What can’t you eat after getting a tattoo? See the care

When getting a tattoo, it is normal that some care is needed. After all, although many people do not think about the procedure in this way, it is something invasive to our body.

Basically, it consists of the subcutaneous insertion of a pigment with the help of a needle.

Therefore, care is needed both in the area where the tattoo was done (with the help of ointments and creams) and with the body in general – since it will need to work for healing to occur.

At that time, some dietary restrictions may be involved in order to facilitate these processes. Better understand why to avoid some foods:


What can I not eat after getting a tattoo?

When getting a tattoo, the tattoo artist will surely give you some information about the necessary care. This may include tips on eating for the next few days, so that there are no complications.

Initially, foods with a high fat content should be avoided, as they can easily cause inflammation of the skin and, in addition, cause an excessive production of collagen (which favors the development of keloids).

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In addition, some may have a high concentration of chitosan, which can cause inflammation of the skin.

  • Shrimp ;
  • Fried foods in general ;
  • Meats with a high fat content (pork, picanha, ribs, hamburgers);
  • Chocolates and soft drinks – due to the high concentration of sugar and sodium.

This care is necessary because the fat present in these, and other foods, can hinder the healing process, which will cause discomfort and can even harm the final result of the tattoo.

It should be noted that not all people have this sensitivity in the body and can have good healing even with the consumption of fat. However, there is no way to know this beforehand, so when in doubt it is better to avoid and prioritize other foods.

Good foods for healing

In general, with the exception of fatty foods, you can maintain a normal diet with other ingredients without causing damage to your tattoo.

If you want even faster healing, it is ideal that your body is fully functioning and healthy. That is, that there is no lack of vitamins and minerals, for example.

To help with this process, you can invest in foods rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These, favor health and impact on better healing. As an example, you can list:

  • Fish (salmon, tuna, sardines) – are an excellent source of omega 3, a beneficial fat with anti-inflammatory actions;
  • Lean meats (rump, muscle, filet mignon) – provide the body with essential amino acids in the production of collagen;
  • Fruits rich in vitamin C (orange, lemon, peach) – nutrient that acts as an antioxidant and favors the production of collagen;
  • Red fruits (strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, cherry) – rich in antioxidant properties that collaborate with healing;
  • Peanut – source of vitamin E, nutrient with antioxidant actions.

In addition, maintaining adequate consumption of carbohydrates , proteins and drinking plenty of water can also contribute to this process. And of course, also remember to follow the other precautions (apply ointment, avoid exposure to the sun, etc.).

Can you eat an egg after getting a tattoo?

There is no evidence that the egg can actually harm the body’s healing process. However, it is a food that has a significant percentage of fat.

As mentioned, the high levels of fat in the body do not favor healing and can be harmful to anyone who has just had a tattoo.

Therefore, it would be best to avoid consuming it and foods that have this ingredient as a base (such as quindim, mayonnaise, among others).

If you want to keep consumption, avoid making it fried and opt for other forms of preparation.

Why can’t you drink alcohol or eat fat after the tattoo?

Just as fatty foods are not beneficial for healing, neither is alcohol. However, more than that, it can cause other complications.

When we drink alcoholic beverages, there are several changes in our body. Among them is the change in blood flow. Therefore, the content of this substance in the body can increase bleeding after tattooing.

This does not mean that you will have a problem such as bleeding, for example, but that the “wound” on the skin will bleed for longer and at greater intensities.

Thus, alcohol consumption delays this natural healing process in the region and can harm the final result of the tattoo, in addition to causing discomfort due to poor recovery.

It is necessary to have a clear idea that poor healing can even cause inflammation and infections in the body, since the skin is exposed and open for the entry of infectious microorganisms.

Therefore, the best thing to do is to avoid foods and beverages that can impair your recovery and ensure, in addition to a good result, your health without any damage!

General tattoo care

To reinforce the importance of being careful with the tattoo, we have also separated some tips that will collaborate together with a good diet. Check out what you should do after getting a tattoo:

  • Moisturize your skin every day – choose products that are free of parabens (do not let the skin breathe) and without fragrance or substances with an allergenic potential;
  • Use sunscreen – reapplying every 2 hours;
  • Avoid high direct sun exposure during the first 30 days;
  • Do not enter the sea or pool;
  • Clean the area daily – use a soap without parabens or perfume.

Remembering that the use of moisturizing creams and sunscreen should only occur after a few days, when the area is more healed. Initially, the ideal is to keep the other cares listed and correctly apply the ointment indicated by the tattoo artist.

In addition, if you wish you can also take some extra care, such as spraying thermal water on the tattoo area throughout the day. This can help to calm the area and keep it hydrated for longer.

If you like tattoos and want to ensure that yours looks beautiful, follow these precautions. In addition, you will also be taking care of your health and preventing complications.

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