How to make homemade serum? Tips to not miss the recipe

Homemade serum is a mixture of water, salt and sugar that serves to combat the symptoms of dehydration caused by  diarrhea and / or vomiting. It can be used even in children and animals and is a way to avoid complications such as hyponatremia (lack of salt in the body).

Homemade Whey Recipe


  • 1L of filtered or boiled water;
  • 1 teaspoon of salt (3.5g);
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar (20g).

Preparation mode

Separate the water and add a spoonful of salt and a spoonful of sugar. Mix well until both ingredients are completely dissolved.

Dosages should be made throughout the day in small quantities . You should not take a full glass of serum at once, as you risk irritating your stomach and intestines, and have more episodes of vomiting and diarrhea.

Care during preparation

The main problem when preparing a dose of homemade whey is in mistakes made when measuring the amounts of salt and sugar. In common kitchen spoons, the amount of salt and sugar can end up varying a lot.

So, to avoid these preparation errors, there are standard spoons recommended by UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund).

These spoons can be purchased at popular pharmacies or health centers. When using them, just mix a shallow measure of salt and two shallow measures of sugar in 200mL of water for the serum to be in the correct proportions and to work more effectively, as recommended by the WHO and the Ministry of Health.

However, it is still very important to be aware of the amount of water. If you are going to use ordinary kitchen spoons, the amount of water used is 1L. If you have the UNICEF standard spoon, the amount is 200mL.

If the homemade serum is kept in a suitable container, closed and refrigerated,  its validity is 24 hours .