Understand what early menopause is and when it happens

The menopause can be considered premature when it occurs before 45 years to some experts or before 40 for others. The reasons that can stop menstruation early are diverse, involving natural or induced factors.

Among the causes of natural early menopause are genetic aspects, such as other women in the family with an early pause in reproductive age and primary ovarian failure.

For induced menopause, factors like medical treatments (like chemotherapy or radiation), ovarian surgery, cysts, autoimmune diseases and even some medications (like isotretinoin , used to reduce acne) can be the cause.

But it is not only the shorter reproduction time that early menopause causes, as the impacts of reduced estrogen production may involve a greater predisposition to late health problems, such as osteoporosis and heart disease.

The symptoms are, in general, the same as those of natural menopause, involving a menstrual irregularity, decreased blood flow and, after the bleeding stops, hot flushes, hair loss , reduced lubrication and mood changes can occur, for example. example.

Women with induced menopause, in general, have more intense and severe symptoms than those who go through the natural process.

In addition, it is necessary to highlight the emotional impact that can be generated in the patient’s life. More than the mood changes caused by hormonal fluctuations, a series of emotional aggravations can occur due to the loss of reproductive possibilities.

Young women who, even wishing to experience motherhood, but have not yet become pregnant, may suffer intense personal, family and social demands, and professional and family care and assistance are essential.

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