How to give medicine to a dog? Pills and liquid

Puppies, like us, can get sick or hurt themselves.

When this happens, it is common for owners to have one more concern: to give the medicine so that the little friend can get better.

This task is not always easy. But here we have put together some tips that can help when it comes to taking care of your pet’s health.

Remembering that in case of doubts, it is best to ask a veterinarian.


How to give a dog a pill?

There are several techniques to make the dog swallow the pill. One is to hide the medicine in a strong-smelling food.

For the top tip to work, the food needs to have a very strong smell (piece of fish, for example), which is capable of camouflaging the odor of the drug, as dogs have a very keen sense of smell and can perceive the presence of the medicine.

If the tablet is too big to hide, another suggestion is to follow these steps:

  1. Lift the animal’s head: this makes the owner have more control and makes it difficult for the pet to spit out the medicine;
  2. Wrap the top of his mouth with your hand, as if making a bow;
  3. Open the dog’s mouth and place the “bow hand” on the bottom of the jaw (the part where it no longer has teeth);
  4. Place the tablet as fast as you can, between the middle and the end of the tongue;
  5. Close the pet’s mouth;
  6. Keep his neck up: the movement makes it easier for the dog to swallow the pill.

It is worth mentioning that the pills should not be opened or dissolved, unless this is the veterinary recommendation.

In the pet market, there are already pills that can be crushed before being given to dogs.

If your friend is elderly, a puppy or has a hard time swallowing, talk to the vet about this possibility.

How to give medicine to a dog?

First, prepare the correct dose of the medication, without the dog being around.

With everything ready, call your pet by name and with animation. Make him think you have a surprise.

Dogs are very intelligent and can perceive the owner’s emotions: joy, sadness, anxiety , fear, etc.

Therefore, do not show insecurity or nervousness. If the owner is calm, the dog also tends to stay.

While you are medicating the dog, smile and talk to him. Act naturally and remember that medicines are necessary for your little friend’s well-being.

After your pet has taken the medicine, have a party: praise, play, pet and give him a snack. Thus, he will not be traumatized by the situation.

With applicator or syringe

The applicator and the syringe are accessories that can facilitate the application of medications in tablets or liquids.

To learn how to use them correctly, read the instructions on the label.

In general, just prepare the medication and insert the tip into the puppy’s mouth, squeezing the cannon so that the medication comes out.

Slowly place the medicine in the animal’s mouth, releasing small jets and giving it time to swallow.

With these devices, the process tends to be easier and faster. If necessary (when the dog is very large or agitated, for example), ask for help from someone else.

With muzzle

The muzzle is indicated for cases in which the dog is aggressive or tends to bite easily.

The use of this tool is indicated when the presentation of the medicine is liquid and you need an applicator or a syringe.

With snack

Giving the medicine along with a snack is one of the most recommended ways to medicate a dog.

This is because the resource facilitates administration and reduces the chances of the pet spitting the medication.

In drops

Before administering the medication, ask the veterinarian if it can be given with the food.

If the answer is positive, the best thing to do is to mix the drops of the medicine with a little wet food.

Giving the dogs medicine is a difficult task. But it is important to remember that medicines contribute to the health and well-being of pets.

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