Review Eye drops Systane UL: is it good? See what it’s for

Throughout the day, we face several factors that can harm the health of our eyes.

Dry weather, pollution, air conditioning or spending hours on end in front of your cell phone, television and computer can make our eyes irritated, red and without proper lubrication.

To help alleviate these uncomfortable symptoms, we can count on the help of some types of lubricating eye drops, or artificial tears, such as Systane UL.

In this review, we explain how this eye drop works, what it is for and show the opinion of those who already use it on a daily basis.

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What is Systane UL and what is it for?

Systane UL is an eye drop that protects the eye surface, provides comfort and lubrication .

Due to several factors, natural lubrication can be impaired. In this way, the product protects the eyes from damage caused by dry weather, pollution, cosmetics, air conditioning and prolonged exposure to electronic devices.

Systane UL is also used to relieve any discomfort, such as a burning sensation, sand or a foreign body in the eyes, being very suitable for patients who have dry eye syndrome.

This eye drop is a sterile product, that is, it goes through several sterilization processes, and it can be of prolonged use. It has no contraindications, but it is important that the use is made with the accompaniment of an ophthalmologist.

Its composition, according to the manufacturers, has agents similar to the tears that our organism produces, which is why it is a lubricating eye drop capable of protecting the eyes.

According to the pharmaceutical Dr. Francielle Mathias, Systane UL is an eye drop that fits as a health product, and is not considered a medicine because it does not contain a defined active ingredient in the composition, presenting only substances that simulate the tear.

“ There is an ANVISA resolution with rules for the transition to lubricating eye drops and artificial tears, moving from health products to specific medications. However, it has not yet been applied to products that were already registered. Thus, many lubricants remain as health products, as is the case with Systane UL ”, he explains.

How does it work?

Systane UL is able to provide these benefits by being able to create an elastic barrier in the eyes that reconstructs the tears , being able to replace the substances that are missing due to the absence of tears and lubrication, being therefore classified as an artificial tear.

There are some variations between the types of artificial tears. Some have preservatives, others alter the chemical composition of tears to help treat diseases, can control and stabilize the tear film oil or provide a kind of eye lining.

It would be in the latter type that the Systane UL fits into.

This action of the eye drops occurs through its composition, which contains, for example, Hydroxypropyl guar, macromolecules that have lubricating properties and that alleviate the symptoms of dryness in the eye and form a protective layer in the eyes and damaged cells.

In the packaging of Systane UL, the product is classified as a high performance eye drop, which means, according to the pharmaceutical Francielle, that it contains in its formula components that increase its quality.

In this case, these are some substances already mentioned, such as hydroxypropyl Guar 8, polyethylene glycol 400 and propylene glycol, which together provide this result.

“ These associated components provide an increase in the viscosity of the eye drops after application and, consequently, a longer time of contact of the active components with the ocular surface. In addition, there is also a reduction of the initial fogging after the application of the eye drops ”, he explains.

Types of eye drops

There are several types of eye drops and they can be divided according to the composition or effect they provide to eye health.

For the symptoms, the drops can be divided into drops for dry eyes, redness, itching and allergies, relief of pain and swelling, in addition to infections.

The main ones are those containing anti-inflammatory corticosteroids, antibiotics , those with vasoconstrictive action and lubricating eye drops (artificial tears).

Understand each type:

Lubricating eye drops or artificial tears

They are generally used to help treat people with dry eye syndrome, which is the category that Systane UL is in.

They help in relieving discomfort caused by factors such as dry weather, air conditioning, wearing contact lenses, feeling of sand in the eye and burning.

Corticosteroid eye drops

Eye drops with corticosteroids, an anti-inflammatory, are indicated by the ophthalmologist when the patient has a complication that requires the use of this medication.

The use should never be done without medical advice, as it can bring serious complications as a long-term side effect of the medication, such as glaucoma .

The ideal is that after the treatment of the condition this eye drop is discarded. The sale is only made with a medical prescription.

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Eye drops with antibiotic

Like corticosteroid drops, antibiotic drops are also sold only with the prescription.

They are indicated for the treatment of infections caused by bacteria, such as bacterial conjunctivitis , for example.

The use of these eyedrops should always be done according to the doctor’s instructions, as the use for prolonged periods can cause side effects.

Vasoconstrictor eye drops

They are also called decongestant eye drops , recommended for people who have some mild irritation or redness caused by reaction to smoke, contact lenses and dust.

They can also be indicated for patients with rhinitis and colds.

Anesthetic eye drops

Anesthetic eye drops are used in ophthalmic medical procedures to protect the patient from pain and tenderness.

