Young women have suffered more heart attacks in recent years

Heart attack or, as it is popularly called, a heart attack has affected women more in recent years, according to research published in the journal Circulation .

The study looked at cases of patients who were hospitalized with heart attacks in some regions of the United States, which are Forsyth County (North Carolina), Washington County (Maryland), Jackson (Mississippi), and 8 other suburbs of Minneapolis.

According to the data analyzed, the research found that the incidence of heart attacks increased in younger men and women, but the numbers were more expressive in women, with a significant increase.

Researchers at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine observed 28,732 hospitalizations for heart attacks that occurred between 1995 and 2014.

In that time, the rates of young women who were admitted to hospitals for heart problems went from 21% to 31%, while in men it went from 30% to 33%.

The result goes against many researches from other parts of the world. In general, they are the ones who have the best health and care for medical routines.

However, the research had a very limited geographical profile and did not consider other clinical factors, such as obesity or medical history. Therefore, the data must be evaluated carefully.

Why has the number in women increased?

The survey considered only the age and sex of patients who were admitted to hospitals, so determining the causes for the high increase among them is difficult.

Heart problems are known to be more common among young people, regardless of gender. Therefore, there are factors that may be related to heart disease that are widely known.

Among them is weight gain, physical inactivity and poor diet, which can be related to diabetes and high blood pressure .

These conditions cause a low blood flow in the heart muscle or changes in blood circulation, which favors blockages and dysfunctions in the heart region.