Products for any make: see options that can help you!

We know that the universe of makeup is so immense that it ends up generating several doubts when buying products, especially for those who are starting to venture now.

With that in mind, we’ve separated some basic item tips for any make, and also some product options that can be very versatile and pleasing! Let’s go?



The foundation evens out the skin and can help control oiliness

The foundation is the main item to start the makeup, because it leaves the skin uniform and smooth, without those undesirable spots like dark circles, blackheads and acne.

There are several types of base on the market: liquid, creamy, compact, mousse and powder. To make the best choice you need to identify your skin type.

If it is oily, the use of marks that provide a matte effect, disguising the shine of the skin, is indicated. If it is for dry skin, the chosen one should be the most moisturizing options.

Some options allow for lighter or heavier finishes, in addition to offering other benefits, such as hydration and skin protection.

Maybelline Superstay Base (SPF 19)

Made by L’oréal Paris, this is an option for those who want medium coverage, but that lasts 24 hours without the need for touch-up.

It promises high resistance against everyday adversities that can alter the fixation of makeup such as moisture, heat, sweat, touch and facial movements.

Maybelline Superstar is available in 8 shades:

  • Porcelain Ivory Light 10 ;
  • Classic Ivory Light 30 ;
  • Nude Light 50 ;
  • Classic Beige Medium 60 ;
  • Pure Beige Medium 70 ;
  • Honey Beige Medium 100 ;
  • Caramel Dark 110 ;
  • Cocoa Dark 120

The 8 shades provide a uniform skin with a matte effect, applying just one layer.

Revlon New Complexion One-Step Compact Foundation

This cosmetic has a 3 in 1 function, serving as a foundation, concealer and compact powder. What favors the production of a quick and basic makeup.

In addition, the Revlon compact foundation promises a creamy and natural long-lasting coverage. The product is available at Consulta Remédios in the following shades:

  • Natural tan ;
  • Natural beige ;
  • Sand beige .

All are manufactured by Frajo and have a sun protection factor (SPF 15).

CC Cream Vult Antipollution Base 10 in 1

Developed by Vult, this foundation promises to make facial imperfections related to skin tone less visible, due to its CC cream formula which means complete correction.

According to the brand it provides 10 benefits, which are:

  1. Matte effect;
  2. Natural cover;
  3. Disguise of imperfections;
  4. Skin with silky texture;
  5. Protects from UVA and UVB rays;
  6. Blocks damage caused by pollution;
  7. Easy application;
  8. Fast absorption;
  9. Oil free formula;
  10. Skin hydration.

It is possible to find it in 6 colors in packages of 30mL:

  • Mb06 ;
  • Mb05 ;
  • Mb04 ;
  • Mb03 ;
  • Mb02 ;
  • Mb01 .

When you choose this product, you also acquire a foundation with greater moisturizing action.

Isdin Skin Drops Fluid Foundation

The Isdin Skin Drops Fluid Base is a cosmetic indicated for those who want a fluid coverage that adapts to any type of skin.

Its texture provides a natural finish that remains for up to 12 hours on all skin types. The composition has protection against UV rays (SPF 15).

The product is available in sand and bronze colors , in 15mL packages.

Asepxia Liquid Foundation Matte Effect

If you suffer from oily and acne-prone skin, the foundation developed by Asepxia is perfect for reducing oiliness and preventing the appearance of blackheads and pimples.

In addition, it contains SPF 15 and adapts to any skin tone, ensuring a uniform makeup with velvety effect.

Liquid Paper

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The concealer helps to soften spots and dark circles, in addition to highlighting areas of the face

The concealer is also a great ally in the preparation of the skin, as it reinforces the action of the base in specific regions of the face, disguising and unifying the skin.

As well as the base, it is possible to find concealers in several versions such as liquid, cream, stick and compact.

In addition to the traditional skin color tones, there are colored concealers (green, yellow, lilac, orange, pink) that serve to cover any unwanted stains such as bruises and pimples.

The options listed are available in different presentations and colors, in addition, they are practical and easy to use, being good choices for those who want practicality.

See what the options are:

Vult Facial Concealer

Vult’s concealer is marketed as a stick, and is available in skin tones (No. 1 , 2 , 3, 4 ) and also colored tones (No. 5 , 7 , 8).

