count on the assistance of high-cost medication quotation advice, which provides a personalized quote in an easy way.

Access the link and perform the registration, it is necessary to inform some personal data and also which is the medicine in question. At the end, just click on “request quotes” and wait for the return.

Are you similar or generic?

The medicine Neo Decapeptyl is a reference medicine from the Aché laboratory. It does not have a generic version yet.

However, there is a similar version for the 3.75mg formula: Gonapeptyl Depot (from Ferring laboratory). The instructions on the package insert for this medicine follow the same basis as Neo Decapeptyl, that is, it can be used in the same cases.

It is worth mentioning that one should never change, or use simultaneously, a medication with another version (reference, generic or similar) or similar remedy, without first consulting the doctor responsible for its treatment.

Finally, it is worth noting that the price * for Gonapeptyl Depot can vary between R $ 460 and R $ 900 (3.75mg dose).

* Prices consulted in January 2020. Prices may change.

Thousands of people have serious or moderate illnesses that have a hormonal cause or interference. With that in mind, medications like Neo Decapeptyl are great allies for effective treatment.

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