Hair tonic: how to use, benefits, prices and recipes

The universe of hair cosmetics is immense. There are countless products, with different functionalities and for all types of hair. Among them, we have the hair tonic.

Have you used any? Are you curious to know what they are for, if they work and what is the value?

We told you everything in today’s text. Check out:


What is a hair tonic?

Hair tonic is a liquid for the care of the scalp. It is rich in peptides, vitamins and trace elements. Thus, the use activates blood microcirculation and favors the irrigation of the hair bulb.

This favors the increase of nutrients in the hair, which stimulates cell renewal and favors the maturation of keratin – a compound that improves the resistance of the hair fiber.

In general, they are marketed in ampoule or spray format packs, to facilitate application.

There are many types of tonics, aiming to combat different problems (hair loss, dandruff, weak hair, for example) and adapt to different types of hair, such as straight, curly, thin, thick.

Some of the compounds in the tonic are ingredients and actives that act in the treatment of the scalp, such as Panthenol and Argan Oil.

What is the function of hair tonic?

The use of hair tonic is extensive. It can be used against hair loss, to accelerate growth, decrease dandruff and even strengthen the hair. Those who suffer from these problems can explore the market and find an ideal tonic to have as an ally.

However, be careful. It is essential to see a dermatologist in case of problems such as excessive hair loss, dandruff and others. Thus, the professional will be able to analyze the source of the problem and prescribe the ideal treatment.

This is because these issues may be associated with genetic or hormonal problems. In such cases, there is no tonic that can solve the problem by itself.

But in cases of hair loss due to excessive chemistry, lack of vitamins and stress , hair tonic can be very useful and bring satisfactory results.

Is it anti-fall?

Not necessarily . Yes, there are anti-fall hair tonics. But not everyone has this function, what happens is that in general, tonics strengthen the hair – which can reduce breakage and hair loss due to nutrient replacement. So, the ideal is always to look for the product that best fits your problem, for a better result.

How to use hair tonic?

In general, there are hair tonic with several applications: on dry or damp, clean or dirty hair. Look for the one that fits you best and follow the manufacturer’s guidance on the application.

The ideal is to use it, on average, once or twice a day on three days a week, applying directly to the scalp. Normally, they should stay in the hair for at least 3 hours (average time of action), so you can use it – for example – before going to sleep.

In addition, after applying the product, you can massage the scalp to stimulate the penetration of the tonic and blood circulation.

But it is important to always pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations. This is because some products may have different peculiarities or uses. For example, some recommend application on the entire length of the hair, while others only on the root.

What is the hair loss tonic?

Many men and women suffer from excessive hair loss. Fortunately, there are many anti-fall tonics being marketed. But before looking for the ideal for you, it is important to know the source of the problem.

For this, consult the dermatologist. A clinical consultation or exams can help to detect what is causing the fall: excess oil, stress, genetic or hormonal problems, etc.

In such cases, it is usually necessary to use specific medications, which act more directly and quickly in the problem. Some remedies commonly prescribed for fall problems are:

  • Pantogar ;
  • Alfaestradiol ;
  • Monessa ;
  • Minoxidil 5% (for male hair loss);
  • Finasteride 1mg (for male hair loss).

The following is a list of some tonics (among them, some that help fight the fall). In the sequence, there are also some homemade tonics that can help with this and other problems. Check out:

Which hair tonic is good?

To find a good tonic, you need to think about what your hair type is and also what your expectation is.

For example, do you want to strengthen the strands? Do you want to end dandruff? Want to have super long hair? There are options for all tastes.

But it is always worth mentioning that it is essential to seek guidance from a dermatologist.

In this topic you will learn about some options, understand their function and even check the values ​​*.

* Prices consulted in January 2020. Prices may change.


Capicilin has a considerable variety of tonics and these have a very affordable price range, ranging between R $ 5 and R $ 8 * each.

As an example of what the brand offers there is the Tonic Fortalecedor and the Tonic Anticaspa .

The first contains keratin, vitamins A, E and B5, in addition to Argan Oil. Components that aid in growth, damage relief and reduction of frizz and split ends. Thus, it strengthens the threads.

The Anti-Dandruff Tonic, on the other hand, promises to help fight dandruff, in addition to preventing its reappearance and revitalizing the hair.

This is possible because its formula contains Octopirox (acts on fungi and bacteria on the scalp) and Protein Hydrolyzate (rich in substances that promote the revitalization of hair bulbs).

In this way, it controls oiliness and helps fight dandruff.

The manufacturer’s recommendation is to apply to the root of clean (still wet) hair, perform a small massage on the scalp and do not rinse.

It is worth mentioning that the two products can be used by people adept at the practice of No Poo , and the dandruff can also be used by those who use the Low Poo technique.


The Minoxidil 5% is recommended in cases of alopecia androgenetic (hereditary baldness) and is mostly used by men. This is because it is a medicated tonic that is not recommended for women.

The contraindication occurs because the substance is very strong and can stimulate the growth of hair in unwanted areas (such as the face).

The value varies between R $ 75 and R $ 90 * and it is recommended to apply the product 2 times a day (on the totally dry scalp) and let it act for at least 4 hours.

In general, for men Minoxidil usually presents a very satisfactory result. Between 2 and 4 months of treatment it is already possible to notice a considerable growth of new hair.


In its line, Tricofort has a Hair Tonic that is anti-falling, anti-greasy and anti-dandruff. The proposal is to combat, with a single product, the three problems.

This is possible due to the formula, which is composed of astringent products, resorcin, benzoic and salicylic acid. Ingredients that act directly in the reduction of dandruff.

