Flat Warts – Causes, treatment and Prevention

Flat warts are tumor-like spots that appear on the surface of the skin. People call them flat because they have flat growth and resemble small nettles. Flat warts occur in adolescence and childhood, which is why they are also called juvenile warts. They appear in early age and disappear during puberty or on their own. Usually, they appear on legs, neck, face, fingers, and hands of young people.

One of the reasons for their appearance is human papilloma virus (HPV).

This virus is the reason for their appearance, but it doesn’t indicate the mandatory appearance of warts. Not all people get flat warts because of infection. Many scientists believe that immune level plays an important part in their appearance. A predisposing factor is one of the reasons for their development. For example, predisposing factors in young people could be the use of a razor for the first time, face injuries, dirty skin, and sweating.

flat warts removal and Prevention

Hormonal changes in bodies of young people can cause reduced immunity, excessive seating, pimples, excess sebum production, and other cause. They play their part in the development of HPV on the body.


Clinical Picture

Clinical Picture and signs of this disease are easy to pinpoint. They occur on the face, back of the hands, neck, and lower part of the legs. They have an oval elevation of up to 2mm above the surface of the skin and up to 3mm in diameter. The color is same as the skin; it could be pinkish or yellow-pink. Flat warts usually appear in large groups, and itching often accompanies them.

They never appear on the skin of your palms and feet soles. They never occur in people who are above 40. As we discussed above that these warts are juvenile-type, so they only appear in people who are undergoing hormonal changes. As well as in people who have HPV virus for the first time. Once your body develops immunity to this type of warts they never occur.

HPV Virus symptoms pictures

hpv symptoms pictures

pictures of warts on face and neck

Flat Warts Treatment

They disappear on their own after some time. It may take a month, or in an unusual case, it can take up to six months. If you want to remove them quickly, then there are several treatments. Here are some indications on which you should pay attention and begin treatment when they appear:

  • Flat warts grow fast
  • They multiply quickly, and they can merge into groups
  • Ulceration can appear on warts, and they can bleed
  • Warts could bleed when they have inhomogeneous color

Let’s learn how you can get rid of flat warts as soon as possible.

Flat Warts Removal on Face

If they haven’t grown in large numbers, you can just observe them for the time. If you think they are bothering and growing by each passing day, you can remove them with the help of radio waves or laser resurfacing.

Don’t use electrocoagulation or liquid nitrogen because your facial skin is thin and if you use electrocautery, scars will remain on your face for life. It is better to let them disappear by themselves instead of using methods that can cause damage to the skin.

There are some unconventional methods you can use to flat wart removal:

  1. Celandine: Tear a celandine (do it by breaking stem) and then smear yellow juice above Use this method daily twice per day until they start to disappear. If you don’t have a fresh celandine, you can soak a cotton ball with watery-infusion of dried celandine and apply.
  2. Garlic: Apply slice of garlic on the wart. Use this formula twice a day before going to bed or after work.

Treatment of flat warts on legs and hands

If warts have appeared on hands, then aggressive methods such as electrocautery or liquid nitrogen treatment can be used. Other methods that are mentioned above can also be used to get rid of them.

Children Flat Warts

Methods that are mentioned above can treat adolescents and children. Some people use celandine as a treatment but keep in consideration that it is a poisonous plant. Don’t let children ingest it, wash hands before eating.

It is recommended that you don’t use aggressive methods on children who have soft or sensitive skin. Avoid liquid nitrogen and electrocoagulation for children under 6 to 8 age because these methods can put visible scars on face or neck for a long time.

Immunity Improvement

The main reason for their appearance and development is reduced immunity, so make sure you do improvements. Here are some home remedies that could help:

  • Eleuthero-coccus: Use it twice per day – 30 drops before meal
  • Herbs Infusions: Currant leaves, red bilberry, mint, cranberry, hips, and thyme
  • Use honey–(If you aren’t allergic to it)
  • Multivitamins

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How to Prevent Flat Warts

Prevent it so that you don’t have to use aggressive flat wart removal methods . Here are some recommendations that will help you prevent flat warts:

  • Make sure you comply with rules of hygiene
  • Only use items that belong to you such as towels, slippers, etc.
  • Wearing too warm or too tight clothes can also cause flat warts
  • One of the effective ways to prevent is leading a healthy life and making sure you have a strong immune system.