Aspirin helps the body fight tuberculosis, says study

The bacterium responsible for causing tuberculosis “hijacks” the platelets of the blood clotting system to weaken the immune system.

But research found that Aspirin prevented this “hijacking”. It was also found that with the aid of the medication, the body fought the disease more efficiently. The study was done by the Centenary Institute in Sydney, Australia.

With this result, the researchers believe that Aspirin can be prescribed for patients with the disease, even if in a serious condition.

The study was done on fish that had tuberculosis. Scientists have noticed the clot buildup, caused by platelets, in places of major infection.

The research was done on fish because the researchers believe that the organism of these animals allows to monitor in real time the reaction of Aspirin.

Understand tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that attacks the lung in 85% of cases.

The main symptoms of tuberculosis are: cough for more than two weeks, high fever , tiredness , chest pain and poor appetite. The diagnosis is made by radiography of the lung and other tests that can be ordered by the doctor.

Although the disease can manifest itself in any age group, children, the elderly, pregnant women and people with low immunity are among the most prone to the tuberculosis bacteria.

The vaccine that protects against this disease (BCG) is available free of charge to newborn babies in Basic Health Units.

If it is not diagnosed in advance and treated correctly, tuberculosis can kill. So, in case of suspicion, go to the doctor.

Tuberculosis can lead to death. But with the discovery of the action of Aspirin, other forms of treatment and prevention of the disease can be discovered.