Why buy remedies online: see benefits and advantages

More and more people use the internet to evaluate prices and buy products. It is difficult to find someone who has never researched a store or a more advantageous price when buying some clothes, makeup or accessories. And order food per app? The services have won customers who find these options advantages, practicality and economy.

In this medium, another category that has gained space in online shopping is that of pharmacies, which already offer everything from hygiene products, care and even medicines to a click away.

Sometimes, it can be just a more comfortable service, allowing people to receive their medicines and products at home, but sometimes it is a matter of necessity, when patients are unable to go to the pharmacy.

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  1. What are the advantages of buying medication over the internet?
  2. Online pharmacies in times of coronavirus


What are the advantages of buying medication online?

Just access the internet, by computer or by your cell phone, to have access to the various shopping possibilities, including medicines and pharmacy items. In this process, the main advantages are ease, convenience, economy and availability of products.

Here’s how to better enjoy the benefits of an online purchase:

More savings

One of the advantages of buying over the internet is the savings – and this applies to medicines and pharmacy items too! This is mainly because it is easier to search and compare prices. There are several websites that even operate as comparators, which makes it easier to see which store or pharmacy offers the lowest value.

Thus, on the cell phone screen, you can find out which pharmacy chain offers the most affordable medication.

More convenience

Researching prices and sometimes even finding the product you need is no easy task. Especially patients who use medications with specific dosages or need a product that is not so popular, may encounter difficulties when shopping.

But with the internet everything is easier. In a simple search you can find out exactly which stores offer the medicines and accessories.

In addition, just close the purchase to receive it at home, and there are pharmacies that work with express delivery (on average, within 3 hours) or scheduled – that is, you can choose where and when to receive purchases!

Those who do not want to wait for delivery can also count on the pick-up service at the store. This option, made available by some pharmacies, allows the product to be in the hands of customers in a short time and without shipping costs.

Exclusive benefits

Have you ever thought about accumulating points, earning free shipping or receiving exclusive offers according to your purchases? These advantages are part of many shopping, application and e-commerce clubs, including those for pharmacy items.

It is quite common for websites and drugstores that sell online to offer exclusive promotions, and it is usually enough for customers to register. The benefits often range from discounts to free gifts.

Product availability

The product or medicine is not always available in the physical store, which depends on stock and replacement of goods. Sometimes, patients or customers have to browse multiple stores until they find what they need. But over the internet it is much easier.

Even when the product or medicine is not available at the store closest to the buyer, making the logistics of delivery is much simpler and faster.

In fact, some chains operate with the possibility of sending the product to the nearest pharmacy in a few hours, allowing the person to withdraw the purchase free of charge!

Easier to compare prices

Instead of going to different pharmacies, facing queues and comparing prices, internet searches allow you to gather and even filter prices much faster.

Price comparators still work in a geographically intelligent way, which means that the best prices close to the researcher’s location will be shown. Thus, it is much easier to save, since the most economical product and the best freight (or even free shipping) will be prioritized.

Exclusive service

When registering in an application, e-commerce or online pharmacy chain, in general, it is common for customers to mark their shopping interests. Perfumery, skin items, medicines, food or supplements – there are so many options sold in pharmacies that customers are not always interested in everything.

Therefore, when registering and signaling the categories, it is possible to receive only those offers and advantages related to the items that are really important.

After all, those who undergo treatment for any disease will always be more interested in receiving offers related to that medicine.

Skip the line

After going through all the interest categories, comparing prices and looking at the products, just complete the purchase with a few clicks. No queues, no delay!

Sometimes, waiting a few minutes to pay may not seem like a big deal, but in cases of elderly people, feeling sick or with an indication of rest, a few minutes standing and among other people may be enough to aggravate the situation.

Therefore, online shopping allows you to pay and receive the product or medicine without leaving your home, while also offering several payment options, such as cards and slips.

Privacy and security

Pharmacy chains and drug e-commerce have very secure sales and delivery systems. This ensures that the entire purchase is made safely and privately, from product selection to delivery.

Online pharmacies in times of coronavirus

Since the beginning of March 2020, Brazil and the world have experienced a very chaotic scenario in their routine: the coronavirus has raised the need for quarantine in several cities, especially for the at-risk population, which includes, among others, elderly people, patients with chronic diseases, smokers and pregnant women.

The recommendation to stay indoors, avoiding crowding and reducing social contact as much as possible, is a measure to try to minimize the circulation of the new coronavirus.

Although fundamental, the recommendation raises other concerns, especially regarding the maintenance of basic products (food, hygiene) and medicines at home. At that time, authorities and experts have suggested delivery and shopping over the internet as a timely service.

In addition to allowing access to the various products and medicines, using the internet or applications to make purchases minimizes a series of events that can be dangerous. Because, in addition to there being no need for the person to leave the house, payment can be made by card, directly on the platforms, which eliminates the need for handling money.

It is also common for e-commerce products to be shipped from stock directly to the consumer’s home, rather than those that are displayed on stores and shelves. This also minimizes the exposure and contamination of packaging in spaces with large circulation of people.

Finally, with health entities and the Government recommending the closure of establishments, resorting to deliverys and e-commerces is a way to continue shopping and helping businesses and pharmacies that will have reduced physical sales.

Whether on your cell phone or desktop computer, using the internet to shop is increasingly common and advantageous. Discounts, personalized offers, convenience and security are just some of the benefits.

And pharmacies are increasingly included in this new shopping process! Whether to purchase hygiene items, personal care or medicines, you can save and save time researching and buying through platforms such as Consulta Remédios !

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