Bulletin records more than 10,000 measles cases in Brazil

This week, the Ministry of Health (MS) updated information from state health departments on the situation of measles in the country. From the beginning of 2018, until January 8, 2019, 10,274 cases and 12 deaths were confirmed.

The biggest concern involves the regions of Amazonas and Roraima, which are facing an outbreak. There are 9,778 and 355 confirmed cases, respectively.

Isolated measles pictures were also recorded in Pará (61), Rio Grande do Sul (45), Rio de Janeiro (19), Pernambuco (4), Sergipe (4), São Paulo (3), Rondônia (2), Bahia (2) and the Federal District (1).

According to the government, the outbreaks that occurred last year are related to imports, since the virus that circulates in Brazil is the same virus that is in Venezuela, a country that has suffered from the disease since 2017.

The agency also points out that the high rates registered in Amazonas are the result of a task force carried out in Manaus, in which more than 7 thousand investigations were concluded. This means that many cases happened months before, but have only been confirmed now.

The result is worrying for public health, since the adhesion of mandatory vaccines in SUS fell due, especially, to the neglect of the population.

The drop in health posts usually happens when more than one dose of the vaccine is needed, or a reinforcement of it. Traditionally, the first dose of the triple has always had better adherence than the second.

In addition, the vaccine is the target of fake news about possible reactions in the body.

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In response to measles cases, the Ministry of Health sent 15.5 million doses of the triple viral vaccine to serve the population of the following states: Rondônia, Amazonas, Roraima, Pará, São Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul, Distrito Federal, Pernambuco and Sergipe.

The Ministry of Health continues to monitor the situation and provide support to these regions, intensifying the vaccination campaign to prevent measles.

Vaccine is the best form of prevention

The measles vaccine proves to be effective in 97% of patients, being a worldwide recommendation. In Brazil, the Brazilian Immunization Society recommends that two applications be made.

Currently, the vaccination schedule foresees that 12-month-old children will be vaccinated with a dose of the triple viral, and at 15 months of age they will receive a second dose called tetra viral, which includes immunization for measles, mumps , chickenpox and rubella .

Measles is a contagious infection that can cause serious complications, especially in children. The vaccine, offered by health centers across the country, through SUS, is the best way to fight the disease.