Nasal spray: new type of antidepressant is approved in the USA

The depression , a disease that many call the evil of the century, affects people of all ages, making it impossible for the patient’s social life and having a good quality of life.

Diagnostics are high worldwide. It is estimated that more than 300 million people suffer from the disease according to the World Health Organization.

There are several treatments, including medicated, but the process is not always simple. The first step is to start treatments as soon as possible so that the disease does not get worse.


New medicine

The Federal Agency for the US Department of Health’s Human Resources, the FDA, published in its diary about a new antidepressant drug capable of restoring patients’ brain cells .

It is a nasal spray that, in its composition, has a fast-acting drug called esketamine.

The substance is associated with ketamine, which was already used as an anesthetic in humans and animals.

The discovery is considered a breakthrough in the fight against depression, and the drug can contribute to the patient’s condition so that it does not worsen to more advanced stages.

Rapid action against symptoms

The drug, which will be marketed under the name Spravato , is specially designed for patients who no longer react to conventional treatments .

And when compared to other drugs already used, Spravato had faster results.

The reason for this, according to one of the authors of the study, is that the drug in its new formula used by the nasal route has a more accelerated effect.

On average, commonly used drugs that are available on the market do not work for 30% to 40% of patients.

And then esketamine becomes a new hope for patients in treatment, as it acts directly on the brain, fighting more serious signs, such as suicidal thoughts.

Security measures

Although the spray is considered a revolution in the treatment of the disease, some safety measures are still necessary so that it can be used correctly.

The treatment should also only be administered with a follow-up from the doctor, who will monitor the patient throughout the treatment.

The application will be made in medical centers to avoid an excess when dosing the medication.

New treatments for depression are important to combat one of the most disabling diseases today.

Fast-acting drugs can help improve the quality of life for thousands of patients.