Evocanil: see what pregnancy is for and what it is safe for

Getting pregnant is part of many women’s plans. Therefore, knowing about reproductive health is very important to fulfill the desire for motherhood.

Menstrual changes due to deficiencies or hormonal changes can be an obstacle to both fertilization and the continuation of pregnancy.

Having medical monitoring, carrying out tests and being attentive to the signs that the body gives are measures that help in the diagnosis of any hormonal changes. After diagnosis, treatment is simple.

One of the options is with the use of progesterone in capsules, allowing women who suffer from recurrent miscarriages or conditions associated with low hormone production to have more chances of fertilization and termination of pregnancy after using the drug.

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What is Evocanil?

Evocanil is a medicine sold in gelatin capsules, based on the active substance micronized natural progesterone, which, in the chemical formulation, is identical to the ovarian hormone.

It is only available in capsules, but can be administered in two ways, oral and vaginal. This will depend on medical advice. According to the package insert, the action is similar, but there are fewer adverse effects on vaginal administration.

Its action is fast, and right after the first hour, already in the first ingestion, there is an increase in the plasma concentration (hormonal rate in the blood) of the hormone.

The use of Evocanil is indicated for cases in which progesterone supplementation is necessary, as in cases of ovarian insufficiency or luteal insufficiency.

It is worth mentioning that it is not a contraceptive method and, therefore, does not act as a contraceptive pill.

In addition, not all abortion conditions or pregnancy difficulties can be treated with the medication, as there are several factors that may be involved in the impossibility of pregnancy.

What is Evocanil used for orally?

Evocanil, according to the package insert, can be taken as capsules, being especially indicated in the following conditions:

Progesterone deficiency-related ovulation disorders

Progesterone participates in menstrual regulation, being necessary both for the maintenance of pregnancy, if fertilization occurs, and for the flaking of the endometrium (menstruation), if it does not occur.

If there is a deficiency or low hormone production of progesterone, ovulation disorders can occur, making it difficult or preventing pregnancy. Thus, changes in the menstrual cycle, secondary amenorrhea (absence of menstruation) and benign changes in the breast may also be related to progesterone deficiency.

Luteal insufficiency

Luteal insufficiency is called when there is a decrease in the release of progesterone, necessary to enable pregnancy.

Progesterone deficiency

Progesterone deficiency can occur in the pre- menopause (phase that precedes the last menstruation). In addition, Evocanil can be used for menopausal hormone replacement (in addition to estrogen therapy).

What is Evocanil used for vaginally?

The use of pills via the vaginal route is especially recommended in cases where it is necessary to:

  • Progesterone support during ovarian failure or complete ovarian deficiency in women with decreased ovarian function (oocyte donation);
  • Supplementation of the luteal phase during in vitro fertilization cycles or ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection);
  • Supplementation of the luteal phase during spontaneous or induced cycles (use of ovulation inducers), in case of primary or secondary subfertility or infertility (difficulty in getting pregnant) particularly due to anovulation (suspension or cessation of ovulation);
  • There is a threat of early abortion or prevention of abortion due to luteal insufficiency (during the first three months of pregnancy).

The package insert also advises that the pictures mentioned as an indication for oral use can be replaced by vaginal use, aiming to reduce or minimize adverse effects. But it is always necessary to talk to the gynecology professional, evaluating the possibility of changing the use.

Symptoms of low progesterone

Progesterone rates vary during the menstrual cycle, with the hormone level initially being lower and then increasing. Therefore, hormonal dosages need to be considered according to the phase of the cycle.

It is worth mentioning that there may be very different values ​​between each woman, ranging from, in general, up to 1ng / ml at the beginning of the period and more than 10ng / ml after ovulation.

In non-pregnant women, low progesterone can cause changes in the menstrual cycle, including total absence (secondary amenorrhea), changes in weight, swelling, reduced libido and mood swings, in addition to the difficulty of getting pregnant, for those who are tempted . In pregnant women, in addition to these symptoms, there is a recurrent abortion.

Is it an injection?

No. Evocanil is a tablet medicine, which can be used both orally and vaginally (introduced into the vagina canal).

Orally, it is recommended to eat at night, away from meals, on an empty stomach. Therefore, it should be swallowed with water. Now, vaginally, the patient should insert the capsule deep into the vagina channel, according to medical guidelines.

However, there are other progesterone-based medications in the injectable presentation.

Generic Evocanil safe pregnancy?

Yes. Generic progesterone has the same indications as Evocanil and can be used, among other things, to increase hormonal rates, reducing the risk of miscarriage.

Remembering that Progesterone from Farmoquímica is the generic option of Crinone, which is the reference brand. That is, Evocanil is the similar version.

Is Evocanil useful for getting pregnant?

Evocanil is a medication used in the support or supplement of progesterone, a hormone necessary for fertilization to occur. In fact, the hormone is important before and after fertilization, helping to maintain pregnancy.

Before fertilization, progesterone prepares the endometrium, the layer that lines the uterus, so that – after fertilization – the embryo fixes itself on the uterine wall.

Then, progesterone rates increase in the woman’s body, making the pregnancy safe to continue as soon as she avoids uterine contractions (which would cause the premature elimination of the fetus, that is, an abortion).

For this reason, the use of Evocanil is indicated for women who have difficulties in getting pregnant or having a pregnancy (they suffer recurrent miscarriages).

Evocanil or Utrogestan?

Both Evocanil and Utrogestan are progesterone-based drugs, which are used for hormone supplementation or replacement. Both have similar indications and the choice must be made with the gynecologist, aiming at the best adaptation of the patient.

Side effects of Evocanil

According to the package leaflet, Evocanil can cause variable adverse effects. Not all women will experience any reactions, which can also occur at different intensities.

Among the most common are tiredness , swelling, headache , changes in weight, changes in appetite (decrease or loss), heavy vaginal bleeding (metrorrhagia), abdominal swelling and irregular menstrual period.

Soon after ingestion, between 1 and 3 hours, it is possible that drowsiness may occur.

Although less frequent, symptoms such as dizziness , mood swings (irritability), depression , nausea, breast pain, itchy skin, body pain and milk production not associated with breastfeeding can also occur .

In general, these side effects can be circumvented with a change in the form of administration of the medication or, also, in the dosage. Thus, it is possible to talk to the gynecologist to evaluate the effectiveness of using it vaginally.

Price and dosage

Evocanil can be found in physical pharmacies or consulted on online networks, such as Consulta Remédios, for the price quote. In general, the value depends on the dosage.


Evocanil 100mg can be found in boxes with 30 soft gelatin capsules, in the average amount of R $ 51 *.


Evocanil can also be found in the 200mg dosage. In this case, the drug is sold in boxes of 20 soft capsules, at an average price of R $ 70 to R $ 80 *.

* Prices consulted in November 2019. Prices may change.

Several conditions can prevent or hinder a pregnancy. Among them are deficiencies or drops in progesterone, an important hormone in the regulation of menstrual cycles, fertilization and gestational continuity.

In such cases, some medications can be very effective in solving the problem, such as Evocanil. The drug acts quickly and has shown good results for women who suffer from menstrual changes or recurrent miscarriages.

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