The use should never be done without medical guidance and monitoring, because due to the fact that it impairs eye sensitivity, the patient is more likely to suffer injuries in the region (such as when scratching the eye) and cause injuries to the cornea.

When to use an ophthalmic lubricant?

The use of an ophthalmic lubricant may be necessary when the person has some symptoms that cause great eye discomfort. Usually, the use is recommended by the ophthalmologist after evaluating these symptoms.

Thus, this professional can verify which is the best eye drops for each specific case.

In the case of Systane UL, which is widely used by patients with dry eye syndrome, for example, it is used when the person has the main symptoms of the syndrome, such as:

  • Itch;
  • Redness;
  • Sensation of dryness in the eyes;
  • Heavy eyes;
  • Photophobia;
  • Blurry vision;
  • Burning or burning sensation;
  • Foreign body sensation, as if there is sand or another object in the eye.

Saline or eye drops?

Some people may use saline to clean contact lenses or the case in which they are stored, this solution being useful in several ways. However, to use directly on the eyes, it is not the best option.

Because it has no preservatives, after opening it should not be used in sensitive areas such as the eyes, as the risk of the serum causing contamination is greater.

This is because it does not contain any component capable of preventing the proliferation of microorganisms, unlike what happens with eye drops.

In addition, eye drops are medicines manufactured to meet the specific needs of each eye problem and are recommended by the ophthalmologist, so they are safe for eye health.

How to use Systane UL?

Systane UL is an eye drop for adult use, in which there is no indication on the label regarding the frequency at which it should be applied to the eyes. Regarding the quantity, 1 to 2 drops are recommended for each application.

The amount in which it should be applied throughout the day is something that should be discussed with the ophthalmologist, it is important to respect the frequency and not to use the product in excess.

It is important to always remember to keep your hands well hygienic, washing them before applying the eye drops. Thus, the risk of the bottle suffering some contamination is reduced, avoiding eye complications.

With your hands clean, the step-by-step should be as follows:

  1. Tilt your head back slightly and pull your lower eyelid to drop the eye drops in this kind of bag that is created;
  2. With the dropper positioned above the eye with the tip down, squeeze the bottle until the drops fall (1 to 2 drops);
  3. With your head still tilted, keep your eyes closed for a few minutes, without blinking or squinting.

Precautions: what precautions should be taken?

The use of eye drops requires some care in relation to hygiene and storage to avoid complications. Anyone using Systane UL should be aware of the following caveats:

Do not share it with other people

Certain items are always for individual use and eye drops are one of them, due to the risk of diseases that can be transmitted, such as bacterial conjunctivitis and ocular herpes. Many cases of eye contamination are due to the shared use of eye drops.

Observe the composition before using

Systane UL has no contraindications, but it can harm people who are allergic to the components. Therefore, before using, observe the composition and talk to the ophthalmologist to understand what risks and drug interactions may occur.

Keep care of the bottle

When applying eye drops, it is important to be careful not to touch the tip of the bottle to the eye or any other surface, to avoid contamination.

After use, it is important to put the cap on and be careful not to dirty the tip of the bottle. If, when purchasing, the safety seal is missing and broken, do not use the eye drops.

The same should be done if any change in the color or smell of the product is identified.

Store properly and check for validity

Systane UL should be stored at room temperature, between 15 ºC to 30 ºC.

For those who like to carry it always in their purse or backpack, in order to have the eye drops always at hand, it is important to pay attention to these factors, so as not to leave the product exposed to conditions that may affect its functionality.

The expiration date depends on the quantity of each bottle. The vials containing 10mL and 15mL are valid for up to 18 months, the 1.5mL (free sample) expires in 12 months.

In case of reaction, discontinue use

If, after using Systane UL, an adverse reaction occurs, such as the appearance of irritation or redness, the use should be stopped.

If eye discomfort is persistent even with the use of eye drops, it is recommended that an appointment is made with the ophthalmologist to investigate the cause of the problem.

Can I apply Systane UL using contact lenses?

Those who wear contact lenses need to be even more careful with the use of eye drops, as some of them can damage the lenses.

However, this is not the case with the Systane UL, which can be used by those who wear contact lenses .

In general, eye drops that have medication in their composition, such as corticosteroids and antibiotics, for example, should not be used while the patient has the lens.

In these cases, the ideal is to remove them, apply the eye drops and wait at least 20 minutes to put them back on or as instructed by the doctor.

In addition, some eye drops may have preservatives that can adhere to the contact lens, which can cause discomfort, irritation and even other eye problems. The frequency of use can also cause problems with the lenses.

