Being sociable improves the quality of life of older people

In addition to medical care, social interactions and physical activity are important for healthy aging, according to a study published in the Journals of Gerontology Series B .

The research, carried out by the University of Texas, USA, suggests that when the elderly are in contact with family, friends and new people, the body tends to feel more positive feelings and less and less negative ones.

And that makes it possible to stay away from diseases with high rates in old age.

To reach this conclusion, the researchers gathered 300 participants over the age of 65 and recorded information about the activities and social relationships of each volunteer.

The elderly also used a device responsible for monitoring physical activity during the time they would participate in the study.

Based on these collected data, the results showed that people with a greater contact with friends and family, and who exercise regularly, have a higher quality of life in old age.

In addition, the inclusion of these habits in the routine helps to fight diseases, such as physical inactivity, and maintains the balance of mental health .

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How to stay healthy in old age?

Over time, people tend to become less active, but it is important to be informed about what to do to feel good.

Therefore, we have listed some essential recommendations for the elderly to have a healthier and more balanced life. Check out:

Practice physical exercises

Practicing physical activities is important for health at any stage of life. This is also true in old age.

Activities help the body stay in balance. In addition, moving around decreases joint pain, which affects a person’s functional capacity.

Participate in groups

Meetings with people who are in this same stage of life have a fundamental role in the socialization of the elderly.

Conversations and exchanges of experiences help to build a sense of belonging, and even encourage the practice of other group activities. In other words, this interaction is good for the emotional side of the elderly, being able to invigorate them and make them willing to enjoy life.

Take care of the food

The recommendation of nutritionists is that the base remains the same: carbohydrates , proteins , fruits and vegetables. However, it is still necessary to be careful with the amount of food and the variety of foods present.

A good (balanced and healthy) diet is essential in the prevention of numerous diseases.

Keeping appointments up to date

With aging, it is necessary to make regular visits to health professionals to insure against diseases such as hypertension, dementia and diabetes – most frequent conditions at this stage of life.

Therefore, it is important to follow up to be aware of symptoms and the need for treatment.

Manage medication use

Concerned about the pain and other symptoms that appear after the age of 65, some elderly people abuse the amount of medication they take.

However, the problem is that the use of drugs unnecessarily, or without a prescription, can cause damage to the body.

It is essential that there is a professional accompaniment in order to avoid complications.

Aging is a natural process, which should not be viewed with prejudice. Knowing how to recognize difficulties and health care during this stage of life is fundamental to a good quality of life.