The Tea Tree Oil for Hair

I am pretty sure you have seen various shampoo forms, skin creams, facial washes and lotions that contain tea tree extracts as their major ingredient. Ever thought what benefits does tea tree oil provide and why?

Tea tree oil can be used as a solution to various hair problems, which includes promotion of hair growth. It is popularly used to treat many health and beauty issues, the tea tree oil naturally soothes itches in scalps and helps in the prevention of many hair issues such as dandruff, baldness, and even head lice. Tea tree oil is an excellent alternative to artificial hair care products which mainly comprise chemical components. As a herb, it reduces hair loss and promotes hair growth.

tea tree oil for hair dandruff
The use of the tea tree oil originated from Australia; it was mainly practiced by the aborigines to cure burns, cuts and boils as an antiseptic for several years. The oil is derived from the distillation of the leaves of the Tea Tree.


Characteristics of Tea Tree Oil

You must choose such gentle products for cleansing your hair that can bring life to them and refresh the scalp. Tea tree oil is such gentle product which is not found causing any damage to the hair neither leaving any residue on the scalp. Tea tree oil has following characteristics

  • The tea tree oil is natural, gentle and thus it doesn’t have any additional chemicals.
  • It helps you to fight the harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi.
  • The tea tree oil is highly recommended to be used in order to wash the scalp because it can prevent
  • It can also help you to get rid of the dead skin and as a result, the hair growth is promoted.
  • The regular use of shampoos and conditioners can block the pores because they contain polymers and fillers. Tea tree oil helps you to unclog the pores.
  • The hairs look fresh and shiny after the application of tea tree oil.

The Vulnerable Human Hair

benefits of tea tree oil for hair
Human hair is fragile. It is vulnerable to the different dangerous environmental elements such as the smoke, sunlight, mud, smoke, the wind and different harmful chemicals too that include colors, lighteners, different hair products and many more. You must use gentle and harmless products in order to ensure the best care for your hair. Only then, it is possible for your hair to grow, remain healthy, and be damage free and resistant to breaking and thinning.

Before Tea Tree Oil

We may wash and condition our hair regularly but even then face a lot of problems like dandruff and hair fall. So, what is going wrong in our care? It is the products that are harmful and dangerous for your hair. The products that you use for keeping your hair healthy and damage-free are the real destroyers. We normally use conditioners and shampoos not knowing how much damage they can cause by their regular usage. They contain harsh and harmful chemicals which don’t nourish or invigorate your hair. Rather than making your hair stronger and healthier, they actually end up damaging them. In order to make the shampoo or conditioner appealing to the customers, the manufacturers add certain additives, polymers and fillers to them but these ingredients result in damaging the scalp and hair.

The Best Treatment

One of the best treatments that anybody can have for his scalp and hair is by using the tea tree oil. You may have tried a lot of hair treatments but the results might not be positive. If all the problems with your hair are continuous with no significant effect of your hair treatment, then you have to think of something else and tea tree oil finds the best application in this regard. This oil is equipped with miraculous antiseptic abilities and offers you a lot more advantages than the other hair treatments. This natural product is simply wonderful and offers the best care for your scalp and hair. You will never feel your decision of choosing tea tree oil as a wrong one.

Natural Contents Of Tea Tree Oil

As a product, Tea Tree oil has a lot of natural antibacterials, anti-fungal, antiseptic, anti-infection and antiviral attributes that deal with major hair related issues. It removes dead cells and helps boost the immune system to fight off infections that bring about hair losses, a matter of fact, prevents hair dandruff and lice. This oil moisturizes the hair thereby making it free from fungi and bacteria attacks and prevents the hair from getting dry to avoid the scalp getting uncomfortably itchy and the blocking of hair follicles.

Again, the Tea tree oil is an effective solution for the treatment of cradle cap for kids. It contains an anti-androgenic effect that makes it difficult for male hormones to cause loss of hair. The Tea Tree Oil is strongly recommended for dermatological and cosmetological use.

Tea Tree Oil Application

tea tree oil hair loss

By only applying the tea tree oil to the hair and gently massaging to spread down to the hair root, a lot of hair related issues are taken care of, and hair growth and blackening is achieved. For instance, tea tree oil with carrier oil processes hair growth and reduces hair loss, dandruff caused by dryness and removes hair lice. As a hair moisturizer, it adds a protective layer that is resistant to toxins and encourages the growth of the hair.

Again, the tea tree oil shampoo does the work of cleaning and as well keeping the hair oily and helps the hair to remain moisturized even in harsh weather conditions.

There is a broad range of products such as shampoos, conditioners, and other advanced products of tea tree oil that you can choose from depending on your need per time.

Here are some ways that tea tree oil application is healthy for your hair:

#1 Dandruff Cleanup

Tea tree oil has many antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic properties that allow it to remove microorganisms that create flaky skin and dandruff on your scalp. Tea tree oil also has the ability to eliminate dead cells, clear hair follicles and strengthen the immune system to help battle infections that can cause head lice and dandruff.

#2 Moisturizing

Tea tree oil moisturizes the hair and helps reduce oil on the scalp. An oily scalp can block hair follicles and prevent hair growth.

#3 Prevent Hair Product Residue

Residue from hair products such as shampoo and conditioners can build up in the scalp area and block hair from growing at a healthy rate. Tea tree oils can help prevent this residue from building on your scalp.


Thus, it is found out that tea tree oil is a highly effective product in order to treat the scalp and hair. Tea tree oil is probably the best treatment because it can treat dandruff, fungal infection, scalp concerns, split ends and the itchiness. It is best possible treatment in order to counter the bacterial and viral infections. So, nourish and moisturize your scalp and hair by using the tea tree oil.

Bottom Line:

To promote hair growth, there are different ways you can apply tea tree oil to your hair. One way is to massage the scalp with diluted tea tree oil. Since tea tree oil is strong, it is best to dilute it with a carrier oil to get all of the benefits out of it. Just add a few drops of the carrier oil in the tea tree oil, and massage the diluted oil into your scalp which you can do every day or 2-3 times a week depending on the severity of hair loss. You can also dilute the tea tree oil with olive oil for a soft and smooth finish, adding a protective layer to your hair that protects it from toxins. Just warm the olive oil up a little bit and mix it in with the tea tree oil, and massage your scalp and hair deeply for effective results. Other ways you can apply tea tree oil to your hair is to your shampoo, apple cider vinegar, jojoba oil, aloe vera, and castor oil.

You can purchase pure tea tree oil from many holistic shops, vitamin stores, and beauty and hair supply stores. By applying tea tree oil to the scalp regularly, you can keep your hair healthy and strong while stimulating hair growth and enhancing thickness and smoothness for a clean and healthy look.