Green banana flour: how to use and enjoy the benefits?

Taking care of food does not have to be a difficult task. There are a number of foods and products rich in vitamins and minerals that help maintain a balanced diet. In addition, they are versatile and easy to use on a daily basis.

A good example is green banana flour . Do you want to know more about this product and what are the health benefits? Follow the text below:


What is green banana flour and what is its nutritional value?

Green banana flour is produced from the fruit when it has not yet ripened. The food contains fibers, proteins , minerals and vitamins such as zinc, magnesium, manganese and potassium, in addition to having a low glycemic index. It also contains low levels of fats and sodium.

Because of its nutritional properties, it is a very nutritious food that can be indicated as a food supplement.

When the fruit has not yet ripened, its resistant starch content is even higher than in the ripe fruit. And there are several scientific researches that prove its health benefits.

Resistant starch is not digested in the stomach and goes straight to the small intestine, which increases the amount of nutrients that are absorbed by the body.

However, consumption of the fruit is difficult, as soon as its taste is quite bitter. Therefore, flour is a very interesting option.

In addition to containing resistant starch, green banana flour stands out for the amount of fiber in its composition. About two tablespoons of green banana flour, which is equivalent to 30g, contains 2.66g of fiber.

Therefore, the product can assist in the adequate intake of these nutrients, in addition to being an easy and versatile option to be consumed.

Everyone can get benefits from using the product, but consumption is especially suitable for those who have diabetes , want to lose weight, lower cholesterol, increase immunity, decrease constipation or elderly people.

In addition, there is no contraindication to the consumption of green banana flour. Only people with any type of banana allergy should not use it.

What is it for?

Rich in fiber and other nutrients, green banana flour helps in the proper functioning of the body.

Green banana flour serves as a dietary supplement and offers several health benefits, if consumed regularly.

In general, it can be used as a substitute for some refined white flours. In this way, it enriches the nutritional value of recipes.

The product is highly sought after by those who want to:

  • Improve glycemic control by introducing fiber into the diet;
  • Improve intestinal transit;
  • Consume more nutrients, such as vitamins;
  • Substitute flour in recipes and increase their nutritional value;
  • Consume more fibers, so that satiety is favored.

What are the benefits of green banana flour?

Regular consumption of green banana flour offers several health benefits. Among them, we can highlight:

Improves bowel function

Resistant starch is fermented by the bacteria found in the intestine. This helps in maintenance and intestinal health. Research shows that consuming green banana flour decreases abdominal pain and the feeling of incomplete emptying of the intestine when evacuating.

In addition, due to the large amount of fibers, it prevents constipation . But, to enjoy this benefit it is important to drink enough water to facilitate the elimination of feces.

Prevents disease

Green banana flour also helps to prevent inflammatory diseases of the digestive system and reduces the risk of intestinal colon cancer .

This is because resistant starch acts as a probiotic for intestinal and stomach bacteria. And these bacteria contribute to the health of the organs and prevent the emergence of various diseases.

It is good for those who have diabetes

Green banana flour is a low glycemic index food. Therefore, when ingested it releases little amount of glucose in the blood.

Because it is rich in fiber, it also assists in the slow release of sugars, preventing spikes in blood glucose.

Increases satiety and contributes to weight control

Resistant starch decreases the absorption time of nutrients by the body, which provides a greater feeling of satiety. When ingested, the soluble fibers form a kind of gel in the stomach. This slows gastric emptying, which increases the feeling of satiety.

In addition, it prevents the increase in ghrelin, which is considered the hunger hormone. Therefore, regular consumption is beneficial for those trying to lose weight, since it reduces the desire to eat.

Resistant starch slows down the digestion process, stays longer in the stomach and reduces food consumption, helping those who want to lose weight.

Reduces bad cholesterol

Regular consumption reduces the absorption of cholesterol by the intestine. With this, there is a decrease in the cholesterol considered bad (LDL) in the body. In excess, it is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, as it can accumulate fat in the body’s arteries and cause heart attacks or strokes.

Increases immunity

The intestine plays an important role in the defense of the organism. So, if the organ works properly, it improves immunity and decreases the risk of infections, for example.

Because it is also a source of diverse nutrients, it contributes to adequate and balanced nutrition, reflecting on immunity.

It’s gluten free

It is indicated for those who are gluten intolerant and also for those who cannot consume milk, nuts or soy.

Improves mood

As it contains potassium, fiber, minerals, tryptophan, vitamins B1, B6 and beta-carotene, green banana flour helps to combat symptoms of sadness and discouragement.

Tryptophan and vitamin B6 are important nutrients for the synthesis of serotonin , which is known as the “happiness hormone” and brings a sense of well-being. Therefore, green banana flour is indicated to relieve the symptoms of stress and also contributes to improving the quality of sleep.

How to use?

The recommended amount of consumption is about two scoops a day or 30g. It is possible to include green banana flour sprinkled on fruits, as well as shakes, juices or yogurts.

It can also be used in various recipes such as pasta, cakes, porridges, creams, cookies, muffins, hamburgers, tapioca, pancakes, cookies and pies.

Flour can be used as a substitute for ordinary flour in virtually all recipes. It has a very subtle flavor, which does not affect the taste of sweet or savory recipes.

In traditional recipes, the recommendation is to replace ordinary flour with half the green banana flour.

And the product is very affordable, as it can be purchased ready-made or prepared at home.

How to make green banana flour at home?

For homemade production, chop a dozen green bananas, place them in a pan and put them on fire. Let it toast, but be careful not to overcook and burn. Then, beat the dried bananas in a blender. It can be sieved to be even thinner.

What is the difference between green banana biomass and green banana flour?

The main difference between green banana biomass and flour is in the concentration of fibers and the form in which it is presented: the biomass is cooked and becomes a type of pulp. The flour is obtained from the drying and grinding of the pulp of the green banana.

It is worth noting that biomass loses more fibers in the pressure cooking process. But the preparations have the same nutrients and, consequently, the same benefits.

They are just different ways of presenting the green fruit.

They can replace items in recipes like oil, white flour, sour cream, mayonnaise, among other ingredients. This helps to make culinary preparations even healthier.

Taking care of food can be simpler with the choice of nutritious and practical products. For this reason, green banana flour has become popular in recent years.

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