High uric acid: what is the home and medication treatment?

The high uric acid , also called hyperuricemia , is a complication that causes much pain in the joints and may cause kidney until crystals.

Hyperuricemia is a major cause of gout , arthritis , osteoarthritis , kidney failure and kidney stones.

Therefore, whoever suffers from the condition, looks for various ways to alleviate the condition and its effects.

To suppress the consequences of high uric acid rates, there are several types of home and laboratory treatments that can be done. Check it out in the text below!


What to take for high uric acid?

The main drugs used to fight high uric acid are: Allopurinol , Narcaricin , Allopurinol , Litocit , Verapamil Hydrochloride , Beserol , and Tandriflan . These drugs can also be taken while treating other conditions such as gout, arthritis and other complications related to elevated uric acid.

According to the pharmaceutical Francielle Mathias, anti-inflammatory drugs do not treat high uric acid, but the consequences of the problem, such as gout and arthritis.

” In some cases, such as when the crystals are deposited in the kidneys, anti-inflammatory drugs are not indicated, because some of them have the side effect of organ damage “, he says.

Already the uricosuric drugs are prescribed to help remove uric acid from the body.

In order for these remedies to be prescribed, the doctor needs to assess each patient’s personal history.

” The use depends a lot on the cause of the increase in uric acid in each patient, as it may be that the increased excretion of this acid does not solve the problem “, he adds.

In addition, as the pharmacist says, this type of medicine can only be taken if the kidneys are healthy and functioning normally.

Therefore, it is recommended that people avoid self-medication . Medicines should only be taken after talking to a doctor or pharmacist.

Medicines for high uric acid can be prescribed by a rheumatologist.

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Can uric acid be cured?

Yes. Through treatments, such as medication and diet, it is possible to control hyperuricemia, in most cases.

It is important to remember that most conditions can be prevented, avoiding the aggravating factors of this condition, such as alcoholic beverages, caffeine, processed foods , sugars and physical inactivity.

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What is good for lowering uric acid?

The treatment for high uric acid in the body is based on a combination of 3 factors: healthy eating (to avoid ingesting purine), physical therapy to exercise the joints and remedies for pain crises. Other measures can be adopted:

Drink a lot of water

Drinking water throughout the day helps the body to eliminate uric acid from the urine, as well as facilitating the process of filtering blood through the kidneys. Between 1.5L and 2L of water per day is recommended.

Take care of the food

Foods with a lot of fluids (such as watermelon and melon) should be given priority in the diet.

Foods rich in vitamin C, such as orange, tangerine and lemon are also recommended because, in addition to containing a large amount of liquid, they help fight the purine.

Juice and teas are welcome, as long as they are natural.

Avoid industrialized foods (high in fat) and sugary drinks, for example sodas, as they can facilitate the formation of crystals in the kidneys.

Do not eat fish and dry grains (corn, rice), because they are foods rich in purine (nitrogenous bases that undergo chemical reactions and turn into uric acid).

Processed meats (sausage, pepperoni, sausage) and red meats should be consumed in the least amount possible.

Avoid beer consumption

Because of the fermentation process, beers and other alcoholic beverages are rich in purine, which help to form more uric acid.

Avoid self-medication

Some medicines make it difficult for urine to get uric acid out. Therefore, when taking any medication, seek advice from a doctor or pharmacist.

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Home treatment: is there tea or natural remedy?

Some homemade recipes can help control and treat high uric acid. But it is worth remembering that these measures only help to relieve symptoms and do not replace medical guidelines:

Diuretic teas

Teas are used to fight many diseases. Here are the main plants that, when combined with hot water, can help treat high uric acid:

  • Dandelion tea;
  • Artichoke tea;
  • Nettle tea;
  • Horsetail tea;
  • Thistle tea
  • Harpago tea.

These plants have diuretic effects (facilitate the production of urine) and facilitate the elimination of toxins from the body.


In addition to teas, juices are also great options for naturally treating high uric acid.

Here are the main flavors of juices to improve hyperuricemia:

  • Watermelon juice made with coconut water;
  • Strawberry juice with lemon;
  • Cucumber juice with carrots;
  • Orange juice with carrot;
  • Apple juice;
  • Watercress juice with beets;
  • Blueberry juice.

To increase the beneficial effect, these juices must be natural (avoid pulps and juices in powders) and must not be sweetened.

Lemon juice

One of the treatments for hyperuricemia is to drink lemon juice, preferably on an empty stomach.

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This juice can not be added with other liquids, fruits, vegetables or sweeteners and sugars.

Lemon is beneficial for the treatment of uric acid because, when it reaches the body, it becomes alkaline, that is, capable of combating weak acids.

Drinking plenty of water during the day and avoiding the consumption of red meats favors the effectiveness of this treatment.

However, this consumption should not be done without the guidance and supervision of a doctor , since ingesting excess lemon can harm the digestive system, causing gastritis and even wounds.

Apple vinegar

The substances in apple cider vinegar, such as malic acid, can help treat high uric acid and prevent crystals from forming.

For this ingredient to be more effective, just boil it before using in cooking. Thus, most of the alcohol evaporates leaving the product more appropriate for those who have hyperuricemia.

Another tip is to mix a portion of vinegar with two portions of drinking water, leaving it less concentrated and weakening the flavor.

Even with these benefits, consume apple cider vinegar sparingly, according to medical advice .

Pain compresses

Cold water compresses in the affected places, such as the joints, can also help to reduce the pain caused by excess uric acid in the body.

The treatment for high uric acid can be done in a natural and medicated way.

Risk factors, such as unhealthy eating and physical inactivity, that contribute to the appearance of this complication can be avoided.

Juices, teas and correct consumption of fruits and vegetables are homemade methods, which, together with medicines, can bring more quality of life for those who have complications such as hyperuricemia.