Consuming fish oil derivatives can benefit the heart

A survey found that a derivative of purified fish oil, known as Vascepa , can prevent heart complications.

The study was published in the Journal of American College of Cardiology and involved 8,179 people who were followed for about 4 years.

Vascepa is a drug derived from a fatty acid found in fish species. Participants received 4g of this substance, which means eating about 20 servings of fish per week.

This drug reduced the chances of strokes, heart attacks and deaths from these causes by 30%.

Scientists believe that with this discovery, for every 1000 patients, it will be possible to prevent the occurrence of:

  • 76 bypass surgery (surgery to unblock arteries);
  • 42 heart attacks;
  • 14 AVCs;
  • 16 hospitalizations for angina (chest pain);
  • 12 deaths from cardiovascular causes.

The researchers also hope that this discovery will help prevent not only the first cardiovascular accident, but also help to prevent a recurrence of these events.

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Heart health

Having a healthy heart requires some special care such as:

  • Decrease salt: excessive salt consumption is linked to increased pressure and hypertension;
  • Take care of weight: obesity causes some changes in metabolism favoring diseases such as high cholesterol and diabetes;
  • Check the pressure: checking the pressure frequently helps in the diagnosis and control of hypertension;
  • Sleep well: sleeping poorly is related to stress and can cause an increase in blood pressure;
  • Attention to cholesterol: high cholesterol can accumulate fats in the arteries, which hinders the circulation of blood in the body;
  • Pay attention to food: in addition to fish, foods such as oats (which help keep arteries clean), nuts (rich in omega 3), soy (lowers cholesterol) and fruits (rich in vitamins) help the heart to function properly.

In addition to being able to benefit from food, regular exercise and quitting smoking are also important for improving your heart health.