Cleansing oil: know the facial cleansing that uses only oil

The skin care routine helps to preserve healthy aspects of the dermis, such as elasticity, firmness and softness. Therefore, it is necessary to allocate a moment of the day to apply products developed especially to serve this purpose.

These items can be used during the different skincare stages, which are used to recover external damage caused to the dermis.

Thinking about it, Hickey solution prepared this text about cleansing oil, a product that can replace the makeup wipes, micellar water, soap, among others that are used when cleaning the skin. Check out!


What is cleasing oil for?

Cleansing oils are a great way to replace conventional skin cleansing products.

Cleansing oil, also known as cleansing oil, is a product made from organic oils that serves to remove impurities from the skin, but with the benefit of not removing the natural protection barrier of the face.

The item became popular due to women from the Asian continent sharing on social media the use of the product during the skin cleansing stage – which is very important to keep the dermis healthy.

The mechanism of action of cleasing oil occurs by mixing the product with natural oil, also called sebum (released daily on the surface of the skin) and other lipid substances present on the face due to the use of makeup, sunscreen, among other products .

When there is this mixture, consequently, the breakdown of all molecules occurs, facilitating the cleaning of the skin.

This form of action is different from that provided by most facial cleansers, which end up drying the skin, due to the excess of cleansing substances, or causing an imbalance in the production of sebum, causing it to increase and be released beyond what is necessary.

Who has oily skin can use?

In general, cleansing oil can be used by people with any type of skin, as it contributes to the avoidance of an excess or lack of the natural release of oil (or sebum) by the sebaceous glands that are throughout the dermis.

The excess ends up harming those who have mixed or oily skin, because it clogs the pores forming the terrible acne. The lack of sebum causes dryness and increases the peeling and sensitivity of the skin.

However, even with this benefit, it is important to read the product label and, if possible, consult a dermatologist (especially those who have skin diseases and are treated with special products). In this way, problems such as allergic reactions are avoided.


The oil manufactured for the skin cleansing step also helps to keep it more luminous and soft.

Those who choose to include cleansing oil in their daily skin care routine can have the following benefits:

  • Removes all types of impurities:  products considered cleansing oil, when they come into contact with the skin surface, provide the dissolution of several types of particles (waterproof makeup, dirt, residues, etc.) that accumulate during the day in the face, helping with thorough cleaning;
  • Unclogs the pores: due to this deep removal of impurities from the skin, the unclogging of the pores occurs, helping to decrease the dilation and contain the appearance of acne;
  • Balances oiliness: due to the combination with the skin’s natural oil, cleansing oil products help to balance the PH of the face
  • Provides nutrients: because they are made from vegetable oils, the product is usually rich in vitamins and antioxidants that help to recover the healthy appearance of the skin and fight signs of aging;
  • Promotes softness and hydration: due to the cleansing oil removing impurities without affecting the skin’s natural hydration structure, it contributes to the regeneration of the dermis tissue making it lighter, softer and firmer;
  • Stimulates blood circulation: massage movements on the face when applying the product, help to stimulate blood circulation in the region and relax the skin. 

How to use cleasing oil?

To use cleansing oil it is important to have normal skin, that is, without being damp or with any cleaning product already applied, otherwise, it may compromise the action of the oil.

In this way, deposit some of the cleasing oil on your hands and then take it to the face, spread it using massage movements so that the product penetrates the skin deeply and, thus, the effect of melting all the impurities present on the face, such as makeup and dirt.

After a few minutes of massage, with the help of a damp towel, gently remove the oil from the face (without rubbing the tissue in the region). In general, cleansing oil can be used once a day, preferably at night, 1 hour before bed.

If you want to test the product, you can pick it up at pharmacies or online platforms such as Consulta Remédios.