Salicylic Acid For Warts

Warts are just benign tumors of skin cells. They are actually caused by a virus that makes the cells grow rapidly thereby resulting in the bumps you know as warts. Anybody can get warts. However a few individual are more prone to having a wart virus compared to others. These can include youth and kids, individuals who bite their fingernails or toenails or pick at hangnails etc.

Salicylic Acid for Warts

Several people find warts disgusting due to the fact that they are associated with dirt, lack of cleanliness and poor personal hygiene maintenance. On the other hand, warts usually occur to people with weak immunity, excessive hands and soles sweating or after stresses. It is quicker to get the virus which causes warts in case you have a scrape or cut on your body. This points out why a lot of kids catch warts.  There are a few different types of warts, and the type is usually determined by where it grows on the body and what it looks like. These may include; common warts, plantar (foot) warts, flat warts, Filiform warts, genital warts and senile warts. All of these are provoked by various types of the same virus except senile warts.


Techniques to get Rid of Warts

Nobody wishes to have warts on their body and if it happens, there are several options for removing them or treating them. A few are expensive and painful whilst others basically are not effective.  In addition, many of them you can safely try at home and some treatments can even give good results. But how do you know the best treatment for warts? The choice of treatment for wart depends on the type and location of the warts. Majorly the best treatment or technique to get rid of wards can only be determined by specialists. Thus, you will need to consult a specialist immediately should you have a wart that bleeds, spread rapidly, change in shape or size and became painful or causes severe discomfort.

Warts and salicylic acid are often associated, because salicylic acid is quite safe, effective to use and can be applied at home. It is a simple to use caustic substance that generally removes wart in a couple of weeks if applied regularly and properly. Though it may not work for everybody, a comprehensive review illustrated that no other method had any benefit over the utilization of salicylic acid for wart removal as it has the least of possible side effects. Hence, it is usually recommended for warts treatment. Salicylic acid wart removers are only applied topically, and it inhibits the production of sweat and sebum and likewise, eliminates the inflammatory process; this is why medicines with salicylic acid are successfully used in dermatology.

How Salicylic Acid Works

Salicylic Acid for warts

Salicylic acid works by causing keratin, which happens to be the skin protein, to soften making it much easier for the outer layers to eventually erode and fall off opening clogging pores and neutralizing bacteria within.

Removing Warts With Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid treatment methods for warts are less hurtful when compared with others however the effect of salicylic acid application on warts is common. Warts can be taken care of at home by applying salicylic acid. These remedies can be obtained without a doctor’s recommendation and it is obtainable at any pharmaceutical store. It is available in many forms such as liquid, plaster or a gel. Salicylic acid should be applied to the wart everyday and prior to its application on the effected part, make sure you soak the wart in tepid to warm water.

Shortcomings Of Treating Warts With Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is barely hurtful. Perhaps the wart or the skin around the wart starts to appear painful; it is advisable to quit treatment for a while. Furthermore, it usually takes several weeks of therapy to get positive results even though you never quit the treatment.  It is important to note that plaster should not be used to treat children.

Buying Removal Products

There are several wart removal products available in the market. However, I will recommend that you buy wart remover products that contain salicylic acid. They are great because they usually work very quickly, painless and often times remove your warts forever. Salicylic acid based for wart removal products are usually liquid based and either include a pinpoint applicator or a brush on applicator. These two application techniques are relatively convenient to use and economical. It is crucial you select a wart removal product that works and to perform the needed study before making your decision.

Wart Prevention

To inhibit warts from spreading, the following highly suggested:

  • Never pick or scrape at warts
  • Never touch other person’s wart
  • Avoid skin-to-skin contact with an infected person
  • Ensure foot wart is dry because moisture tends to allow rapid wart spread

For more resistant, stubborn and larger or deeper growths, it is advised that you visit your physician to get a more concentrated version of salicylic acid. Over the counter products may merely consist of approximately 17% salicylic acid while in contrast, doctor prescribed remedies contain at least 70%. Consequently, attempting to treat persistent warts at home with non-prescription ( OTC ) products does not at all times work effectively as they are significantly less concentrated when compared with doctor prescribed products.

Conclusively, no matter how you have removed the warts, you have to make sure you will not get them again for this is much easier than removing them. Eat proper and healthy meals to ensure you get all the needed vitamins and minerals. Good nutrition and vitamins strengthen your body immunity and this way your body can get rid of the infection easier. Also, practice good hygiene and use protective gloves when handling someone with warts.