Swollen abdomen: what can it be?

Once in a while it is common to feel the abdomen larger than normal, and when this happens the discomfort becomes constant. The swelling can be linked to numerous facts, and even more serious health problems.

Whether after lunch or eating some food, discomfort is often felt followed by belching and changes in the size of the belly. Despite this, food is unlikely to be the only villain in history.

What can cause it?

Eating too fast, swallowing air, having lactose intolerance, intestinal gas , constipation , consuming certain medications, weight gain, and menstruation may be responsible for the problem.

When to worry

Swelling in the abdomen can also reveal other more serious problems, such as  ovarian cyst , increased amount of bacteria in the small intestine, presence of parasites in the intestinal tract, irritable bowel syndrome or the accumulation of fluid in the abdomen region.

In the case of fluid retention, more serious complications can be caused, such as congestive kidney and heart failure, liver problems and even cancer .

What to do

Adopting some precautions can solve the problem when its cause is not serious:

  • Obese people should lose weight in a healthy way;
  • Lactose intolerants should pay attention to the food eaten;
  • The consumption of carbonated drinks must be reduced;
  • At meal time one should eat slowly.