Jade roller: how and why to use the facial massager roller?

In the universe of beauty, new products are launched all the time to improve care. This has occurred, mainly, with skincare items (facial care), considering that this segment has become more and more popular.

An example of an item that has been incorporated into the care routine of many people recently is the jade roller . Thinking about it, we have separated for you all the information about this new beauty tool and its benefits:


What is jade roller?

Contrary to what some people think, although it has become a fever in the skincare world recently, the jade roller is not a novelty. Otherwise, it has been used for many years, and it was a practice that started in China – where it was the privilege of the wealthiest.

Initially, the use of Jade stone was made thinking, mainly, of the beliefs that one has about its effects on an energetic level, believing that it could eliminate impurities.

However, nowadays, the jade roller is used to help deflate the face, promote blood circulation and enhance the absorption of products (such as serums and creams) in the skin.

In the sequence, you can better understand what the effects of this roll are and know how to use it correctly, in addition to checking the price of this utensil:

What is the jade roller facial massager for? It works?

The jade roller is a skincare tool whose main function is facial massage , which is done in order to drain the face (reduces the feeling of puffiness) and improve the blood circulation of the skin (collaborates with cell regeneration and leaves a better appearance).

The use of the jade roller is indicated for a facial massage, in order to help in the blood circulation and to deflate the face.

In this sense, the product is quite functional, but it must be remembered that these effects are guaranteed when it comes to the legitimate jade stone . So, it is important to buy your jade roller in a reliable place, so as not to risk buying a fake product.

In addition, it is important to note that the jade roller facial massager is not a collagen stimulator and also does not attenuate wrinkles . Therefore, its effects are limited to helping in the absorption of some products on the skin (when used after applying a serum, for example), deflating the face and improving circulation.

What are the benefits of using face roll?

Doing facial massage with the help of rollers like the jade roller can be an extra care for those who are fans of a very complete skincare (facial care). This is because this procedure can:

  • Assist in the absorption of products (serum and creams);
  • Soften dark circles (from the use of a cold roll in the eye area);
  • Decrease the swelling on the face;
  • Promote blood circulation and, consequently, improve cell regeneration and the appearance of the dermis;
  • Collaborate with the skin’s long-term elasticity.

Therefore, the use of this type of facial massager is ideal for those who want to enhance care and preserve the good appearance of the skin for longer.

How to use the jade roller?

To use the jade roller is very simple, you can use it both in the morning and at night , and you can choose to use it at one or both times of the day.

You can, first of all, carry out your care routine (cleaning, hydration, etc.) as usual. Then, you can use the roll to spread and help absorb the products in serum or cream – or just use it as a final step, to drain your face and deflate.

In any case, the jade roller should always be used with movements from the bottom up , without speed. When massaging your face with it, light pressure can also be applied .

This product always has two sides: one bigger and one smaller. Thus, the smaller side should be used in the eye area and in the nose, while the larger side should be used to massage larger areas of the face (forehead, cheeks, chin, temples).

One tip is to always keep the roll in the refrigerator to maximize your results, especially when it comes to draining and reducing the swelling of different areas of the face.

What are the effects of the Jade stone on the face?

The Jade stone acts a little more “potent” than others on the face, such as that of rose quartz (also widely used in facial massagers). This is because, due to its green color, it cools a little faster than the other stones.

Such factor is positive, considering that the low temperature of the stone can, mainly, help to deflate the face and give a more luminous and healthy skin aspect .

Thus, the effect of the Jade stone on the face is to help relieve that feeling of tired skin.

In addition, another effect that this stone can provide to some people is the reduction of oil from the dermis and the minimization of acne . This may be related to faster cell regeneration, provided by facial massage with the jade roller.

What are the options of facial roller (for the face)?

Although the jade roller (which uses Jade stone) is the most popular facial massage roller, there are also other options for this type of product.

Another alternative is the rose quartz roll , which can also help to deflate the face and stimulate blood circulation through massage. In addition, there are those who believe that rose quartz is the “stone of love and peace” and can help with these sensations.

Another option for facial roller is the one made of rose quartz, also used in Gua Sha stones (heart shaped stone, used for facial massage).

Physically, this stone can also contribute to the reduction of tensions.

Another alternative of facial roller is the 3D facial massager . In this case, the difference is that the product does not have any stone, it is made of a plastic that imitates stainless steel.

Its shape has two “balls” at the ends and is made in a way that allows 360º rotation, covering all areas of the face. As for the advantages, facial drainage and stimulation of blood circulation are limited.

Price and where to buy a Jade roller for the face

The jade roller is not a very cheap product, which is linked to the fact that it is made from a precious stone. Thus, the price * is usually around R $ 80 , this when it comes to a product that has the legitimate stone – imitations can cost ⅓ of that value.

It is common that the jade roller is also sold in kits along with the Gua Sha stone. It is a heart-shaped stone (made of Jade or rose quartz), also used for facial massage. In this case, the price * of the kits is usually between R $ 150 and R $ 200 .

Some brands that sell (online) these items with the legitimate stone are: Blink Lab, Océane and BIOVEA. But you can also find it in natural cosmetics stores.

* Prices consulted in January 2021. Prices may change.

How to clean the jade roller?

It is very important to keep the jade roller properly clean, in order not to accumulate residues of products or even bacteria and natural oil from the dermis.

So every time you finish using it, you need to clean it properly. This can be done with soap and water , with a wet handkerchief or even with a washcloth with alcohol . Then, you can dry and save for the next use.

Preferably, keep the roll in the refrigerator, in order to enhance its effect on the face.

Taking care of the skin is essential to keep it beautiful and healthy. So, having practical tools like the jade roller is very cool for those who like facial care.

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