Tantric massage: know the practice and what the indications

Tantric massage is an ancient modality that aims to expand consciousness through the manipulation of body movements.

However, over the years, massage has had its fundamentals and objectives distorted, being associated with an erotic practice and often confused with a type of sexual intercourse.

Contrary to what many people think, the practice has nothing to do with eroticism and there is no sex between the masseuse and the client. In fact, the person who performs the massage remains dressed for the entire session, in an environment of respect and professionalism.

What is Tantric Massage?

Tantric massage is a therapeutic practice with origins in Tantra, a behavioral philosophy originating in India, which has as one of its characteristics the stimulus to self-knowledge.

One of its main objectives is to reshape the idea that people have in relation to pleasure, making them understand that this sensation is in the whole body and not only in Organs sexual organs.

For this, the massage has light and soft touches made with the fingertips on the skin, in order to stimulate the sensory channels of the whole body and distribute the accumulated energy in the regions considered sexual.

The procedure can be done by anyone (of legal age), from those who seek an expansion of their sensitivity, to those who have some type of sexual block, for example.

In these cases, massage has an even more therapeutic bias, helping to understand and treat triggers that activate past blocks and traumas, whether emotional or physical.

Dysfunctions such as premature ejaculation and vaginismus can also have an alternative therapy in tantric massage, helping to treat these problems.

The massage is usually performed in levels, which can be done in the same session or not, according to the person’s opening. In general, each session lasts between 1 and 2 hours.

What does Tantra Mean?

The word tantra is originally from Sanskrit and has different meanings, including: web, fabric and weave. In general, the word conveys the sense of interconnection and connection between human energies, resulting in an expansion of consciousness and liberation.

Tantra is a type of philosophy based on a set of teachings and techniques for a holistic understanding of the universe, that is, a systemic view of the whole.

This type of philosophy believes that the enlightenment of the human being occurs through his own body and, thus, aims to unite the physical and the spiritual in the very being.

For this, it has several mechanisms such as meditations, special food and also massages.

What is tantric massage for?

Tantric massage works the physical, mental and spiritual of a person through the body, reconnecting these 3 fronts. Thus, it serves to assist in various healings of both the mind and the body.

In general, it serves:

To mind

Psychological issues can greatly interfere with a person’s life. Whether in the way it relates or in its actions, the mentality is always represented in some way.

Sexuality is no different. A person’s mental health status can directly affect their sex life.

Thus, tantric massage can help treat different issues that hinder the client’s relationships.

In matters related to the mind, tantric massage serves to, among others:

Treat sexual blockages

Old traumas or even sexual abuse suffered in the past can awaken blockages in a person, preventing him from enjoying his sex life and relationships as well.

Tantric massage allows you to release repressed energies in the body, which often harbor memories and experiences. Therefore, it is very common for the client to have sensations such as crying or intense laughter during a session.

The procedure helps to reframe touch to the body and eliminate both conscious and unconscious blocks of the mind.

Raise self-esteem

Tantric massage can be beneficial in increasing self – esteem . This, because it gives awareness of what a person can provide for himself. There is also the understanding that a person is responsible for the things he feels and stops feeling.

In this way, the procedure usually provokes a feeling of empowerment and control over one’s own life, helping people to accept themselves as they are.

Thus, the sessions help to reduce insecurities related to the body itself, helping to improve relationships and increase self-esteem.

Stimulates libido

Lack of interest in sex can affect many people. Whether for physical or psychological reasons, such as stress and anxiety , the decrease in libido has a source and it is important to identify it.

Often, losing sexual desire comes from the relationship that the person has with himself, such as the lack of affection for himself, due to problems related to the body, for example.

Thus, it is common for people who suffer from the problem to end up lacking affection, but not the sexual act itself.

In these cases, massage can be an ally, as it helps to redefine the concepts of sexuality and raise the level of self-knowledge.

Thus, the person understands that sex is not just the act of copulation for the relief of physical needs, but rather a relationship of love and affection that has its peak in sex.

On the other hand, the touch provided by massage awakens and raises the sensitivity of the entire body, which can also help increase libido.

For the body

The body is a fundamental part of tantric philosophy, being a source of knowledge and awareness. Thus, tantric massage helps to awaken people’s understanding for all the pleasure that its structure can provide.

Related to the body, the main points that tantric massage serves are:

Intensify orgasmic potential

Since the beginning of sexual life, it is common for people to learn that pleasure is directly related and only to the genitals. With that, they have the idea that the orgasm is reached during the stimulation to these organs.

Massage aims to reshape that thought, presenting the idea that the whole body is orgasmic, that is, capable of producing feelings of pleasure to the person.

