Consumer week: date guarantees savings in medicines

A number of products are part of the routine. Soaps, perfume, shampoos or nose wipes. It’s basically the same shopping itinerary every month – or every week.

Whether in the market or in the pharmacy, there are always some products that can not be missing.

Therefore, those promotions or discounts that arise are always welcome. You can replenish the stock and prevent the product from running out before the next purchase.

The consumer week comes, every year, with this objective: to save money.

Discounts at online pharmacies reach 90%

Even drugs that do not have such a high cost, when used frequently, result in high values ​​- after all, no one likes to spend on medicine.

Therefore, in addition to looking for that cheaper pharmacy, discounts or promotions in pharmacies are always welcome.

In the week of the consumer, they are not left out and also have a reduction in value, which can reach 90%, depending on the establishment.

The tip is to keep an eye on the offers and take the opportunity to take care of your health. But it is so much establishment offering advantages that keeping an eye on everything is complicated

Therefore, resorting to platforms that search and compare prices is a simple way to save more.

The Consultations Remedies , in 2019, brings promotions in several medicines.

Pariet , Brasart BCC , Metformin hydrochloride , Rosuvastatin , Oxcarb , Infralax and Lisinopril , for example, are drugs that have more than 50% discount .

But it is not just medicines that pharmacy customers have advantages.

That’s because those darling items, such as shampoos, soaps, hygiene and wellness products also complete the list of discounts.

Among the options, there is L’Oréal Micellar Water , Pantene Micellar shampoo and conditioner kit , Cetaphil hand cream, Dermage Photoage CC sunscreen and Australian Gold sunscreen (SPF 30), which have a reduction of up to 50%.

What is consumer day?

Originally, it was supposed to be just 1 day: March 15th, the consumer’s day. But the date – created by former American President John Keneddy back in 1962 – has become more flexible over the years and, here in Brazil, lasts a whole week.

It is a kind of the famous Black Friday, in which commerce is organized to offer discounts and advantages to consumers, increasing the percentage of sales.

At the time, the then president spoke about important aspects of the celebration – after all, the consumer week cannot be just for companies to profit.

The date is designed to bring discounts and opportunities to the public, but also to encourage the exchange of information about products.

With that, even the United Nations (UN) recognized its importance.

For the public, it is an opportunity to have access to the information and actions carried out by Procons – which are consumer assistance agencies. But, of course, it is also a good time to save.

As of 2016, here in Brazil, the date has gained more visibility and it is not difficult to find companies offering advantages, promotions and benefits to customers.

And there is no rule: physical stores and e-commerces that serve the most diverse sectors are organized and prepared to serve the public.

Makeups, beauty products, medicines, perfumery, hygiene and well-being are among the options that are worth checking out during the week.

From shampoo to medicine: the consumer’s week helps in the pocket and, every year, moves the trade more.

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