Thus, when ensuring a thorough cleansing, the scalp is ready to receive the nutrients from the plant extracts present in the tonic:

  • Ginger (toning action);
  • Juá (anti-dandruff action and stimulation of hair growth);
  • Quina (the components of Quina’s bark stimulate hair growth);
  • Capsicum (famous Chili Pepper, rich in vitamins that help fight fall and stimulate growth).

The product comes in an ampoule format, to facilitate the dosage in the application. It should be applied to the entire scalp. Then massage and let it act on the hair until the next wash – that is, do not rinse.

The packaging with two 20ml ampoules varies its commercial price between R $ 9 and R $ 14 *.

Salon line

The Salon line has an extensive range of products for all types of hair. Among them, there are also hair tonics: Tonic Strengthening SOS and Tonic Anti-fall (both cost approximately between R $ 10 and R $ 12 *).

The first is one of the brand’s best sellers, which is mainly due to its promise of proven growth in 15 days.

To achieve this result, the TOS Fortalecedor SOS has in its composition ingredients such as coffee (activates blood circulation in the scalp), Biotin and Whey Protein. The last two assist in the health of the hair and control of the fall.

The Anti-Fall Tonic, on the other hand, promises a 97% reduction in hair loss. Its main components are:

  • Bamboo shoot: its natural compounds restore hair, improve texture and reduce volume;
  • Creatine: conditions and restores the hair;
  • Amino acids: help in moistening and nourishing the hair (ensuring alignment).

The formula of the two products is free of mineral oil, sulfate, petrolatum, paraffin, silicone and alcohol. In addition, it is cruelty free (not tested on animals). Antiqueda is also classified as vegan.

The application is also the same for both: it is recommended to apply to the scalp after washing, massage and let it act – no rinsing is necessary.

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Lola Cosmetics

Lola Cosmetics is one of the brands that has a hair tonic in its line. In this case, it is the Rapunzel Growth Tonic – the value of the product varies widely, ranging from R $ 29 to R $ 80 *.

The purpose of the product is to act against the excessive fall and boost growth. It strengthens the hair follicle, so that the root becomes stronger and the strands have a longer life.

The promise of the tonic is to promote healthy and resistant fibers and, thus, stimulate the hair growth cycle to stabilize. Thus, reaching the expected result: less hair loss and more new hair.

In addition, the product formula is completely free of sulphates, petrolatums and parabens. It can also be used by people adept at using Low Poo / No Poo.

Hair tonics help hair grow faster?

No . It is important to keep in mind that healthy hair grows from 1cm to 1.5cm per month. In some cases, due to the fragility or malnutrition of the strands, the growth may be slower.

Or even, the intense breakage makes the strands fail to grow as much.

So, tonics can help due to the action of leaving the scalp nourished and healthy hair.

Home hair tonic works?

There is no scientific evidence that any homemade hair tonic can be really effective in general. However, there are ingredients with properties that can help with some problems.

This is because there are countless foods, spices, herbs and plants that have astringent properties, blood circulation stimulants, bactericides, etc.

We have separated some popularly known and used recipes. Check out:

Garlic tonic

Garlic is rich in vitamins and nutrients, including Vitamin C. It stimulates the production of collagen and, thus, can make hair more resistant.

In addition, the possible benefits are also often associated with the properties of Vitamin B1 (found in garlic), which stimulates blood circulation. Thus, when applied to the scalp, it contributes to the growth of new hair.

To make your tonic, you will need water, garlic and a package to store. Beat in a blender, for 3 minutes, 6 cloves of garlic with 200mL of water. Then place the mixture in a pot (with a lid) and store in the refrigerator for 2 days before using.

After that, just put it in the chosen package and apply it once a week on the scalp. Leave on for 2 hours and wash.

Ginger tonic

The ginger is another ingredient commonly used in popular recipes. It has natural properties such as anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and stimulating action. In addition, it is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids.

These nutrients can be associated with hair growth, combating hair loss (not severe) and dandruff.

To make the ginger tonic, you will need 100mL of water and ginger (cut so that it is enough to fill a tablespoon).

Boil the ingredients, as if it were a tea. When it starts to boil, wait 1 more minute and then remove from heat. Then, place the “tea” in a glass (cover it with a plate) and let it sit for 3 hours.

After the rest period, place the mixture in a jar. Apply the tonic before sleeping on the entire scalp, massage and wash the next day.

If well stored, the solution can be valid for up to one week.

Rosemary tonic

The rosemary is a plant with bactericidal properties, astringent and anti-inflammatory. Its use is very popular in hair recipes, because its properties can inhibit the action of enzymes responsible for hair loss.

In addition, the rosemary hair tonic is popularly used to prevent dandruff and to help control oiliness, without drying the hair.

Rosemary leaves (2 fresh rosemary branches or a handful of dry rosemary) and 100 mL of water are required for its preparation.

Boil the water, then add it with the rosemary. When the water is dark, wipe the liquid through a cloth or sieve. Then, store the tonic in a bottle and to increase its durability, store it in the refrigerator (lasts 5 to 7 days).

Apply to hair 3 times a week. It can be used on dry or wet hair, and it is recommended to let it act for at least 3 hours.

The universe of beauty is quite wide and when it comes to hair, there is a wide range of possibilities. However, it is important to always be careful. Before using products or techniques, consult a dermatologist, especially in cases of problems such as excessive hair loss or dandruff.

That way, you will be able to discover the source of your problem, since it is common to associate these evils with genetic or hormonal problems. Thus, it will be possible to make an appropriate treatment.

That done, you can have the hair tonic as an ally. Always choosing the one that best fits your situation, goals and hair type.

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