The stick version is similar to a lipstick and can be a perfect choice for those who seek practicality and want to carry the product on a daily basis, as it takes up little space in the bag.

Vult Cream Concealer

The creamy texture allows to cover all small imperfections in the skin in a natural and healthy way.

This cosmetic also provides protection against free radicals that cause damage to the skin, as it is enriched with vitamin E which has antioxidant action.

The 5 shades available by the brand are:

  • Vanilla;
  • Macadamia;
  • Nuts;
  • Salmon;
  • Honey.

Each package contains 2g.

Ruby Rose Concealer Contour fair Concealer

The versatility provided by the Ruby Rose palette is ideal to be able to disguise imperfections and highlight specific points of the face.

It has 3 light tones to be used as an illuminator and 3 more dark tones that can be used for skin contours and highlights.

The 4 available palettes are:

  • Fair ;
  • Light;
  • Medium;
  • Contour Concealer.

All colors have high pigmentation and creamy texture, ensuring good coverage.

Revlon ColorStay Concealer

Manufactured by Frajo, the Revlon concealer promises an impeccable and long-lasting finish (24 hours).

It is also able to cover all skin imperfections without leaving it with a heavy appearance and marking expression lines.

The product is sold in 6.2mL packages in the following colors:

  • Fair;
  • Light;
  • Light medium ;
  • Medium ;
  • Medium deep;
  • Deep.

It is possible to use on all skin types.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

Available in yellow , light , medium and dark shades , the Maybelline concealer provides great coverage for approximately 10 hours.

The finish is free of shine and oil, able to disguise stains and dark circles in a light way and with a natural appearance.

Compact powder

The compact powder is used to seal all previously applied products, ensuring flawless skin and increasing the durability of the base.

However, it can be used alone to cover only a few specific points in a simple and quick way.

It is possible to find it in the translucent version or with shades. So, if your intention is to buy a product (with color), the choice should be based on the skin tone.

In addition to the finish, the compact powder also reduces the excess shine and oiliness of the face and makes it difficult to transfer the makeup (as for the shirt collar).

The compact powder is usually a simple item that can easily adhere to any type of skin, being ideal for those who need something practical for the face.

In addition, there are options that, in addition to ensuring the durability of the make, also protect the face from the sun’s rays, which are harmful and can cause spots on the skin.

So some products that can be purchased are:

  • Compact Powder Tracta SPF 20 ;
  • Effaclar BB Blur La Roche-Posay SPF 25 Powder ;
  • Episol Color Compact Powder SPF 50 ;
  • Adcos Compact Powder SPF 50 ;
  • Avène Solar Compact SPF 50 ;
  • Melora Heliocare Color Compact Powder SPF 50 ;
  • Sunless Compact Powder Matte Effect SPF 50 .


To ensure that aspect of healthy skin and highlight the cheekbones, there is nothing better than using a quality blush.

When purchasing it is important to take into account your skin tone. In general, pink blush works better on light than dark skins, which in contrast are more prominent with orange or brown tones.

However, this is not a rule, to know which blush is best applied to you it is necessary to test, as the appropriate product will depend on the effect you want.

The options we recommend are easy to use and provide a very natural finish. For example:

Vult Compact Blush

With high pigmentation, this product is great to leave your face with a more ruddy tone and highlight your cheekbones.

It is possible to use it on any type of skin and have a sparkling, opaque or satin finish.

The colors available at Consulta Remédios are:

  • No. 01 sparkling ;
  • 02 subtle brightness ;
  • N ° 03 sparkling ;
  • No. 04 sparkling ;
  • No. 05 sparkling ;
  • No. 08 opaque ;
  • Opaque No. 10 ;
  • Satin No. 11 ;
  • No. 12 opaque ;
  • Opaque No. 101 ;
  • No. 102 sparkling ;
  • No. 103 sparkling ;
  • Opaque No. 104 ;
  • No. 105 opaque .

Blush Revlon Powder

This highly pigmented cosmetic has a 2 in 1 function, as well as being a blush, it can be used on the eyes as a shadow.

Among the available colors are:

  • 001 Oh, Baby! Pink
  • 003 Mauvelous
  • 006 Naughty Nude
  • 007 Melon-Drama

In addition to being versatile, it also provides a duration of up to 8 hours.

