Light activities: decrease the risk of heart problems?

According to the Brazilian Society of Cardiology, about 83 thousand people have already died in 2019 from heart problems.

But a study says some simple activities, like folding clothes and gardening, can lower the risk of heart problems in women over 63.

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These activities considered mild reduced by up to 22% of cases of strokes or heart failure among the participants.

In addition, in the survey, they also decreased the chances of a heart attack by up to 42%.

For the researchers, the result was significant because it was found that all movements can benefit the health of older women, and not just sports or exercises in the gym.

The study, done in the United States, by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) in partnership with the National Institutes of Health, looked at about 5,800 women, between 63 and 97, over 5 years.

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How to take care of heart health?

In addition to the practice of physical exercises, however simple they may be, some tips can also help to prevent cardiovascular problems:

  • Food: reduce sugars and salt, which can favor heart attack and stroke. Cholesterol is also associated with heart disease and can be controlled by correct food intake;
  • Don’t smoke: smoking can lead to a heart attack, in addition to stroke and lung cancer;
  • Relax : stress can increase your heart rate and in some cases lead to a heart attack or stroke.

Physical activities, even if considered light, can help prevent heart disease and problems. The smoking and the consumption of fats and sugars should be avoided. If you have any questions or symptoms such as chest pain , see a cardiologist.