Project provides 50% discount on medicines for the elderly

After the readjustment of medicines has a percentage set for the year 2019, a new project submitted by the Social Affairs Commission (CAS) will go to vote so that retirees and pensioners have 50% discount on the purchase of medicines.

If it is approved, it will still need a next step for it to be valid even in 2019, which is to pass analysis in the Chamber of Deputies.

According to what the project says, the reduction of up to 50% in the purchase of medicines for retirees and pensioners is a way of improving the quality of life of these people, who pay a high price for drug treatments.

Users who fit the profile of retirees or pensioners will have this discount for pharmacies that participate in the Popular Pharmacy program, maintained by the Unified Health System (SUS).

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Diseases in old age and controlled drug use

Aging can be a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases, which are those that affect the heart and blood vessels, for example, hypertension.

But several other diseases and conditions are more likely to affect the elderly, making this group, in general, a frequent consumer of medicines.

Change in the pocket

If approved, the project is of great importance for the financial conditions of the retiree and pensioner.

According to a study by the Institute for Applied Economic Research (IPEA), spending on medicines already compromises about 40% of the budget of many families.

The economy can also contribute to the purchase of healthier foods, which may also be able to prevent other diseases in the future.

The inclusion of new projects with the purpose of improving the lives of people who need to use some type of medication is important for the treatments to be maintained.