How to maintain weight at the end of the year? 14 tips

Every end of the year is like a ritual. That feeling that time is passing faster and faster and that it is already Christmas and New Year again …

The items on the list of promises from the other New Year’s Eve have not even been crossed out and the new goals need to be set again.

Among the goals, it is possible that there is “losing weight” or “leading a healthier life”. But, with so many parties and gatherings of that time, it seems that these tasks become an even greater challenge.

But, calm down, there is always a way to make it work!

Certainly, in a month of vacation it will not be possible to eliminate all the extra pounds accumulated throughout the year, but it is also not necessary to kick the bucket or be discouraged.

For those who want to stay steady on the diet, it is possible to enjoy the parties and eat healthily anyway.

Thinking about it, we separated some tips to eat well, while taking advantage of the moment! Just look:


1. No exaggeration at suppers!

At the time of serving during the Christmas dinner it is possible to assemble a dish in a more balanced way.

For example, turkey, one of the typical foods of the date, is lean and healthier meat, especially without the skin. It is considered a better option than pork shank, chester or tender.

Tender, for example, is processed and smoked meat, with a large amount of sodium. The chester and shank can also be avoided because they have a higher concentration of fat.

But, for those who do not give up any of these meats and still want to stay on the diet, it is essential not to forget to balance in the side dishes, choosing the less caloric options.

In the New Year, the advice is the same. Avoid the fatty meats and eat without excess.

When it comes to desserts, always choose less calorie options or eat smaller portions. In these cases, fruits are the best option to enjoy in a healthy way.

2. Don’t go to hungry parties and get togethers

You may have heard the expression “have an eye bigger than the belly” and here it can fit. Sometimes, because we are very hungry or gluttony, we end up eating much more than necessary.

So, in order not to overdo it, it is important not to go hungry to the parties, as it is common that in these circumstances people eat more than they need.

The ideal is not to skip any meal of the day or have a light snack just before going to the parties, eating a fruit, yogurt, natural sandwich or a cereal bar.

3. Watch out for the “chocolate friend”

The Secret Friend, or Hidden Friend, is a very common game during these festivities. The Amigo Chocolate is a variation in which participants exchange only chocolates or treats.

As a tip, the orientation is not to avoid participating, but to try not to eat the whole gift at once. One idea is to eat in portions or share the gift with others so as not to fall into temptation.

4. How about starting with the salad?

Whenever possible, eat a portion of salad before the main course. In addition to being healthy, due to the benefits of the ingredients, this habit provides greater satiety. So, you don’t end up overdoing heavier foods on the main course, like meats and pasta.

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5. Are you going for appetizers? Learn to choose

In meetings such as Christmas dinner and New Year’s dinner, for example, it is common for food to take longer to be served. Therefore, people usually eat some appetizers.

Some options that may be present on the table are nuts, chestnuts, almonds and candied fruits, which are more nutritious than appetizers like cheese and toast.

It is worth mentioning that even in the healthiest options it is necessary to moderate the quantity, as nuts and chestnuts, for example, are also caloric foods.

6. Make good choices at the buffet

In order not to escape from the diet, choose the foods in the buffet wisely. Do not think that by taking just a little bit of each food you will be healthier, because in the end you will have a full and caloric dish .

Also, don’t try to save the trip so you don’t repeat yourself and end up filling your plate with everything you believe you need to eat.

The first choice at the buffet is important, as there are researches that indicate that you eat more of the foods you serve first, so the ideal is to start with salads, greens and vegetables, to get more nutrients and fewer calories.

7. Panettone or chocotone can?

There is always a discussion about which would be the best in terms of flavor. The dispute, in this sense, is quite balanced. The two please many people and are stamped figurines at Christmas suppers.

But, if you are looking for calories, it is important to pay attention to the consumption of these products. Panettone, stuffed with candied fruits and raisins, in an 80g slice can have, on average, 270 calories.

As for the simple chocotone, as expected, it is more caloric. The same 80g slice can have between 300 and 340 calories. The variations of chocotone with topping or filling are even more caloric.

