Fattening remedy: what to take to increase appetite?

Although we hear a lot about ways and strategies to lose weight, there are those who want the opposite. Generally, they are people who are thin since they are children and who have difficulties in gaining weight.

Often, the low numbers on the scale can be a nuisance and there is a desire to put on a little weight.

If there are no diseases or health problems related to low weight, some measures can be adopted to gain more body mass. But when that is the goal, the ideal is that it is not just a gain in adipose tissue, resulting in localized fat and even health risks.

Therefore, those who want to gain weight can also use remedies to put on weight, as long as they are instructed by doctors.

It is important that even those products that are not considered medications, and have over-the-counter products, such as supplements, are only used with medical or nutritional monitoring.

It is worth remembering that there is no medicine to put on weight fast, as the process of healthy weight gain is gradual and needs to be done with guidance. If it is very difficult to gain weight or there is severe weight loss, it is necessary to investigate the condition.

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What are the remedies for getting fat?

Fattening remedies are indicated when the person is underweight and does not get an adequate calorie intake. Some people, of course, have difficulties in eating, which makes it difficult to follow a more reinforced menu. In these cases, products that whet your appetite and stimulate hunger can be indicated, as long as necessary.

However, there are also those who want to make a caloric boost in their diet, but without ingesting other nutrients, such as carbohydrates and fats. Generally, those who want to increase lean mass and are in hypertrophy training can use hypercaloric supplements to meet their needs.

What is the best medicine to whet your appetite and put on weight?

The best medicine to put on weight will always depend on medical evaluation. It is necessary to check the causes that hinder weight gain, as well as the person’s eating habits. When there is a lack of appetite, drugs that stimulate hunger and cause the person to eat more or more frequently may be indicated.

Among the options of these drugs are:


The active ingredient in Buclina is buclizine dihydrochloride , which acts as an appetite stimulant. If used within the appropriate dosages, according to the package insert, there are no specific contraindications.

But it is important that pregnant women or those with a suspected pregnancy do not use the drug because there are not many studies on the effects in these cases. When the patient is very sensitive, there may be somnolence, due to the mildly sedative action of the medicine.

It is also not indicated the intake of alcoholic beverages with the medicine, as there may be an increase in the effects.

The tablets should be taken with water, before meals, being 1 tablet before lunch and 1 before dinner for adults, or according to medical guidelines.

The side effects that, in some cases, can happen involve, in addition to drowsiness, headaches, dizziness , nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, insomnia , diarrhea and red spots on the skin.


Profol is a medicated compound indicated as an appetite stimulant and as a vitamin supplement for lactating or growing children.

There are Profol oral suspension (liquid) and Profol tablets . The oral suspension has a viscous, pinkish appearance and is easy to ingest, especially for children.

This formula involves a combination of amino acids and vitamins of the B complex . According to the package insert, the contraindications involve people with allergies or sensitivity to some component of the formula.

It is also important to avoid using the drug in conjunction with other central nervous system depressant medications, unless under medical guidance. Use should take place 30 minutes before lunch and dinner, according to medical advice.

Among the adverse effects that can occur are drowsiness, gastric disorders and dry mouth. Up to 10% of patients may experience headaches and nausea as well.


The Cobavital is a drug with substances Cobamamide + cyproheptadine hydrochloride , adult or pediatric use for children over 2 years. Its use is indicated to stimulate the appetite, to treat disorders of development of weight and height of the child, weakness or alteration of the appetite.

The drug works by increasing body mass (protein anabolic) and also stimulating appetite.

Among the contraindications are patients with sensitivity to the components of the formula, people with glaucoma , urinary retention, stenosing peptic ulcer or duodenal pyloric obstruction. In addition to being able to be used only in children older than 2 years, pregnant women, or with suspected pregnancy, and lactating women should only take the medicine with a prescription.

The drug is sold in tablets, which should be taken before meals under medical guidance, and may vary between 2 and 3 times a day.

Among the adverse effects that can occur are sedation and drowsiness. Symptoms such as headache , dry mouth, nausea, skin rashes and, more rarely, mood swings and confusion can occur, but are not common .

Hypercaloric supplements for fattening

In addition to the drugs that work up an appetite, and must be prescribed by doctors (as), there are supplements that help reinforce the amount of calories ingested. Called hypercaloric, these supplements may contain other substances, such as amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

They are generally used by people who practice weight training or other activities, and want to increase body mass, with special attention to the muscles (hypertrophy).

In these cases, the ideal is to seek guidance from nutritionists, who will be able to plan a balanced menu, aiming to meet the caloric needs properly. If it is still necessary, supplements can be indicated to improve performance and training results.

Among the options available are:

  • Femini Mass Max Titanium;
  • Get Big 25000 Midway;
  • Mass 7000;
  • SuperMass IntegralMedica ;
  • Mass Max Titanium.

The composition of each product can vary, with more carbohydrates, proteins or vitamins. But, in general, all have very high energy value and other important nutrients to assist in muscle hypertrophy.

On average, the recommended dosage for each product can provide more than 500 calories.

Is B complex a vitamin to put on weight?

The B vitamins have no calories. That is, alone they do not make you fat. However, it is common to see indications for using the B complex as an aid to weight gain.

This is because, sometimes, a lack of appetite can be associated with a vitamin deficiency. Thus, by replacing the nutrient, the body naturally restores appetite and, consequently, promotes weight gain.

But in addition, many supplements and formulations combine the B vitamins with other appetite-stimulating substances, such as buclizine.

Homemade or natural fattening remedy

There are some homemade and natural options for gaining weight. In general, they have no contraindications, as they are part of a healthy diet.

Therefore, those who want to put on weight can resort to changes in diet, but it is important to know that weight and body structure are determined by several factors.

In addition to the amount of calories consumed and the quality of this diet, it is necessary to rule out diseases or metabolic changes that may affect weight.

And it is also necessary to consider that each person has a different biotype. In the same way that some have more difficulty in losing weight, even controlling their diet, others may keep their weight low even if they want to put on weight.

One of the resources that can facilitate or assist in weight gain is to take care of eating habits, making healthy choices that promote daily caloric increase. So, some tips include:

  • Make small snacks between meals;
  • Include caloric foods that are sources of other nutrients (such as nuts);
  • Include good fats (such as olive oil);
  • Include foods rich in complex carbohydrates (such as brown rice and oats);
  • Ingest juices and vitamins with fruit mix.

In addition, practicing physical strength activities helps in gaining muscle mass. This is a good way to gain healthy weight, as it does not increase the rate of adipose tissue but of muscles.

Remembering that a good food menu should be guided by nutrition and medical professionals, who will be able to assess the needs of each organism, as well as indicate the correct way to gain weight.

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There are some options of remedies to put on weight, which are indicated for people with difficulties or dietary limitations. The drugs, in general, stimulate the appetite and make the person ingest more calories, making the weight increase.

The best way to fatten up in a healthy way is, together with expert guidance, to combine a more caloric and nutritious diet, opting for meals rich in all the nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

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