The ideal is to always check with the ophthalmologist, read the label carefully and talk to the pharmacist during the purchase of the eye drops and clarify this doubt.

Eye drops that do not offer this risk of damage, can be used while the person is wearing contact lenses.

They can even be indicated by the ophthalmologist, helping even more in lubrication, considering that the lenses can cause greater dryness of the eyes.

Composition of the Systane UL

Systane UL presents the following composition every 1mL:

  • Hydroxypropyl Guar 8;
  • Polyethylene glycol 400;
  • Boric acid;
  • Propylene glycol;
  • Sorbitol;
  • Sodium Chloride;
  • Potassium chloride;
  • Polyquaternium-1;
  • Aminometilpropanol;
  • Sodium Hydroxide and / or Hydrochloric Acid;
  • Purified water.

According to the pharmaceutical Francielle Mathias, it is the Hydroxypropril Guar associated with polyethylene glycol 400 and propylene glycol that make Systane UL a lubricating eye drop, these components being responsible for the relief of dry eyes.

Poliquaternium-1, present in the composition, is an important preservative to prevent contamination.

Among these substances, explains Francielle, there are no components that can harm contact lenses, so they are recommended by ophthalmologists themselves.

Side effects of Systane UL eye drops

Systane UL, because it is a type of lubricating eye drops and because it does not contain corticosteroids and antibiotics, has a much lower risk of causing side effects.

When used correctly, that is, without being shared with others, well stored and on time, the chances of adverse reactions are small.

However, it is not free to cause side effects. Therefore, it can cause redness, irritation in the eyes and changes in the vision of the user.

When experiencing any symptoms or discomfort with Systane UL, it is important to discontinue use immediately and see an ophthalmologist.

Are there any contraindications?

Systane UL has no specific contraindications, it is not recommended only when the patient has an allergy to one of the components of the eye drops.

However, to avoid any adverse reaction, it is important to talk to an ophthalmologist.

Does Systane UL need a prescription?

No . It is possible to buy Systane UL without a prescription, as it is a lubricating eye drop, which simulates the tear and helps prevent dryness.

Because it has no active ingredient that requires a prescription, it can be purchased without a prescription.

However, not all eyedrops are sold over-the-counter, as the pharmaceutical Francielle Mathias says:

“ There are several types of eye drops in addition to lubricants, such as antibiotic eye drops, which treat bacterial infections; and eye drops with corticosteroids, which treat inflammation. These substances can have adverse reactions and need monitoring and medical prescription to be used ”.

What is the price of Systane UL eye drops?

The value of Systane UL may vary depending on the region and the pharmacy chain. It also has a small difference between the 10mL and 15mL bottles.

According to our price comparator, Consulta Remédios , the price of Systane UL can vary from R $ 24.22 and R $ 44.75.

It is also nice to know that Systane UL is part of Vale Mais Saúde, a free treatment adherence program that offers discounts on medications. In this way, patients are able to buy the eye drops at an even lower price.

To have the discount, you must present the Novartis medicine prescription and be registered in the program .

In the case of Systane UL, sold without a prescription, the patient must inform the CPF or the Vale Mais Saúde card number when purchasing at one of the accredited pharmacies.

* The price survey was carried out on 03/01/2019. Values ​​may change.

Systane UL phase wrong?

In general, eye lubricants, such as Systane UL, are very safe. They are manufactured with specific components to protect eye health.

Because they have preservatives, they prevent bacteria and other microorganisms from proliferating in the bottle after being opened.

However, it is important that the use is not exaggerated. Some doctors believe that it is not safe to use them more than four times a day.

Eye drops without preservatives, since they have less additives, would be safer at higher frequencies of use.

Regarding side effects, the use can cause blurred vision or cause an allergic reaction in people who are sensitive to some component of the product.

Review: opinion of those who use the Systane UL eye drops

It is common to use eye drops to relieve symptoms such as dry eyes, redness, foreign body sensation and other problems caused by lack of lubrication.

Systane UL is one of the options used by people.

To show how it works and how it can help with these eye problems, we talked to Francielle, Gabriel and Marcela, who use or have used eye drops.

Francielle has myopia and astigmatism and, in addition to wearing glasses, she also uses contact lenses. Recently, he discovered a more aggravated dryness in the eyes, but which is already being treated.

She has also used other lubricating eye drops, currently using another one continuously. The use of Systane UL by her was done sporadically, when she felt some discomfort.

Gabriel, however, has been using Systane UL for 15 years. He has myopia and does not use contact lenses. Like Francielle, it has already used other lubricants from other brands and uses Systane UL to relieve some discomfort such as irritation and dryness.