Thus, the procedure, especially with the sensitive technique – subtle touches with the fingertips -, seeks to demonstrate that even touching the skin is capable of awakening an orgasm.

With this, it aims to distribute the energies of orgasm throughout the body, intensifying its sensation, since it is felt in the whole structure of the person and not only in the genitals.

The massage also aims to work on constancy, so that there is not only a peak of rapid pleasure and its decrease immediately afterwards as in common sex, but prolonged sensations, and there may even be the presence of multiple orgasms.

Treat sexual dysfunctions

Sexual dysfunctions such as premature ejaculation, impotence and vaginismus are common conditions between men and women. There are different causes for these problems, which can be physical or psychological.

Tantric massage can be a therapeutic alternative in some cases. In addition to working on emotional issues such as anxiety control, the procedure acts to strengthen the muscles of the genitals, which helps to maintain the erection for a longer time, for example.

Awakening dormant sensory regions

Tantric massage aims to make subtle touches throughout the body, making movements in parts that are not usually explored in common massages, such as in some points of the leg and arms, for example.

With this, it is possible to discover new points of pleasure, which were hitherto forgotten or even unknown by the person.

How does it work?

Tantric massage has the characteristic of making light and smooth gliding movements throughout the body, done with the fingertips.

Previously, the place where the massage is performed is completely prepared, with low lighting, aromatherapy – use of essential oils as aromatizers – and calm music.

The session usually starts with anamnesis , that is, a quick conversation with the therapist about past sexual experiences and possible traumas that the person who will receive the massage may have, trying to understand what the purpose of the procedure is.

Soon after, the person is placed face down on a mat or mat, where the massage is done.

There are different levels of tantric massage, which can be applied in the same session or not, depending on the client’s opening.

It is also worth mentioning that there may be variations in the execution or nomenclature of the levels according to the establishment in which it is performed, however, generally the steps are similar.


The first level of tantric massage is called sensitive and, in general, the whole session is based on this type of movement.

The therapist usually initiates the procedure with the client face down and performs very subtle touches throughout the skin, from the neck to the feet.

Soon after, the person is placed on his side and the same movements are performed. After both sides of the body have received the massage, the client is placed face up and the touches continue in the same way.

It is worth mentioning that in sensitive massage there is no direct touch on the genitals, only in close regions, such as the thigh, for example.

This step aims to stimulate the sensory of the whole body and awaken the nervous system, so that the person can enjoy the sensations that the touch on the skin can provide.

In addition, it is a way to rediscover new erogenous zones – regions where touch can cause excitement – existing, in addition to just the genital region.

Total ecstasy

The phase called generally total ecstasy is the second level of massage and is done, in general, when the person is already aware of the sensations that the other regions of his body can provide.

In this stage, the sensitive massage continues to be performed, however, the first direct touches to the genitals are also performed, in a gentle and delicate way.

It is worth mentioning that the movement performed on the genitals is not related to the practice of masturbation. Its purpose is to reconnect the pleasure of the genitals to the rest of the body, expanding the energy coming from these organs.

Yoni and Lingam massage

After total Ecstasy, the so-called Yoni and Lingam massage can be performed, which have a greater focus on Organs genitals, always with the person’s consent in relation to the regions that may or may not be touched.

Yoni and Lingam are Sanskrit words and mean, respectively, vagina and penis. This step aims to tone the muscles of these organs, so that there is an intensification of orgastic power and even the possibility of multiple orgasms.

In the case of men, this strengthening can also help in erectile dysfunction problems , as it can help to keep the erection active for longer.

The massage is performed with touches different from those performed in masturbation, having no relation to the practice. In general, the procedure aims to present the body with new stimuli, different from those achieved with sex.

It is worth mentioning that, in general, all the massage of this level is done with the therapist wearing gloves and, thus, there is not necessarily direct contact between the professional’s skin and the client’s genitals.

Benefits of doing tantric massage

Tantric massage is a modality that can provide different benefits for those who practice it. From increased self-esteem, increased libido and self-knowledge, to help in the treatment of traumas related to sexual abuse.

Among the main benefits of massage are:

Redistributes and balances the body’s energies

One of the goals of tantric massage is to redistribute the sexual energies of the body. In this way, the energy coming from orgasm, called the orgasmic sensation, is decentralized from Organs genitals and expanded to other regions through massage.

This is due to the stimulation of nerve endings that occur during touch to the skin, causing an increase in sensitivity and elimination of tensions, which allow the fluidity of orgasmic energy and released hormones.

In this way, the procedure resignifies the relationship that the person has with their own sexuality, helping them in the perception of pleasure throughout the body, from the feet to the head, and not just in a certain region.

