How to lighten your armpits: know what are the possible treatments!

A very reported aesthetic problem is the appearance of dark spots in some regions of the body, such as the groin and armpits.

Usually, some people do not know what the real reason for the skin change is, so they are unable to treat it properly to even out the tone of the dermis again. But, after all, how to lighten the armpits?

Therefore, in this text, the Healthy Minute will clarify your doubts about the dark pigmentation of the armpits and what are the forms of treatment for them. Check out!


Why are the armpits dark?

Epilation with hot wax is one of the responsible for the darkening of the armpits.

In general, the armpits are dark due to some common actions of daily life, but which end up being harmful to the skin, triggering an inflammatory process that results in the darkening of the affected area.

Typically, the habits that cause inflammation are:

  • Use of tight clothing: those who wear T-shirts or very tight blouses daily , may have dark armpits, as the garment creates friction with the skin, causing irritation that, consequently, causes dark spots in the armpit region.
  • Deodorants with alcohol: people with more sensitive skin may have dark armpits due to the use of antiperspirants that contain alcohol in their formulation, since this substance, when in contact with the skin, can cause irritation.
  • Depilation with razor or wax: those who remove underarm hair using razors or through wax (especially hot) are more likely to have dark armpits, as these two methods of epilation harm the skin, which can cause folliculitis (infection at the root of the hair), which results in dark spots.
  • Incorrect hygiene: the armpit region is more susceptible to the proliferation of infectious agents, such as bacteria and fungi, so, if after the bath the area is not dried properly, this will provide the perfect environment for these microorganisms, which in turn instead, they cause stains, irritation and a bad smell in the armpits.

Therefore, to revert the situation, it is recommended to look for a professional, such as a dermatologist, who will identify which of these habits are influencing the dark pigmentation of the armpits, which can be avoided or replaced in the routine.

Can deodorant darken your armpits?

Yes, because some people are more sensitive to cosmetics, certain deodorants can trigger an inflammatory process in the skin, which results in dark pigmentation of the armpits.

Thus, it is indicated that individuals with more sensitive skin, look for alcohol-free antiperspirants in the formulation, since products containing this substance, when in contact with the armpits, cause irritation.

Therefore, it is important to give priority to the use of deodorants free of alcohol, hypoallergenic and with components that promote hydration of the skin, causing the darkening of the armpits to be avoided.

What do dermatologists recommend to lighten the armpits?

Going to a safe aesthetic clinic and having laser hair removal sessions is one of the best ways to lighten underarm spots.

The Brazilian Society of Dermatology indicates three forms of treatment considered effective to lighten the armpits, they are:


Because they contain active substances in their composition (such as ascorbic, retinoic and kojic acid), capable of promoting cell regeneration and uniform skin tone, dermocosmetics are excellent options to lighten the armpits.

It is possible to find these products in different formats, such as cream, serum, gel and lotion. The price * varies according to the components used in the formulation.

Some options are:

  • Bioderma Pigmentbio Sensitive Skin Whitening Cream (R $ 126);
  • Skinscience Derma Skin Whitener (R $ 25);
  • Tend Skin Brightoner Skin Whitening Serum (R $ 160);
  • Cicatricure Whitening Serum (R $ 60);
  • Whitening Gel for Face and Armpits Profuse Clair Concentré (R $ 140);
  • Klassis Whitener TheraSkin emulgel (R $ 110);
  • Facial Whitening Tonic Lotion Nupill Firmness Intensive Vitamin C (R $ 21).

* Prices consulted in March 2021. Prices may change.


Performed in aesthetic clinics, peeling is a way to lighten the armpits with the use of physical components, vegetables, laser beam or chemical substances, such as acids.

This method causes skin rejuvenation, by removing its outer layer, causing cell tissue renewal to occur  as a result, the dermis is firmer and more uniform.

Peeling is contraindicated for pregnant women, people who have undergone dermatological treatment in the last 6 months (such as the use of isotretinoin, for acne ) and those who use medication that can cause inflammation or hinder the reconstruction of skin tissue.

It is worth mentioning that due to the different ways of performing the peeling, which vary according to the depth (low, medium, high) and chosen method (laser, physical, chemical), it is necessary to seek a dermatologist before scheduling the treatment. to lighten the armpits.

Certain people may be more sensitive to some form of the procedure and have complications after doing it. Therefore, consult a professional to help you choose the best way to perform the peeling, to ensure that no health complications occur.

