Runny: what can it be?

Discharge is a common problem, and can affect both men and women. It may even be related to common changes in the body or cases of sexually transmitted diseases.


Even without odor and to a lesser extent, discharge can commonly be related to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Urethritis , infections associated with the prostate and tumors are other causes of the onset of the symptom.


Countless microorganisms make up the vaginal flora. When there is an imbalance at the site, aggressive fungi and bacteria can proliferate and lead to infections.

It can happen due to a natural cycle of the organism during menstruation, however if there is pain, itching and odor the problem requires attention.

How to avoid the problem

Some precautions can be taken to prevent discharge:

  • Avoid using damp clothes, especially for long periods;
  • Do not wear pants that are too tight;
  • The use of synthetic underwear is not recommended, opting for cotton fabrics is the most suitable.

Tips for women

  • During the menstrual cycle it is important to constantly change the pad;
  • It is not recommended to sleep with tampons;
  • Have good intimate hygiene.

Heads up

Pain, itching, burning, odor and different color are some of the signs that can accompany the discharge and deserve attention. If in doubt, going to the doctor is the most recommended to diagnose the cause of the symptoms.