Blush Tracta HD Ultrafine

The Tracta blush gives the face a natural look, due to its smooth and ultrafine formulation. In addition, it has high pigmentation and is free of oils, promoting the matte effect.

It is available in up to 6 different shades, which are:

  • Hibiscus ;
  • Marsala ;
  • Mystic ;
  • Peach ;
  • Rose tea ;
  • Terracotta .

You can use it on any skin tone or type.

Blush Up Dailus Color

Available in several colors, this brand highlights cheekbones, and the darker versions can be useful for contouring the face.

Contouring is a makeup trick that is intended to tune, diminish, lengthen, disguise or reduce certain areas of the face.

Some of the colorings available on the Consulta Remédios platform are:

  • 02 Salmon
  • 04 Coral
  • 06 Peach go
  • 12 Chocolate
  • 14 Nude
  • 16 Earth
  • 20 Broker

Blush Fit Me Maybelline

Suitable for all skin types, the Fit Me blush promotes light and homogeneous pigmentation.

It has an ultra-fine texture, which facilitates the application and leaves the cheeks with a natural appearance. It is also oil-free and does not clog pores, making it ideal for combination and oily skin.

In addition to the colors with conventional names, there are also some very fun ones, such as:

The package contains 5g and its duration is up to 12 hours.


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Shadows highlight the eyes and can be versatile for a simple or more elaborate make-up

The shadow is a key element for those who want to increase (or decrease) the eyes and highlight the region.

It is possible to find palettes with varied colors that match all styles of make up, from the most basic and elegant to the most vibrant and creative.

Therefore, we list some products that contain colors that match each other, facilitating the application and allowing a harmonious finish.

Eyeshadow Panvel Make Up Uno

The shadow of this brand has a soft satin touch that can be used at any time of the day.

The 5 available colors ( pearl , chocolate , b r eleven , copper , black) are presented in compact and lightweight packages to be carried anywhere.

Shadow Duo Vult

This product offers two complementary colors of high intensity and velvety texture, it also provides good fixation and durability.

Altogether there are 12 versions that offer a sparkling, opaque or shiny finish. Some of the colors available on the Consultation Remedies platform are:

  • No. 01 sparkling straw and opaque champagne ;
  • No. 02 black and sparkling silver;
  • No. 04 copper and sparkling champagne ;
  • Nº 07 moss and sparkling green ;
  • No. 08 purple and sparkling pink;
  • No. 09 sparkling blue and opaque turquoise;

The brand also manufactures other products that can help increase make-up in the eye region, such as options in glitter and pigment .

Maybelline Color Sensational Duo Eyeshadow

Maybelline’s options range from the most discreet to the most vibrant, some of them are:

  • Caliente ;
  • Evening ;
  • Classic;
  • Joker;
  • Indie;
  • Magya ;
  • Differentiation;
  • Of Power.

It is possible to carry the product in the bag anywhere, as its packaging is small and practical.

Revlon ColorStay Shadow Quartet

There are 4 complementary colors that provide a complete makeup, enhancing the look for 16 hours. Among the available options are:

  • Addictive ;
  • Decadent ;
  • Luscious;
  • Siren;
  • Seductive ;
  • Inspired;
  • Moonlit ;
  • Passionate ;
  • Surreal.

Next to the packaging, there is also a brush that assists in the application of the product.

Natural Ruby Rose Eyeshadow Palette

The brand offers a palette with 12 different colors, being perfect to highlight the eye with several layers.

It is also easy to apply and adheres to all skin types, being practical and versatile!


This cosmetic also helps to enhance the eyes in a more basic and practical way, being ideal for everyday makeup.

The colors are usually more classic like black, brown and beige, however there are also more vibrant options like pink, orange, blue and purple.

Some brand options are:

The item is very versatile and can be used as a smoker and eyeliner, expanding and providing depth to the look.

Eyelash mask

The eyelash mask is indispensable to finish the make up in the eye region and guarantee a striking look.

However, if you do not like to use many products in the eye area, the eyelash mask is an excellent option to “lift your eyes” and highlight it, without needing other items such as eyeshadow or pencil.

