Acne and its different types

All people have suffered at some point in life with cases of acne . The problem that begins in adolescence, due to excess hormones, can extend into adulthood for several reasons.

It is normal for the appearance of pimples on the face to happen sporadically after adolescence, however, when it becomes recurrent it is necessary to seek help from a dermatologist. Know the different types:


Teenager Acne

Acne has three main types and can appear on the face in different ways. The most common is teenage acne, as it is known. Its recurrence is greater in the T zone of the face, composed of the forehead, nose and chin. Excess hormone is the main reason for its onset, which usually disappears over time.

Old woman acne

The acne of the adult woman – the name given to the problem that appears after the age of 30 – is present on the cheeks and chin. Its cause is also associated with hormonal factors, but during this period, problems such as polycystic ovary syndrome or interruption of contraceptive use are the most common causes. This type of acne tends to leave spots on the face, so it must be treated.

Genetic acne

It can appear all over the face and is considered the most serious type. Its appearance can leave scars and requires treatment. Medicines such as isotretinoin may be necessary, as well as the use of creams and other products.


It is characterized by inflammation and, consequently, the appearance of pus pellets and pinkish spots on the cheeks. Although quite similar to acne, rosacea is considered a different problem.

It is necessary to treat

All types require treatment, especially when they get worse. Permanent spots and marks on the skin can be caused when there is no necessary care.