Soon, earrings and other jewelry can prevent pregnancy

A new way to prevent pregnancy is being presented by researchers. Earrings, rings, bracelets and watches can be used together with patches that contain contraceptive hormones.

These special supports only need to be in contact with the skin for the medication to be absorbed by the body. Thus, the medicine enters the bloodstream and circulates through the body.

The main objective is to show that pregnancy control can be as simple and routine as putting on an earring or wearing a watch.

In addition, women can use this technology without anyone noticing.

Initial tests have already started to be done on ears of sows and rats.

Although no woman has used any jewelry with this patch, the researchers are confident that the amount of hormones present in this support can prevent conception.

For these first tests, an earring composed of 3 layers was used: adhesive that serves to hold the earring to the ear (similar to a screwdriver), the medicine in solid state and a second adhesive that would stick to the skin.

The adhesives are being developed in universal models of dies to be placed in various types of earring.

If used to prevent the conception of human babies, the patch will need to be changed at least once a week, experts say.

This technology is already used in other medications, such as those that prevent motion sickness, create aversion to smoking or reduce the symptoms of menopause .

Seeking to simulate the removal of the jewel while bathing or sleeping, the scientists applied the patch for 16 hours and then removed it for 8 hours and observed that hormone levels varied, being higher when the patch was placed.

This report was published in the Journal of Controlled Release. The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has already approved more research in this area.

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Birth control pills

Contraceptives are taken to prevent pregnancies, regulate the menstrual cycle, in addition to controlling some syndromes (such as polycystic ovaries).

Contraceptives should be taken under medical advice. The self-medication in this case can have consequences as: amenorrhea (absence of menstrual period), weight gain, risk of thrombosis or heart disease.

There are several compositions and brands that can be found in pharmacies. To find out which is the most suitable and what are the benefits and risks, consult a gynecologist.

Contraceptive jewelry will make life easier for many women. It is a discreet technology that will help women take care of themselves.