Dogs can sniff out epileptic seizures, study finds

That dogs are man’s best friends is nothing new. Trained animals help people with disabilities (guide dogs), do therapy with the elderly and help children with autism and down syndrome.

Recently, research has found that dogs can also smell epileptic seizures before they happen.

Dogs are able to warn their owners so that they can prepare for the attack, avoiding falls and warning other people of the situation.

In the study, 5 sniffer dogs, of various breeds and ages, were used. 5 people with epilepsy participated in the research by providing samples containing their odors before and during an epileptic seizure.

In each test, the perfume of these pieces of clothing were placed in containers and the dogs sniffed the odors and managed to identify the crisis between 67% and 100% of the cases.

Although the results are positive, scientists recommend further studies in this area. The research was published in the journal Scientific Reports .  

Dogs are already used to “smell” diseases like some types of cancer , diabetes and kidney diseases, helping to diagnose these diseases.

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Epilepsy is a brain disorder in which neurons are disturbed causing epileptic seizures. The frequency of these attacks varies according to some factors, such as: genetics, stress and medication use.

There is no cure, but the condition can be treated with medications that lessen symptoms and attacks. For this reason, the person with epilepsy can have a normal life working and studying.

Avoiding head injuries and getting vaccinations to prevent infections are the best ways to prevent epilepsy.

Once again, dogs help improve the quality of life for humans. Take care of the pets and they will help to take care of you.