Laser waxing

Laser hair removal is also a good option for those who want to lighten their armpits since, through this method, it is possible to remove from the routine other forms of hair removal that harm the skin and end up causing darker pigmentation of the armpits – as is the case of waxing with razor, wax (hot and cold) and creams.

In addition, the laser helps to stimulate collagen production by the body, improving the firmness of the skin and toning the region.

People who have light skin and dark hair are the most benefited with laser hair removal, since the light emitted by the device is attracted by melanin (sets of compounds responsible for skin pigmentation). Therefore, the contrast caused by the light tone of the skin and the strong coloring of the hair will allow the light not to scatter, facilitating the removal completely.

Therefore, it is contraindicated to perform laser hair removal with tanned skin, since the chances of dispersing the emitted lights increase, which reduces the efficiency of the result and causes skin burns.

In addition, laser hair removal in the armpits should also not be done by those who have diseases in the region, such as ringworm, herpes and impetigo , as it can aggravate the condition.

Does bicarbonate help lighten your armpits?

There is no scientific evidence to confirm the efficiency of baking soda to lighten the armpits. However, many people report that after using the mixture with bicarbonate and water, they managed to obtain results in the process of depigmentation of the armpits.

This is explained by the fact that this aqueous solution serves as an exfoliator, which helps to remove dead skin cells, promoting lightening of the armpits.

Although the results can be satisfactory, it is necessary to be careful with the use of sodium bicarbonate, because if it is applied in high doses and frequently, for a long period, it can cause side effects, such as irritation, redness and itching.

This ends up further aggravating the underarms, which can cause other skin problems.

Therefore, to avoid unwanted effects, it is better to opt for tested and skin-lightening dermocosmetics.

Can you use lemon to lighten your armpits?

Lemon is also one of the controversial substances in relation to the underarm whitening effect. For, although many people obtain significant results using this fruit, there are disagreements regarding the safety of this resource.

The lemon contains acidic components that, when they come into contact with the skin, manage to lighten spots. However, if used in excess or applied to sensitive places, it can cause inflammation and irritation on the skin, which causes symptoms such as redness and itching.

In addition, if the individual is exposed to the sun right after the lemon is passed on the skin, a chemical reaction will occur between ascorbic and citric acid with the sun’s rays, resulting in the appearance of dark spots on the skin.

Thus, care is needed when using lemon to lighten the armpits, being more indicated the application of products that contain active substances of lemon, which act in the lightening of the skin, but that provide the effect without risks to the dermis.

Tips for clearing your armpits at home

Exfoliating and moisturizing your armpits often helps to clear your armpits and prevent future blemishes in the region.

Some tips that can be performed to lighten the armpits at home are to adopt a routine of care with the region, such as:

Cleaning – the armpits need proper hygiene daily, as it is an area susceptible to the proliferation of bacteria and fungi that cause skin diseases. Therefore, when cleaning the armpits, soap with a whitening action can be used, which in addition to helping in the prevention of diseases, helps in whitening the armpits.

Exfoliation  performing frequently (2 to 3 times a week) underarm exfoliation promotes skin tissue regeneration, causing dead cells to be removed to make room for new ones that are firmer and more uniform. Therefore, applying exfoliants based on active substances with lightening action is a good alternative to lighten the region.

Hydration  moisturizing the skin daily is also a way to soften the dark coloring of the armpits, since due to some habits such as waxing, wearing tight clothes and applying deodorants, they attack the skin and cause dark spots in the region, so replenishing nutrients important factors, such as vitamin C and A, help to reverse the situation and clear the armpits.

Sun protection – the armpits, as well as the whole body, are exposed to the sun daily, so it is also susceptible to damage caused by the incidence of sunlight in the region, such as dark spots. Therefore, applying sunscreen to the armpits helps to alleviate the harmful effects of the sun and to prevent the area from darkening.

Does laser hair removal help clear your armpits?

Yes, laser hair removal helps to lighten the armpits, as it is able to completely remove the hair from the area without causing itching, irritation and inflammation in the skin – reactions that are responsible for the darkening of the armpits.

In view of all these factors, the best option seems to be to adopt laser hair removal and eliminate the use of razors, wax or hair removal creams from the routine, since they are often the main causes of dark pigmentation of the armpits.

It is worth remembering that to obtain the desired effect it is important to choose a specialized clinic to perform the procedure.