Maresis: why is nasal cleanliness important?

When colds or allergies affect the body, respiratory distress soon arises with that feeling of a blocked nose – the so-called nasal congestion.

During treatment, many people are instructed to do nasal lavage, which helps to improve breathing. However, it is not only in these conditions that it is indicated: the procedure promotes cleaning and humidification of the airways. In fact, airway cleaning is extremely beneficial and simple to do, both in adults and children.

Remembering that the nose has important functions, such as filtering impurities, regulating the temperature and humidity of the inhaled air. So, taking care of the health and integrity of this structure is essential.

And, for this, the Maresis line has nasal sprays, based on sodium chloride, which help in washing the nose with more convenience and comfort.


What is Maresis?

Maresis is a nasal spray, based on sodium chloride, indicated for washing the airways, humidifying the mucous membranes and mechanically removing impurities. The product features continuous jet technology, which facilitates use and promotes more effective cleaning.

That is, instead of having to drip droplets on the nose or spray the saline, the packaging allows to regulate the jet – short or longer – by simply keeping the valve pressed.

In addition, it is simpler to handle while cleaning, since the liquid emission works regardless of the position of the package. Thus, you can apply Maresis even when the person is lying down, without affecting the output of the product.

It is possible to find two concentrations, 2% (sodium chloride) and 0.9% (sodium chloride solution).

The line has five versions: Maresis Baby (with softer jet), Maresis Traditional, Maresis Ar (more pressurized), Maresis Strong jet (indicated for post-operative) and Maresis HT (2% sodium chloride) – to meet different needs and age groups.

The nasal solution is for adult and child use, but it is necessary to take care of the valve adjustment, the number of applications and the frequency of use, as they vary according to the age of each patient – the Baby version, for example, is specially designed for little nose of the little ones.

To know how to choose the most suitable, it is essential to follow the medical or pharmaceutical guidance and read the product insert.

Since it does not contain preservatives , its frequent use is safe. In this way, it is able to remove possible particles or microorganisms that get stuck in the nasal walls, relieve the dryness of the mucosa and assist in respiratory decongestion without changing the physiological structure of the region.

That is, using continuous jet nasal sprays does not hurt!

So, it is not only when some condition causes respiratory discomfort that the internal washing of the nose is indicated, as making it part of the routine can bring numerous benefits. Among them, are the reduction of allergic attacks, rhinitis and sinusitis , prevention of respiratory infections, improvement of well-being due to humidification of the mucosa, for example.

What is the composition?

Maresis is a saline solution without preservatives and vasoconstrictor. In the formulation there is only sodium chloride and the excipients, which are monobasic sodium phosphate, sodium hydroxide and water.

It is worth keeping an eye on the medical indication, because, among the five versions of Maresis, four are isotonic (0.9% sodium chloride) and one hypertonic (2% sodium chloride).

What is the spray Maresis for?

According to the package insert, Maresis is indicated as a nasal fluidizer and decongestant for adults and children. That is, ideal to assist in respiratory well-being in flu, allergic or postoperative conditions, but also in daily life as a nasal sanitizer and humidifier.

Sodium chloride solutions are ideal for cleaning the nasal cavities, so that mechanical removal of secretion, allergens, bacteria and other particles that may be present occurs.

In this way, the product helps to:

  • Fluidize nasal secretions;
  • Decongest the airways;
  • Humidify the mucous membranes.

With this, Maresis serves to help adults and children to breathe better, promoting complete well-being on a daily basis.

What presentations are available?

All the products in the Maresis line work as continuous jets, that is, just press the valve and the product will be squirted. But there are five versions, which are adapted to the different needs of each person.

Therefore, you can find the most comfortable and effective for each picture.

For example, it is common for pediatricians to recommend nasal cleansing for children, even very young ones. And this is not always a simple task for fathers and mothers – either because of the difficulty of accommodating the little ones in a correct position for the application of the saline solution, or because of the fear that adults may have in applying it in the wrong way.

So, a package that can be handled in any position, makes it very easy to use on the little ones.

Recalling that the most appropriate choice should always be made by doctors, who will advise on the forms of use and special care. Get to know each version better:

Traditional Maresis

The traditional version of Maresis (0.9% sodium chloride) is accompanied by two nozzles (one for adult use and one for child use) and a nasal limiter. The nozzles are used to control the flow of the jet, therefore, care should always be taken when adjusting them, before applying them to children.

In addition, it comes with a support piece (nasal limiter), which can be fitted to the valve nozzle, making the application safer. It adjusts to the entrance of the nose, without the beak entering the nostrils.