This considering only a slice.

For those who cannot resist just one piece, the caloric consumption is even greater and can end up hindering the diet. So it is better to consume in moderation.

8. Don’t skip meals

No matter how busy the routine or messy times of sleeping and waking up, do not skip meals, especially breakfast, when we replenish our energy to start the day.

Fasting for a long time also makes the ingested quantities much larger than they should be at the next meal.

In addition, skipping meals contributes to the metabolism becoming slower, as the body understands that it is necessary to reduce caloric expenditure since it will be for a long time without this energy replenishment.

This way, it becomes more difficult to keep the weight under control, since the metabolism is impaired and the appetite becomes irregular.

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9. Avoid ultra-processed foods

On vacation, how about venturing into the kitchen and preparing your own food? In addition to being an opportunity to bring families and friends together, this makes it easier to escape from ultra-processed foods – rich in sodium and unhealthy substances – and maintain greater control over weight.

It is that saying: peel more and unpack less. Always prefer natural juices and not boxed or powdered ones, avoid canned goods, snacks and stuffed cookies.

Whenever possible, avoid ready-made (frozen) dishes, such as nuggets, pasta and sausages, for example.

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10. Smaller dish equals less food

It may seem like a silly tip, but using a smaller plate really helps those who have difficulty reducing food portions. Consequently, it allows a lower caloric intake, when food choices are also healthy.

11. Very calm when chewing

Not only what you eat is important, but also how you eat it. This means that as fundamental as making more balanced choices is to have a leisurely meal, chewing slowly.

In addition to the well-being of enjoying the moment better and savoring food properly, chewing slowly is also good for your health, as it is in your mouth that digestion begins.

This habit interferes with satiety and also with the regulation of appetite, as there are neural connections between the taste receptors present on the tongue and the region of the brain responsible for energy control.

It is as if the message that we are already satisfied works better that way, which reflects in meals without exaggeration, different from when we barely chew food, when we usually eat much more than necessary.

12. Don’t take a vacation from exercise

If you already do some exercise or intend to start, try to make time for it during the holidays.

Practicing physical activities, even a few times a week and for 30 minutes is already a good start for those who are sedentary. For those who lead a more regulated life with exercise, the routine can continue, but with more diversified activities.

For example, when traveling to the beach, practice hiking, running, cycling or playing ball. It will be a way to keep the body moving, have fun and at the same time burn calories.

13. Get enough sleep

To make the most of their holidays, some people end up going to sleep later and reducing the hours of sleep needed for a good rest.

This habit impairs weight control because it is during sleep that our body releases fundamental hormones to regulate appetite, such as leptin and ghrelin.

They are also important for regulating the functioning of the metabolism, which helps the body to keep the caloric expenditure ingested throughout the day in order.

Adequate rest also helps us to consume a reduced amount of calories. There are studies showing that, after a shorter night’s sleep, the tendency is for people to consume up to 300 more calories than usual, choosing foods with more fat.

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Therefore, during the holidays, prioritize the quality of sleep, as it is not only in the weight that it interferes. A poor quality of sleep can interfere with our mood, memory, attention and even weakening the immune system.

14. Drink in moderation and hydrate yourself

When it comes to weight gain and vacations, food is always like the villain, but we must not forget that alcoholic beverages are also caloric and that at this time of year people tend to drink more.

Alcohol can increase appetite or even make it more difficult to maintain an adequate diet, since it is common for people to drink accompanied by snacks and even more caloric portions.

To keep your weight up to date, however, it is not necessary to cut drinks completely. It is recommended to consume less caloric options and without overdoing it .

Therefore, whenever possible, consume more “light” drinks, such as red wine, sparkling wine, gin and sake, avoiding beers or caipirinhas with too much sugar. And also remember to hydrate your body by drinking plenty of water!

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To continue maintaining a healthy diet and still enjoy all the parties, dinners and barbecues at the end of the year the keyword is balance.

Now that you know all these tips, which can be practiced all year round, just enjoy your vacation!

Thanks for reading and continue to follow our articles on food .