Helps reduce anxiety and stress

Symptoms of anxiety and stress can be reduced by performing the massage. This is because during the technique there is the release of hormones such as Serotonin and Oxytocin, responsible for maintaining mood and happiness.

In addition, the procedure works to control breathing, which helps to reduce the manifestations of anxiety and helps the person to focus only on the moment they are living and the sensations they are feeling.

Reduces body tensions

Like other massages, tantric provides muscle relaxation during and after its execution. The technique foresees to undo tension points so that its energy can circulate freely through the body, without obstacles.

Thus, there is a decrease in manifestations caused by excessive stress, for example.

Help in the treatment of vaginismus

Vaginismus is a condition in which women experience pain during intercourse. This occurs when there is an involuntary contraction of the vaginal muscles, causing strong discomfort during penetration.

The condition can be caused by several factors, including excessive fear and stress. When the problem has this origin, tantric massage can help to improve it.

This, because the technique can act emotionally, helping to eliminate fears and stress, and also physically, in muscle relaxation and reduction of the reflex that causes the spasms and involuntary contractions of the muscles.

Helps combat premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a dysfunction that occurs in male people, when there is ejaculation very quickly, right after the beginning of penetration or even before the act, without the man being able to control it.

In some cases, this condition is caused by psychosomatic problems, that is, emotional conditions that are reflected in the body. In such cases, massage can be a good aid in combating dysfunction.

The technique works with sensory perceptions in relation to touch, taking the focus away from the pleasure of the genitalia and distributing it throughout the body. Thus, the sensitivity is increased and the person is able to express the sensations felt also in other parts and not only in the genital region.

Another important point is the work done in relation to the control of breathing. With this it is possible to combat symptoms of anxiety and relax the body, helping the person to concentrate and enjoy only the sensations that are occurring at the moment of the relationship.

In addition, massage helps to tone the muscles of the genitals, helping to sustain an erection for longer, for example.

Who can do it?

Anyone of legal age is able to perform a tantric massage session. The technique is ideal for those who seek self-knowledge, redistribution of energies, re-signification of their sexuality and ways to achieve and intensify the pleasure that the body can provide.

People looking for a cure for trauma, abuse and even sexual dysfunction can also find a good aid in massage.

Does Tantric Massage and Tantric Therapy Have a Difference?

-Yeah . Tantric massage is a technique used in therapy to help a person connect with his own body.

Thus, while massage is a tool, therapy is a set of techniques, which can include different types of meditation, conversations, among others.

Tantric therapy can only be performed by a trained tantric therapist, since it is a therapeutic consultation, usually with the aim of treating problems and not just the search for an intensification of sensations, for example.

The massage can be performed by masseuses who are knowledgeable about the technique, in addition to the possibility of being taught to couples, so that the practice can be performed between partners, for example.

Is it like Thai massage?

No . Although popularly considered to be similar, Tantric and Thai massage are two completely different techniques, with different purposes and methods.

The tantric aims at self – knowledge and the expansion of the sensitivity through the redistribution of body energies, identifying new points of pleasure. Healing from trauma and abuse can also be achieved through massage.

In addition, the massage is done with the use of vegetable oils and, in general, the person who receives the technique does not use clothing. The touches are subtle and light, applied with fingertips over the entire skin.

The Thai one, on the other hand, presents well-being and physical and mental balance as its main objective. According to the philosophy of this type of technique, the human body has energy lines that govern life and that, to ensure emotional and physical balance, pressure and stretching movements must be made under these lines.

Thus, the massage is done with the person dressed and there is no use of oils. The movements are stretching and pressure on the body, using the hands, feet and knees as an instrument to achieve this goal.

Are there risks? What precautions to take?

In general, tantric massage does not pose risks when performed correctly and by trained professionals.

However, before scheduling a session it is very important to be attentive to the establishment and professional who will perform the procedure. Always look for a trusted place and a qualified therapist for the job.

This, as there are cases of people who call themselves tantric therapists, however, they are only amateurs or even people who are unaware of the massage, performing it inappropriately.

It is worth mentioning that the entire procedure is performed with the professional wearing clothing and, at no time, is there any erotic relationship between the patient and the therapist.

If the session has any of these aspects, be aware, as it may not be a qualified professional.

Price: how much does a tantric massage session cost?

The price of a tantric massage session can vary according to the geographic region, duration and the professional who will perform the procedure.

In general, the price * for a session varies between R $ 200 and R $ 400 reais.

* Prices consulted in July 2020. Prices may change.

Tantric massage can awaken different sensations and feelings in those who receive it.

Although its fundamentals are not fully known by a large part of the population, the practice is a good alternative for self-knowledge of your own limits and also helps with emotional issues.

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