Maresis Baby

Maresis Baby (0.9% sodium chloride) is a version specially developed for fathers and mothers to clean the nasal passages of children and babies more easily and carefully.

The difference with the traditional version is that Baby has the smoothest and lightest continuous jet.

The version also comes with a nasal limiter, which is very useful for young children. As the tip of the valve does not enter the nostrils, if the child moves during the application, there is no risk of injury.

Maresis Ar

Maresis Ar (0.9% sodium chloride) is also used for adults and children, but has an 18% more pressurized jet – which means greater intensity. With this, it facilitates nasal cleaning, therefore it is able to remove impurities and particles more effectively.

It is worth remembering that the nasal spray, in general, promotes the mechanical removal of mucus and particles that may be present in the nasal tract. In this way, the greater intensity of the Maresis Ar jet facilitates the process, providing a rapid improvement in breathing with fewer applications.

Maresis Jato Forte

Maresis Jato Forte (0.9% sodium chloride) is indicated for people who have had surgery on the nasal region, such as surgery to correct deviations in the nasal area.

As the product has two nozzles for adjusting the intensity and directed jet, the removal of crusts and secretions common in the postoperative period is facilitated, providing more comfort during recovery.

Maresis HT

Maresis HT is a hypertonic solution that has a concentration of 2% sodium chloride – therefore, it is more concentrated. All other versions are isotonic solutions, that is, with concentrations of 0.9% sodium chloride.

As the package insert indicates, Maresis HT is indicated to fluidize nasal secretions, decongest and humidify the nasal mucosa. It is also indicated for nasal lavage, relieving dryness.

In general, hypertonic solutions are good options for patients with some nasosinusal disease (such as allergic, medicated or atrophic rhinitis and post-nasal drip, for example) or in the postoperative period, according to medical or pharmaceutical guidance.

Why does the nose clog?

A number of conditions can cause the nose to clog, partially or completely, on one or both sides. The most frequent cause is inflammation of the mucosa that lines the nose internally. This inflammation is very common in colds and flu, sinus infections, climate changes or when inhaling irritants. That is, it is not mucus (phlegm) that causes congestion, contrary to what many people think.

To understand what, in fact, causes the nose to become clogged, it is necessary to know that nasal obstruction is a physiological defense mechanism of the body , which is activated in an attempt to prevent harmful particles or agents from invading the body and causing damage to others. airway organs, such as trachea and lungs.

Inside, the nose is full of small blood vessels. When something causes irritation in the region, these spider veins dilate, causing the volume of blood flow to be greater in the region.

This leads to an increase in the turbinates, which are spongy tissues located inside the nose. As a consequence, there is a decrease, or total obstruction, in the air passage – that is, the nose locks.

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Nasal lavage: what are the benefits?

The indication for nasal lavage is widely disseminated by specialists, as it is able to assist in good breathing.

Among the benefits are:

Promotes mechanical cleaning

Nasal hygiene is important to eliminate particles and agents that may be present, reducing the chances of the famous stuffy nose occurring.

It is also capable of preventing respiratory infections, as it helps to eliminate mucus (responsible for filtering microorganisms that can be inhaled, such as viruses). With this, it can even decrease the need to use medications to treat viral or bacterial infections.

Humidifies and provides breathing comfort

Ideal to hydrate the mucosa, using saline solution helps to reduce respiratory discomfort, especially when the climate is very dry.

People who live in very polluted environments (such as large cities), live with cigarette smoke or air conditioning also find benefits, as these are also factors that dry out the nasal mucous membranes.

Improves mucociliary function

On a daily basis, even when children or adults are healthy, the practice of cleaning the nose with sodium chloride solution can bring significant changes in general well-being, as it improves the mucociliary mechanism (responsible for the continuous removal of foreign particles to the organism by the cilia of the nasal mucosa).

With that, gradually the nose locks less, avoiding discomfort and discomfort.

Brings more well-being in general

Even the disposition can benefit from nasal washing, because the obstruction of breathing can affect sleep, causing the body to not be able to rest properly.

Over time, it is common for tiredness and headaches to arise as a result of sleepless nights.

When to do nasal wash?

It is common for nasal lavage to be remembered only when something is interfering with good breathing. But, in general, the recommendation is to make it part of the routine of care.

Therefore, it is worth talking to your doctor to assess what is the ideal frequency, as age, clinical history and even the environment can interfere with the appropriate frequency.

But if there is no specific contraindication, nasal cleaning can be done daily, about twice a day, according to the need and medical indication .

How to wash your nose with Maresis?

The Maresis, in general, comes with two valves – one for adult use and one for child use. Therefore, it is necessary to fit the correct valve, according to the need of those who will use it.

