Suspended breast implants are reauthorized by ANVISA

Since last Thursday (21), the products used for breast implants from the company Allergan may be sold and used again in Brazil.

In December last year, the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA), published the decree RE 3.340, which prohibited the import, trade and use of the following products:

  • CUI Textured Surface Breast Implant;
  • Natrelle Textured Breast Implant;
  • BRST Textured Breast Implant;
  • Natrelle Textured Double Lumen Breast Implant.

This prohibition happened because ANVISA received a notification from the French Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM, acronym in French) about the withdrawal of this brand from the European market.

Such a measure was taken due to a suspicion of a relationship between breast implants and a type of cancer that affects the immune system, anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL).

This new release decree was published after ANVISA identified that there was no proven link between breast implants and the development of ALCL .

Surgeries with breast implants

Surgeries with breast implants are those that involve breast reconstruction or enlargement. They should only be done with a surgeon and accompanied by a team of specialists ready to work, if something goes wrong.

The placement of prostheses in the breasts can bring some risks, such as scarring, infection (if the post-operative process is not done correctly) and, in some cases, problems in the heart and lungs.

But all of this can be avoided if the surgical procedure was performed by a legal surgeon. Having previous exams can also help prevent complications.

With the release of breast implants, other plastic surgeries may be performed. It is always recommended to seek legalized professionals prepared for such procedures.

All doubts should be resolved with the doctor before performing the procedure.