Cross Pilates: find out what it is and who can practice

Cross pilates is a modality of physical exercise that was created recently, with the objective of strengthening the musculature and perfecting the movements.

This modality, using equipment and bars, aims to develop the cardiorespiratory, musculoskeletal and neuromotor parts. That is, it is a union of pilates exercises with the intensity of functional training .

The classes are about 45 minutes long, being ideal to practice it at least twice a week.

The principles of cross pilates are: strength, flexibility, speed, power, balance and precision. For those who have already taken a pilates class on the device, there is not much news beyond the intensity.

The resistance work is greater in cross pilates, requiring more strength, balance and focus, but always working the body together.

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How are the exercises? Do you use a device?

To ensure the practitioner’s well-being and prevent injury, classes start with warm-up and stretching.

Among the exercises developed are lifting, squatting, running, pulling and turning, performed on devices such as cadillac , reformer , barrel and chair .

Each movement or sequence of exercises is adapted to the practitioner, taking into account his abilities and limitations. Thus, the classes aim at the progression of conditioning and performance through simple executions.

Who can practice cross pilates?

This sport can be practiced by all people, including children, pregnant women, the elderly and people with physical disabilities (such as wheelchair users). This is because each exercise is planned taking into account the objectives and needs of the practitioner.

The intensity of cross pilates exercises can vary depending on the physical preparation of the practitioner.

It is advisable to always practice cross pilates with a professional who supervises the techniques, posture, modalities and the amount of exercises that must be done in each workout.

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Cross pilates lose weight? What are the benefits of the practice?

If done correctly and combined with healthy eating, cross pilates can help with weight loss . Even if it is not exactly an aerobic activity, the intensity of the workouts and the muscular demands are high.

Thus, caloric expenditure can be high, favoring weight loss.

In addition, this sport helps in muscle definition and allows the gain of strength, agility, flexibility and endurance.

Another benefit is the prevention of heart and respiratory diseases, as it increases blood flow, improving breathing and oxygenation of the body.

This modality, as well as other physical activities, also helps to combat stress and also improves self-esteem , body knowledge, posture and socialization.

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Cross pilates is a modality that brings many benefits to practitioners, which can be all age groups.

It is advisable that the practice is supervised by a physical education or physical therapy professional. This to avoid injuries and inappropriate exercises that can harm the health and well-being of the practitioner.

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