Difficulty getting pregnant: what can lead to the problem

Having a child is the dream of many couples, but getting pregnant is not as easy as it seems. Many women believe that the problem is only linked to them, when in fact it can also be related to the partner. Some factors can contribute to this:



Considered allies, they can often become enemies. Some medications useful to treat certain cases, such as ulcers or high blood pressure , can harm pregnancy. Ulcer drugs tend to decrease the amount of sperm in men. High blood pressure medications, on the other hand, can compromise the capacity of the sperm, which would make it difficult to reach the egg.

The wrong time

There is really a better time for those who want to get pregnant. Choosing to have sex with the menstrual cycle is important for this process to be facilitated. Since ovulation happens about two weeks before menstruation, it is during this period that more attempts should be made.


Bad living habits also harm couples who dream of having children. Smoking, weight and alcohol are some of the main villains. Cigarettes and drinking alcohol in excess cause a decrease in eggs and sperm. The less they are consumed, the greater the chances of pregnancy.

The weight also enters the list of villains. However, different from what is imagined, it is not just its excess that can interfere with pregnancy attempts. Underweight people, as well as overweight people, may have their egg production and testosterone levels altered.

Cancer treatment

The cancer in the testicles is one of the diseases that cause fear in couples who wish to conceive, but it is not the problem itself that leads to infertility but their treatment. Strong drugs are used for long periods, which contributes to this complication.

What to do?

If the pregnancy does not occur naturally within a year, even avoiding the factors that can harm it, a visit to the doctor should be made. The cause of the problem will be diagnosed and the best treatment indicated. However, if before that the couple is suspicious of a more serious fact that leads to the problem, the doctor should be contacted even during this period.