Black tea: know the benefits and if there is a contraindication

The consumption of teas has become more and more widespread, both in its medicinal and food uses.

One of them is black tea, known for having a low calorie level and contributing to the proper functioning of the body.

Keep reading and learn more about the qualities and characteristics of the drink!


What is black tea and where does it come from?

Black tea is a very popular drink because of its antioxidant properties and because it is an ally in weight loss.

The Camellia sinensis plant gives rise to white, red, black and green teas, the difference being the time of harvest, fermentation and parts used in processing (leaves, stem, roots, etc.). Black tea, in general, is produced from the older leaves of the plant.

With an Asian origin, the drink is called red tea in China, because its color is reddish.

What is the difference between black tea and green tea?

Both black tea and green tea are produced from the Camellia sinensis plant and what differentiates them is the form and period in which they are extracted.

In black tea, the leaves used are aged and undergo a fermentation process. That is, they are left exposed to oxygen, at temperatures controlled according to the objective.

In green tea, the leaves are fresh and this procedure does not occur.

Because of this fermentation, black tea undergoes greater oxidation, which makes it less antioxidant than green. In addition, it has a higher amount of caffeine in its composition, therefore, greater stimulating action.

In addition, color and taste are changed. Green tea is, in fact, greenish and its taste is more bitter. Black tea, on the other hand, has a reddish color, with a less pronounced and more woody flavor.

Despite the differences, both have similar benefits, green tea being most recommended for people with caffeine sensitivity.

Indications: what is it good for?

Black tea promotes several benefits for the quality of life of those who consume it, acting in areas such as the heart, brain, digestive system and even in improving mood.

Check out what the drink is good for:

For slimming

In addition to having only 2kcal per cup (200mL), black tea has a large amount of caffeine in its composition.

This substance accelerates the metabolism and facilitates the burning of fat, assisting in weight reduction.

In addition, the drink has antioxidant properties, which helps to decrease appetite.

However, it is important to remember that the drink will only assist in the weight loss process when combined with a balanced diet and active life.

If consumed alone, tea will not necessarily bring significant weight reduction results.

It is worth mentioning that, to keep the drink low in calories, consumption must be done without the addition of sugars.

For the mood

Black tea contains substances such as theanine – an amino acid -, which provides increased levels of serotonin and dopamine in the body, substances responsible for the feeling of well-being.

This reduces the symptoms of stress and anxiety .

To the heart

Because of the presence of polyphenols – antioxidants – in its composition, tea helps to block the oxidation of bad cholesterol (LDL), responsible for accumulating fat in the artery wall.

In addition, the caffeine present in the drink also helps in the dilation of blood vessels, helping in the prevention of heart attacks.

For the brain

Part of the brain’s degeneration process is caused by free radicals – molecules capable of causing the aging of cells in our body.

The antioxidant properties of black tea help to counteract this effect, protecting the brain from diseases like Alzheimer’s.

In addition, caffeine assists in cerebral blood flow, which stimulates attention and concentration.

For immunity

The drink also helps in improving the immune system.

The antioxidants present in its composition help to improve immunity, preventing, among other things, against colds and flu.

These substances also help to reduce the risk of developing cancerous tumors.

For the skin

Ingestion of black tea can be an ally to maintain beautiful and healthy skin.

The antioxidants present in the drink are responsible for acting against the oxidation of skin cells and fighting problems such as acne .

In addition, applying it to the skin also helps in combating oiliness. As soon as the tea is warm, it is recommended to make compresses with a cotton ball.

Leave on for a few minutes and wash your face immediately afterwards.

For the digestive system

Tea acts on the proper functioning of the digestive system, as it stimulates the production of acids that facilitate digestion.

In addition, some of its properties, such as tannin – polyphenol -, act in the relief of intestinal inflammation, preventing diarrhea symptoms and promoting the health of the organ.

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There are different presentations of black tea on the market. It can be found in leaf ( in natura ) or even in capsule. Check out the main ones:


Tea in sachets is the most common to be found. It is, together with the capsule, one of the most industrialized forms of the product, and can be found in markets or natural products houses.

Due to the industrialization process, this presentation tends to have less nutrients compared to the fresh version.


The leaf version is the most natural and healthy for preparing the drink. Found in natural products houses, the leaves release the flavor of tea with greater intensity and quality.


For those who do not have as much time to prepare the tea as an infusion, the capsules are a possibility to consume the drink quickly.

In fact, tea capsules can be found in two ways. One is the traditional one, like an oral pill, which is taken like a medicine. Its use is better for those who have difficulties in consuming the drink.

