How to get rid of Double Chin

Okay, it’s selfie time and your pull out your camera and get ready to take the best picture of the day, but as the front camera flashes on, you see yourself in a rather unpleasant pose, and you see all of the many chins. We’ve all tried the inevitable, the cover-ups for double chins, but sometimes it seems like nothing works. Even with all of the scarves and ugly turtlenecks, we just can’t seem to delete that second chin. If this is you, then you’re in the right place.

The fat on someone’s face is directly linked to the fat all over their body, so often, if you want to lose a double chin, you need to be dedicated to losing weight all over your body. Some will say that certain people hold more water weight and more fat in their face and blame it on genetics. Though this may be faithful to an extent, you’re not doomed, and you don’t need surgeries! Those are expensive!

how to remove chin fat

So if you are dedicated to losing weight in your face, you need to do it all over your body. Here are some great tips on how to lose weight around your face and body. In this article, we have listed the things which are especially to get rid of Double Chin or to Cover it up.

Tips to Get Rid Of Double Chin

  • Chewing gum keeps you moving your facial muscles and your jaw line. This can be a great way to mindlessly ditch that chin while at work or resting.
  • Chin exercises such as tilting your head back, puckering your lips and spinning your head around the body can be great exercises.
  • Obviously, there are great routines for overall body and cardio exercises. Join and gym or get an exercise partner!
  • Limit your calorie intake and start eating healthier!

Over time, our faces start to sag and loose their elasticity. Don’t worry, this is nothing to do with you; It happens to everyone with age. There are a few ways to gain back the elasticity around your jawline and on your face.

  • Warming cocoa butter and massaging it into your face, chin and neck in the morning and the evening can be a great way to gain back elasticity.
  • Wheat germ oil also works in the same way as cocoa butter, but it works more in line with moisturising and bringing back old vitamins that are lost in your aging skin.
  • Egg white masks are also a great and inexpensive way to bring elasticity back using things you might have lying around the kitchen. Just mix egg whites, honey and warm water together and apply to the chin and neck area like a mask. Peel or wash off after 20 minutes and your skin will feel refreshed.

Tips to Cover Up Double Chin

If you feel like there is no way you can keep up with these permanent ways to keep the double chin away, or feel like your second jaw isn’t that big of a deal, but more of a nuisance, try some of these cover-up methods:

Girl watching her double chin in mirror

  • Hair Style: Changing your hairstyle can be a great way to take the emphasis off of your double chin. A long bob layered hairstyle or love waves can be an excellent technique. Chopped hair lengths, like jaw-line bobs, tend to put more emphasis on your chin.
  • MakeUp: Using makeup can be a great way to cover up a double chin by drawing attention to better areas. Contouring your jaw line will highlight the bone structure of your face and basically, make your double chin disappear beneath it.
  • Beards: If you’re a guy, and you are against the long hair or makeup, don’t fret. Beards tend to cover them up nicely. Even stubble can take the emphasis away.
  • Accessories: If you are a girl then think about your choice of jewellery and clothes. Choker necklaces and tight necklines can draw unneeded distractions to your double chin and make you feel uncomfortable. Go for loose and long necklaces and broad necklines with open chests.
  • Posture is another thing that plays into the appearance of your face. Sitting up straight and keeping your head held high will pull the pressure from your jawline up and flatten out your double chin.