Because she had surgery to correct myopia 5 years ago, Marcela does not currently have any eye problems, unlike Gabriel and Francielle.

Although the surgery was successful, he recently noticed that his eyes have become drier and that the use of eye drops is necessary to relieve this discomfort.

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With these three perspectives on eye drops, we ask in the following questions what they thought of the product. Check out:

Usage and yield

Francielle used Systane UL sporadically, but 2 to 3 times a day when she felt quite uncomfortable because of contact lenses, having no side effects with the use of eye drops. As he did not use it continuously, he does not know exactly how his performance is.

Marcela, who uses Systane UL on a daily basis, says the yield is around one and a half months. She uses, on average, 3 times a day. When the weather is very dry or when you are at the beach, you feel the need to use the product more often.

Gabriel, who uses the eye drops for the longest time, usually uses them about 2 times a day, when he feels some discomfort. For him, the Systane UL lasts about a month and has also never had any side effects.

It’s good?

The three assessed whether Systane UL is good according to their experiences, time of use, immediate relief and symptoms presented.

Marcela, who uses it to help lubricate, itch and feel sand in her eyes, has a good experience with eye drops.

“ He is very good. As it is more oily, it seems that the eye drops last longer in the eyes ”, he says. After applying the eye drops, he also reported that he feels immediate relief.

Gabriel’s perceptions about the product are also positive.

“ Systane UL is a product that brings immediate relief, is easy to apply and has no apparent side effects. For those who have dry eyes and are easily irritated, it is a recommendable product and also has a lower cost compared to competitors ”, he says.

For Francielle, the use of eye drops also helped in immediate relief, but in her case, due to a more severe dryness, Systane UL did not help to maintain lubrication for a long time.

“ For me, Systane UL promoted relief and lubricated at the moment, but it was not a very long-lasting effect ,” says Francielle.

Systane Lid Wipes

In addition to eye drops, Systane is also found in the wet wipes version to clean the eyelid region, Systane Lid Wipes .

It can be used as an extra care for eye health, since it serves to remove eye makeup without causing damage to the skin of this region, which is usually more sensitive.

It is dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic, which means it has a very small chance of causing allergy.

It is recommended for use before bed, as sleeping with makeup can also be harmful to eye health.

Systane UL is a product of Alcon , a global leader in vision care.

How to take care of eye health?

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often neglect the care we must take with the health of our eyes.

However, small changes already help to prevent eye complications. We have separated some tips:

Protect your eyes

The use of sunglasses, in addition to protecting against UVA and UVB rays, is also useful to prevent the eyes from suffering damage caused by exposure to wind and pollution.

Therefore, always have sunglasses with you and make sure that they are glasses with enough quality to provide this protection.

Don’t scratch your eyes

As difficult as it is to resist itching, it is important that a greater effort is made to endure when this symptom is present in the eyes.

Scratching the eyes, besides being able to stimulate the discomfort even more, can cause corneal lesions and further increase the chances of a disease to develop, mainly when the person raises the hands to the eyes without being well sanitized.

Take breaks if you have been at the computer for many hours

It is not healthy to spend hours in front of the computer or the screens.

This behavior can cause tiredness in the eyes due to the light and also by not blinking in sufficient quantity, which ends up leaving the eyes drier.

The ideal is to take breaks every 1 hour, trying to look away from a distant landscape or close your eyes for a few seconds.

Use eye drops when needed

If the discomfort caused by a lack of lubrication is recurrent, or if your eye is always red or irritated, see a doctor to investigate the cause and check the possibility of using eye drops to help alleviate these symptoms.

It is important to be careful with the use of these products, even those that do not have a prescription, so as not to have even more serious complications.

Make periodic visits to the ophthalmologist

If you have an eye problem, it is important that you keep a frequency of consultations with the ophthalmologist, to ensure the health of the eyes and monitor the evolution or stability of the disease.

If you do not have a history of illness, the ideal is to go to the specialist once a year.

Do not sleep with makeup

Some cosmetics can be harmful to the eyes, causing allergies and irritation, so when you go to bed, always remove your makeup.

If, when using any product, you notice any discomfort, the ideal is to discontinue use.

Do not share personal items

Makeups (mascara, eyeliner, eyeliner, eye shadows etc.), brushes and other accessories that are used in the eye area should also not be shared to avoid contamination.

To help care for the health of our eyes, we sometimes need the use of eye drops. Systane UL is one of the options available for this purpose.

We seek in this review to show how this product works and if it is really good, according to the opinion of those who have used it.

If you also use it, share your opinion with us. Thanks for reading!