Drug to treat postpartum depression is approved in the US

The depression postpartum is a complicated process in their native life. A series of changes occur due to the arrival of the baby, and the condition means that the woman does not feel prepared to face the routine.

Sudden changes in mood, crying spells for no reason and lack of motivation can occur. In addition, postpartum depression can disrupt the mother’s relationship with the baby, including putting the child’s integrity at risk.

And, because it is a situation in which the lives of both (mother and child) are at risk, it is necessary that there is some type of treatment that is effective to contain the disease.

But here comes the good news: the Federal Agency for the United States Department of Health and Human Services (FDA) has approved the first medication for postpartum depression.

This is Zulresso , a medicine based on a substance called allopregnanolone,  capable of intervening in the brain.

However, it will only be available in the USA, and still in a restricted health program in the country, since a safe place is needed, such as a doctor’s office and specialized clinics, for the application of the medicine to happen.

This control is necessary because one of the precautions is that the patient is monitored throughout the procedure, because if used in a particular way, there may be a risk of excessive sedation and sudden loss of consciousness.

New drug is promising in research

Zulresso, in order to be released, had to undergo two clinical studies to confirm its effectiveness.

The medication is applied intravenously, that is, through an injection into the vein, depositing the medication directly into the bloodstream.

According to the study, Zulresso proved to be superior to other medications, because after 30 days it was already possible to see an improvement in the conditions.

Conventional treatment of postpartum depression

Until then, when a woman was diagnosed with this disease, the treatment used was generally the same for other cases of depression, with common antidepressants.

And in some cases, the mother was also instructed to use these drugs along with psychotherapies, which are psychological therapies used to treat emotional problems.

The new drug can bring faster results, especially if it is combined with psychological monitoring.

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In Brazil, about 1 in 4 women suffer from this condition. In addition to medication and clinical counseling, simple measures such as support from family, partner and friends are essential for mothers.