Fights: what are the benefits of each?

Fighting as physical activity has become increasingly common in gyms. Even with different styles and techniques, they all help to lose weight and maintain good shape, reasons that make them gain more and more fans.

Boxing, muay thai, MMA, judo, karate, capoeira and jiu jitsu are some of the most popular martial arts when it comes to fighting. In common they all provide weight loss, however, more than that they also help to improve balance and motor coordination, among other benefits. Knowing each of them is important before choosing which one to practice:



Contrary to what one imagines, the training of this fight is not limited to punches. The arms are widely used, but, in addition to them, other regions are also quite required as the abdomen, which must always be contracted, prepared to receive punches. The rotation of the torso used during training is a great way to improve posture and also taper your waist.


In this fight, in addition to the physical, the mental part is also quite demanded. Considered a very detailed martial art, karate is characterized mainly by the extensive use of the legs. However, the whole body works during practice. Discipline is one of the most important points for its practitioners.


A fight that takes place mainly on the ground, she works on physical conditioning and cardiorespiratory function due to constant effort. Despite being important, strength counts less than technique.


Falling and immobilization are the main focuses of this struggle, and for this to happen, in addition to technique, strength is very necessary, especially in the arms and torso. Discipline and respect are essential during training.


What is most impressive in capoeira is the flexibility and elasticity acquired with training, combined with balance.

Muay Thai

Training starts with jumping, jumping jacks and the use of ropes. The training moves are explosive. In addition to ensuring a high caloric expenditure, muay thai guarantees benefits for motor coordination and also for concentration.


MMA is the union of all these fights, in addition to wrestling, a mixture that guarantees its practitioner the benefits of all of them, such as balance, flexibility and agility.


Although they are beneficial, it is very important to carry out a medical evaluation before starting the practice. The gradual start and with the assistance of a professional is essential to rule out the risk of injury.