Bellyache remedy: natural and pharmacy options

Being very unwell and sometimes having to run to the bathroom because of a stomachache. These episodes are familiar to almost everyone at least once in their lives.

People can have a stomach ache due to several factors, being a condition related to many health or diet problems.

To alleviate the problem immediately, many people use medicines and home recipes, but it is important to see a doctor to understand the cause and never self-medicate.

Continue to find out which bellyache remedy can help!

What causes stomach ache and diarrhea?

Belly pain can be related to bacterial and viral infections, irritations in the intestine, food intolerance or intoxication, excessive drinking of alcohol, medication and other factors.

So it is important to be aware of belly pain, realizing how often and intensity it happens, as it can be a more serious condition. Periodic examinations should also be part of the prevention of these diseases.

Within the listed causes, the person with belly pain may also have diarrhea , as some factors stimulate intestinal transit. In addition to stomach pain and diarrhea, the person may manifest symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, fever and headache , and also become quite dehydrated.

What is the best medicine for belly pain?

The best remedy for bellyache, with diarrhea or not, depends on the cause. Therefore, it is essential to consult a doctor (a), even though you know that many of the remedies are over-the-counter.

After diagnosing the cause of belly pain, the professional may prescribe remedies that fit the groups of antidiarrheals, antispasmodics, antimicrobials, anti-inflammatories and remedies with simethicone.

Reading the instructions for these medications is also important, as some are for adult use, so they should not be used in children and babies.


Antidiarrheal drugs are prescribed for patients who have stomach pain and diarrhea. There are several drugs like these available, known by trade names like Diasec , Imosec, Tiorfan and Avide .

Because they are prescription drugs, they should only be used if there is a medical prescription. In cases of intestinal bacterial infections, diarrhea is a defense reaction of the body, which serves to expel the invading microorganism.

Therefore, in these cases, the use of medications in the first days can worsen the condition. Who should check the need for use is always the doctor.


Antispasmodics are remedies indicated for people who have stomach pain and diarrhea, as they have an action that reduces intestinal cramps and the pain caused by them.

Some drugs of this kind are known by the trade names Buscopan Compound (which also has analgesic action) and Duspatalin .


The simethicone is an active principle of medicines for stomach pain caused by excess gas . Some examples of remedies like this are Luftal , Aliftal , Dulcogas , Dimetigass etc.


Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms that help regulate the intestine, contributing to the replacement of intestinal flora.

Belly pain is often caused by bacterial intestinal infections.

In such cases, the doctor may prescribe probiotics that help fight infection and help to improve the intestinal flora. Some examples are Biovicerin , Bidrilac , Flomicin and Floralon .

Intestinal anti-inflammatories

Anti-inflammatories can also be indicated for the treatment of abdominal pain, when it comes to inflammation in the walls of the intestine.

They are used specifically in more severe cases, such as in Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, so they should only be used if the doctor, after diagnosis, deems it necessary.

These drugs have active ingredients such as Mesalazine and Budesonide (in tablet form) and may be known by the trade names Entocort , Mesaneo, Asalit , Pentasa ( tablet , suppository and enema ) and Mesacol ( tablet and suppository ).

Home remedy for bellyache and diarrhea

Diarrhea is a digestive problem that can affect us a lot, even preventing it from being possible to do day to day activities normally.

It is likely that almost all people will experience this situation throughout their life, in childhood or as adults.

To help treat this problem, many people resort to the use of homemade recipes as an alternative or complement to the medicines for belly pain bought at the pharmacy.

Many of them help to relieve pain and discomfort, they are also good for replacing the loss of common fluid in a picture of diarrhea.

However, depending on the cause, the exclusive use of home remedies can be dangerous. The ideal is to always talk to a doctor and avoid overeating.

Thinking about it, we have separated some tips that can help to alleviate the pain, but that do not substitute a diagnosis with a doctor or the use of a medication.


Teas that have calming, anesthetic and digestive properties are good home remedies for those with stomach pain and diarrhea.

They help to bring a feeling of well-being and relief, in addition to helping to replenish the hydration that the body loses in cases of diarrhea. They can be indicated for adults or for children.

The most used options are boldo , chamomile and lemon balm tea .

Homemade serum

The ORS is recommended to help treat dehydration caused by diarrhea and vomiting frames. It is a mixture of water, salt and sugar, without contraindication for children or adults. Check out the step by step how to make homemade serum.

There are also ready-made serums , which can be found in pharmacies, such as Pedialyte , Sindrat Mix and Hidraplex .

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Coconut Water

Just like homemade whey, coconut water is important to replenish fluids and prevent dehydration.

Often, the person who has a stomachache and diarrhea cannot eat properly, so it is important that they, at the very least, try to replace nutrients through fluids such as coconut water.

Soluble fibers

To try to stop diarrhea, an alternative is to consume more foods rich in soluble fiber , such as wheat bran, oats, whole grain bread, unpeeled fruits, vegetables and vegetables. That’s because they can help to hold the gut. This is because they help to make the fecal cake more dense and compact.

What is the best remedy for bellyache and diarrhea?

It is always necessary to investigate the causes of bellyache and diarrhea before taking any medicine.

First, because in order to choose the right medication, you need to know the causes, otherwise there will not be the proper effect. Second, because the indiscriminate use of medications, even natural ones, can mask the real cause of belly pain, delaying diagnosis.

Therefore, it is necessary to investigate infections, intoxications or chronic diseases.

But if it is a common intestinal alteration, one can look for alternatives in good hydration, to replace the mineral salts lost by diarrhea, as well as probiotic supplements that help to replenish the intestinal flora.

There are several options for bellyache remedy, as there are also many factors that cause the problem.

Belly pain is not always accompanied by diarrhea, but it is common for these symptoms to be associated – which causes even more discomfort.

The person in this condition may be weakened, unable to perform day to day activities normally.

Therefore, it is good to know the home and medication options that exist to relieve pain and diarrhea. However, medical evaluation for the right treatment is indispensable!