Active mind: synonymous with healthy aging, says study

When we think about aging, people are generally concerned with problems that appear at this stage of life, such as memory loss and also body aches.

Although we cannot deny that, with advances in age, we are more vulnerable to cardiovascular, mental and joint diseases, it is possible to age in a healthy way.

For this, it is also important to add, in the routine, activities not only beneficial to the body, but also to the mind, in order to exercise the brain region.

Based on this, a new study carried out at the University of Alberta, Canada, and published in the journal Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease , has separated some ways that help to keep active memory.

Research has shown that these measures, and others that help keep memory up to date, can decrease the risks of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s.

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How to keep a healthy memory?

Routines and health status of the elderly were analyzed. Through the study, it was possible to see that the participants considered healthier (physically and cognitively) had some habits in common.

Among the activities, they performed one that involved the cognitive part of the brain or that promoted social interaction.

For example, learning a new language, using the computer and maintaining relationships with friends and family in harmonious environments.

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For those considered to have some kind of regression in memory, the researchers observed that these activities were less common and that, along with cognitive decline, there was a reduction or limitation of motor activities as well (for example, walking more slowly).

These data reinforce that maintaining mental and physical activities throughout life leads to healthier aging.

We are no longer in a time when old age is synonymous with disease. It is increasingly observed that combining physical and mental activities contributes to healthy aging.

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