Women’s intimate health: know what’s true or myth

Among so much information, it is sometimes difficult to identify what is really true when it comes to women’s intimate health. On a daily basis, several doubts arise and, often, the way to deal with them is based on unreliable information. Knowing what is true and what is not is essential to better take care of your own health, that’s why we explain the most frequent female questions:


Wearing a wet bikini for a long time can cause discharge

Truth:  With the use of the wet part, the accumulation of fungi and bacteria can occur, which can cause vaginal discharge and itching, among other symptoms that deserve medical attention.

Tight bra can hurt

Truth:  Choosing the ideal size and model can avoid discomfort and even injuries.

Tampon can take away virginity

Myth:  It is proven that this type of absorbent does not have the power to break the hymen, so it can be used at any time in life, as long as the woman can feel comfortable with the choice.

The same absorbent can be used all day

Myth:  Regardless of the intensity of the flow, it is recommended that the change be made every four hours. Using the same absorbent for a long time can make the environment more conducive to the development of microorganisms.

Cotton panties are better

Truth:  They help to allow air to circulate in the region, which is extremely important so that fungi and bacteria do not grow there. A good tip for greater ventilation in the intimate area is to sleep without this part.

Sexual intercourse during the menstrual cycle can cause problems

Myth:  Although it is not very hygienic and uncomfortable, there are no results that prove that this act can harm a woman’s health.