The product is very democratic, as it meets different objectives, such as lengthening, curving, coloring or helping the lashes to have more volume. Here are some options:

Payot Mouth Lash Mask Pink

Created in partnership with the influencer Bianca Andrade, the mask is ideal for those who want elongated and voluminous lashes.

The product has a creamy texture, fluid and with high pigmentation, ensuring a uniform application over the entire length of the lashes. In addition, Boca Rosa # Meuvolumão provides resistance to moisture.

Maybelline Colossal Super Movie Mascara

The Maybelline Colossal promises 24 hour lashes with a super volume, which resists the heat, moisture and sweat.

The cosmetic is developed with super film technology, forming a film around the lashes, which is instantly removed with warm water.

The mask is also sold in waterproof and washable versions .

Revlon Mega Multiplier Eyelash Mask

In addition to providing elongated and voluminous lashes, the product also promotes hydration and protection against sunlight and pollutants.

These benefits occur due to the presence of substances such as glycerin, panthenol, vitamin E, kaolin and carnauba wax in the formulation of the cosmetic.

It is available in black color in packaging with 8.5mL.

Tracta Glamor Eyelash Mask

Available in two models that provide finishes according to your need.

The volume option, for example, provides filling and intensity to the lashes, ensuring an aspect of greater quantity and volume.

The lengthening line, on the other hand, makes the application from root to tip even and practical, resulting in longer and curved lashes.


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Lipstick transforms any make. Whether nude or more vibrant, it’s a versatile option

To complete and finish the make in an impeccable way, we have lipstick as a widely used item at the time of production, with several colors and textures available, which enhance the lips.

The options we have listed guarantee good durability and are very affordable, ideal for those who do not like to touch up several times a day.

Matte Vult Liquid Lipstick

The liquid texture favors a precise and uniform distribution on the lips, and also allows a result with intense color without drying out.

The liquid lipstick of Vult has a beveled applicator that facilitates use and ensures complete filling of the lips.

The brand also makes other lipstick lines available for purchase, such as:

  • Vult Make Up Lipstick ;
  • Vult Basic Lipstick ;
  • Vult Aquatint Liquid Lipstick ;
  • Vult Glitter Liquid Lipstick ;
  • Matte Lipstick Pencil Lip Vult 3 .

It is possible to choose between different colors and finishes.

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick

In addition to imparting intense and vibrant color to the lips, the cosmetic also provides hydration for 8 hours.

The brand promises that the product will leave the lips soft and silky to the touch with just one layer. Among the main colors available are:

  • Nº 101 walking in the clouds ;
  • No. 105 divando ;
  • No. 206 nude with grace ;
  • No. 210 luck in the game ;
  • Nº 307 I go in red ;
  • No. 401 never say never .

It is possible to find more than 30 shades that are sold in cosmetics stores or online platforms such as Consulta Remédios.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick

The product description promises a “matte effect with a creamy coating” due to the creamy and smooth texture of the cosmetic.

Another benefit of Revlon Super Lustrous is the presence of vitamins A, C and E that provides protection against free radicals, recovery of softness and hydration of the lips.

Some of the colors available in Consultation remedies are:

  • Nude attitude ;
  • Smoked peach ;
  • Superstar brown ;
  • Audacious mauve ;
  • Solit ;
  • Power move ;
  • Femme forward ;
  • Red rul world ;
  • Seductive Sienna ;
  • Really red .

There are several other color options that allow for vibrant, matte or opaque lips.

Brushes and sponges

For the application of each product there is an appropriate brush or sponge that will help you to have a makeup with the desired effect. They are different types and sizes, made with synthetic or natural material.

For a basic and complete make up, you need around 6 items, which are:

  • “Cat tongue” brush or beauty blender sponge for using the base and concealer;
  • Brush “super fluffy” to deposit the compact powder on the face;
  • Beveled brush to apply the blush;
  • Small beveled “fluffy” brush to apply and smudge the eyeshadow.

In general, fundamental brushes (and others) are sold in kits, some brands available on the Consulta Remédios platform are:

  • Macrilan Makeup Brushes Kit;
  • Zalike Makeup Brushes Kit ;
  • Kimake Makeup Brushes Kit ;
  • Jacki Design Makeup Brushes Kit .

It is important to be aware of the components present in the base, concealer, blush, etc., because the texture influences a lot when choosing the best brush.