The second type is similar to espresso capsules, being used for preparation in compatible coffee makers.

They have about 2.5g each package and are ready for extraction. The version is an easy time to prepare the drink.

In powder

Powdered tea is considered to be the least efficient among the options offered.

This is because, as in the sachet version, there is a process of roasting, grinding and industrialization of the tea leaves during preparation. This causes the loss of some properties and reduces the health benefits.

What are the benefits of black tea?

There are several benefits provided by the consumption of black tea. It acts in several areas of the body such as the immune, cardiovascular and digestive systems. It is also good for the brain and helps to decrease symptoms of stress and anxiety. Check out the main benefits of the drink:

  • Prevents premature aging;
  • Speeds up metabolism;
  • Promotes a feeling of well-being;
  • Reduces bad cholesterol;
  • Improves immunity;
  • Promotes the proper functioning of the intestine.

In addition, a popular form of consumption is combined with other ingredients, which in some cases can further increase the benefits of the drink.

Some commonly used options are:

With lemon

If isolated black tea already has benefits, when combined with lemon juice, the drink brings even more health benefits.

In addition to being a fruit rich in vitamin C, lemon is a source of minerals, which helps to promote a good repair of body tissues and further strengthen the immune system.

The sum of the properties of tea and lemon also promotes the prevention of kidney stones (kidney stones).

With milk

Very well known in England, milk tea is a typical British recipe – known as English tea -, adopted by some people in Brazil.

But despite the fact that milk and black tea have health-promoting qualities, the combination of the two drinks may not be that good.

Studies show that the consumption of milk with tea decreases and may even cancel the benefits provided by tea.

This is because milk proteins join the properties of tea, neutralizing the positive effects of the infusion.

Therefore, if the intention is to take advantage of the advantages that beverages offer, it is recommended to take them in isolation

Despite this, if the goal is just to enjoy the taste, there is no harm to health.

Ice cold

Although, in general, tea is a popular hot drink, drinking it cold can be an option for those who want to drink the drink even in summer.

When preparing tea, there are no major differences. The infusion is made in hot water and the difference is that, instead of ingesting the liquid on the spot, it is necessary to let it cool.

The taste is pleasant and is a good ally to keep your body hydrated on hot days.

However, it is worth mentioning that iced tea can only be considered as a refreshment. Its medicinal properties only take effect when the liquid is ingested warm.

With cinnamon

The association with cinnamon is a good alternative for people who want to reduce weight. Cinnamon is a thermogenic food – capable of increasing the body’s caloric expenditure.

This property, added to the metabolic increase capacity of black tea, can enable weight loss.

However, it is important to remember that significant weight loss only happens when there is a healthy diet and physical exercise.

Does black tea have caffeine?

-Yeah . Black tea has a large amount of caffeine in its composition, ranging from 30mg to 70mg every 200mL, depending on the infusion time – the longer the infusion period, the greater the amount of caffeine released by the tea.

Especially when compared to coffee, the most popular source of caffeine, it is possible to notice the high level of the substance in tea, since a cup of coffee (200mL) has between 80mg and 100mg.

Is black tea bad?

Black tea does not hurt, as long as it is consumed in moderation. The recommended is the consumption of a maximum of 3 cups per day.

More than that, the drink can cause some harm to health.

Due to its high concentration of caffeine, excessive intake can cause:

  • Increased blood pressure;
  • Headache;
  • Insomnia;
  • Anxiety;
  • Variations in heart rate;
  • Gastric changes.

Therefore, when consuming it is always worth moderating to enjoy tea in a healthy way.

Contraindications: who can’t take it?

Tea consumption is not indicated for pregnant and breastfeeding women and also for people with gastric problems, hypertension and insomnia .

Because of its substances and the amount of caffeine, tea can intensely stimulate the nervous system, negatively affecting health and causing symptoms of anxiety, increased blood pressure and even tachycardia.

Price and where to buy

Black tea can be found in several establishments and, depending on its presentation, the price may vary.

In general, tea sold in sachets is the most affordable option, and can be found in markets between R $ 3 and R $ 10, depending on the number of sachets.

Among the options are Sanitas black tea, sachet, 15 units and Sanitas black tea and cinnamon, sachet, 15 units .

The capsules can also be found in markets and cost between R $ 10 and R $ 20.

Finally, bulk sheets are available at health food stores and are priced at approximately R $ 6 per 100g.

Black tea has become increasingly popular because of its characteristic flavor and aid in weight loss.

It can be found in various forms such as capsules, sachet and powder, bringing several benefits to the health of those who consume it.

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