Candidiasis: what is it and how to prevent it?

Itching, swelling and oozing characterize candidiasis . It is caused by a fungus already present in women and which manifests itself in specific situations, such as when immunity is low. Men can also have the fungus and pass it on to their partner. Treatment in some cases needs to be done by the couple and not just by the woman.

Candidiasis is considered an infection caused by the fungus called Candida albicans . Present in the intestinal and vaginal flora of women, it manifests itself in certain situations, such as when there is heat and humidity in the intimate region, combined with low immunity, which favor its proliferation.


Because it is already present in the body, candidiasis is not considered a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD), but it can be transmitted in the same way during sex.

In addition to the swelling in the vagina area, itching and the consistent discharge that affects the woman, there may also be pain during sexual intercourse and when urinating.

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How to prevent

Do not wear wet clothes

Summer is one of the most favorable times for candidiasis, because when going to the beach it is common to spend hours in a wet bikini, an ideal situation for the proliferation of the fungus. The use of wet clothing should also be avoided. It is necessary that the exchange of underwear is done as soon as possible.

Eat well

Low immunity is one of the factors that lead to candidiasis and food is directly associated with it. Healthy foods are already well-known, so you need to know which ones to avoid: sugar, breads and pasta are great for changing vaginal pH, which makes it more acidic, and consequently, makes the climate favorable to the fungus, so it must be avoided.

Wear cotton panties

Synthetic fabrics prevent the circulation of air in the intimate region, leaving it stuffy. Wearing cotton panties is best.

Avoid tight pants

They make the environment warmer and thus also conducive to the attack of the fungus.

In the doctor

The treatment for candidiasis consists of the use of antifungal drugs and the application of creams. Often the treatment extends to the partner, so that the disease does not come back. In these situations it is very important that the partner understands the problem and the reason for being part of this process.