The tip of the valve should be positioned at the entrance of the nostril, without the need to insert it very deep.

The product can be used in any position, so it can be handled horizontally, vertically or tilted, so that it is more comfortable for those who are going to apply it.

If it is more comfortable for the patient, especially when it comes to children, the use of a nasal limiter that accompanies some versions of the product may be indicated. To do this, simply attach it to the tip of the valve and touch the entire surface to the edge of the nostril.

With your index finger, squeeze the valve base, releasing the jet.

It is worth noting that the Maresis is a continuous jet mechanism, so as long as the base is pressed, the jet will be released. When the valve is released, the jet ceases.

The process can be repeated according to medical advice or until there is effective hygiene.

Right after the solution is released, it may be necessary to blow your nose, helping to eliminate already fluidized secretions.

How to use Maresis Baby?

To do the nasal wash with Maresis Baby, the procedure is very similar to the other versions. The main difference is in the control of the jet.

Even though Maresis Baby has a smoother jet, care must be taken that the valve base is pressed and released more quickly (without keeping the valve pressed for many seconds), so that the jet is short .

Remember that the nasal spray can be applied with the packaging in any position, so there is no need to lift or sit the child for the nasal wash.

Can I use Maresis often?

Yea! The use of Maresis nasal spray can be done daily, and the frequency of washes will depend on the clinical condition and the age of each patient.

Maresis is ideal for washing and humidifying the nasal cavities, helping to treat any condition (such as flu, sinus infections, allergies), but also helping to maintain respiratory well-being.

In fact, nose cleaning can be adopted by people of all ages, including children. This care does not pose health risks , as long as it is done correctly and there is no specific contraindication.

It is worth remembering that the 0.9% sodium chloride solution is not the same as vasoconstrictor drops – which are also used to relieve nasal congestion.

These should only be used for the time stipulated by the doctor, under specific conditions.

Vasoconstrictive drops provide quick relief because they contain decongestant substances that constrict blood vessels, which reduces local flow and triggers the reduction of edema (swelling) of the nasal mucosa and the production of mucus.

However, continually using these medications can be harmful to your health, even leading to the reverse effect – also known as the rebound effect.

In addition, much is said about addictions to pharmacological decongestants. This is precisely because the relief is temporary, so that shortly afterwards, the difficulty in breathing returns, causing the person to use it again, more and more frequently.

The Maresis nasal sprays, on the other hand, promote a natural cleansing of the nasal region, so that there is no risk of addiction or rebound effect.

What care should I take?

It is always important to consult health experts before using any product. Thus, it is possible to obtain adequate information on forms of administration, care throughout the treatment and tips for a safe and rational use of products and medicines.

In general, people with allergies or sensitivity to the components of the formula of Maresis, should not use it. Pregnant women should always talk to health professionals and only use the product under medical prescription.

In addition, it is always necessary to evaluate the replacement of valves when the application is made in children, so that the intensity of the jet is adequate.

Also remember that in cases of pain, discomfort or persistent symptoms, it is essential to seek medical help.

It is also important to note that nasal lavage does not cause otitis , pneumonia or any damage to the internal structure of the nose . It is safe and, done correctly, has several benefits.

Price and where to buy

Maresis can be purchased at physical pharmacies or online, as well as platforms such as Consulta Remédios, which helps you find the version you need more easily.

The average price may vary depending on the location and size of the package (there are options with 100 mL and 150 mL), but in general they are:

  • Traditional Maresis : between R $ 36 and R $ 62;
  • Maresis Baby : between R $ 40 and R $ 67;
  • Maresis AR : between R $ 35 and R $ 65;
  • Maresis Jato Forte : between R $ 37 and R $ 67;
  • Maresis HT : between R $ 35 and R $ 67.

* Prices consulted in August 2020. Prices may change.

What helps in respiratory health?

Breathing well is essential for the functioning and well-being of the body as a whole. Running, playing, playing sports, sleeping and all other day-to-day activities are directly impacted by breathing.

So, to help with this, some precautions are essential. In addition to nasal washing with sodium chloride solution, it is important to:

  • Maintain good hydration : drinking plenty of fluids helps to fluidize the mucus, making it expel more easily by the body;
  • Avoid irritants : staying away from cigarette smoke, pollution and air conditioning makes a big difference in reducing nasal congestion;
  • Use humidifiers : regulating the humidity of the air eases nasal discomfort, improving breathing and avoiding a blocked nose;
  • Consult specialists : nasal congestion or frequent respiratory discomfort, which do not improve, need to be evaluated and diagnosed correctly.