Dog food brands: 4 options to care and nourish

When it comes to taking good care of our puppies, there is no doubt – taking care of their food is essential.

For pets, food should be limited to feed only, as it is the most suitable food and formulated specifically for it.

So, the feed must contain all the necessary nutrients for the dog to feel satiated and well nourished.

But in addition, the taste is important. All this so that the pet has a healthier life.

However, this is where people are generally in doubt, as not everyone knows about each brand of feed.

Therefore, to help give your pet an ever healthier life, we decided to list 4 brands of dog food and talk a little about its characteristics.



Premier Pet started in 1995, when a group of people decided to set up an animal feed company. They started with research on dog food and, after 2 years, launched the first premium food on the market.

Recalling that the premium rations are a balanced type of food for the dog, which has a formulation based on chicken, sheep, turkey and also vegetable protein .

Right after that, Premier also launched rations in Super Premium versions, which are produced with 100% animal protein, providing great nutrition.

It is worth mentioning that the big difference between premium and super premium diets is in the ingredients used, and the higher the quality of the food, the better digestion and absorption of nutrients your puppy will have.

Among some options for pets are Premier Gourmet Dogs Super Premium, based on salmon and brown rice, and also the Premier Natural Selection Sweet Potato , an ingredient that favors glycemic control, providing a healthier and more balanced life.

Royal Canin

Royal Canin is an older company, founded in 1967 by veterinarian Jean Cathary in France. With that, it became one of the pioneering feed brands in the market.

She stands out for having rations that take into account the size, age and breed of the dog.

Royal Canin also produces personalized food for your pet, and based on a veterinary indication, the customer will be able to order the special food on the internet, and will receive the product at home.

In addition, a differential of the brand is that it usually produces moist feeds, which are made from small pieces of food allowed for pets, such as vegetables.

For example, the Royal Canin Mini Junior Wet Dog Food, and also the Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Cardiac Canine, specially developed for dogs with heart problems.


The Golden brand is another line of the Premier brand. It is already recognized in the national market and has a wide variety of products.

Thus, like some that we have mentioned here, Golden stands out for supplying dog food from different stages of life and also of different sizes.

It is a good source of protein, with diets usually based on meat. In addition, it has no dyes in its composition.

Golden Formula Special Chicken and Meat for adult dogs and Golden Formula Senior Mini Bits are some examples of the brand.

Special Dog

And, finally, comes Special Dog, founded in 1967. In the beginning, the company was from another branch, taking care of coffee and rice production. But since then, some changes have taken place, the main one being that the brand started producing food for dogs and cats.

Today, they have the Premium, Super Premium and Special Dog Snoopy lines, with 33 products for dogs in all.

In the part of the nutritional bases of the brand, the rations call attention for having some important assets for dogs.

For example, omega 3 and 6 (help in the muscular, cardiac and neurological systems), yucca extract (combats stool odors) and also MOS and FOS (prebiotics that help in the absorption of nutrients).

Among some of the brand’s products, the Special Dog Prime ration for Large Breed Adult Dogs and the Special Dog Premium Vegetable Ration for Adult Dogs are some of the highlights.

Choosing the pet food for your pet may not be an easy task. Therefore, it is important that you know the main brands that are on the market and, among them, find the ideal food for your best friend.